While babysitting for a friend of her Mothers, she had gotten bored and began to wonder around the house after everyone else had gone to bed and accidentally discovered a secret sex dungeon hidden behind the bookshelf in the basement.

    There was a large assortment in kinky sex toys in there including one that stood out to her. A large life-like fake cock in the bucket labeled Clone-A-Willy that included a sticker with her Bullies name on it!

    Curiosity got the best of her and she nervously reached out and grabbed the massive dildo that looked like her Bullies, and immediately an alarm went off locking her in the room until the woman paying her to babysit returned and entered the room with a big grin.

    Several minutes later the babysitter was bound to one of the tables in the dungeon being forced to cum over and over and over again as the woman paying her to babysit was on the phone with the babysitter’s Bully telling him to come over and fuck her!

    I hired a dominatrix escort for the night only to have my fantasy fulfilled and conclude within a couple of hours after her arrival and since I had already paid for another 10 hours with this woman, she asked me if I had any other wild kinky fantasies I could share with her.

    I blushed as I confessed there was this incredibly hot girl I had a crush on who Bullied me at school. She was totally out of my league and completely despised me but I still had a thing for her. I told the woman I had been fantasizing about her being submissive towards me lately and had been wanting to fuck her for months.

    So the woman jumped at the chance to seduce the little cocktease and bring my Bully into the bedroom for a threesome with me where she'd let me watch as she turned my Bully into a submissive slut for me!

    It had only been a few hours before she began to regret the way she had lived her life on earth. Imagine how she would be feeling a few days from now! And what about a few years from now? Hell! What about after she had suffered through a few million years of this torment?!?