The girls knew their Father was a cuckold.

    They would tiptoe down the hallways naked every Friday night after midnight and listen to their Mother fucking one of their Father’s Bullies in front of his face.

    Although they were Sisters, they would still masturbate together. The girls would squeeze their naked bodies into the corner behind the door together and peek into their parents bedroom as their Mother got pounded by behind by a man with a large cock who had no problems Bullying her Father as he sat there silently jerking off...And the girls loved it! It was so much hotter than porn!

    The girls would watch their Father getting cuckolded as they rubbed each others wet pussies and listen as their Mother moaned wildly and came on the cock of their Father’s Bully. And they would keep each other on the edge until they knew it was time for their Father’s Bully to blow his load and cum inside their Mother!

    They would peek around the corner and finger each others pussies as they watched their Mother take a massive creampie by a man their Father hated, holding each other closely as they moaned in each others ears and came together at the same time while watching their parents finish up as well!

    Every time the girls would cum, they would moan a little bit louder in hopes of their Father’s Bully overhearing them. So maybe one day, they could get fucked by their Father’s Bully too! And maybe one day, their Father would even watch them get fucked too...if it ever actually happened for real!

    But as of yet, the girls still hadn’t been caught watching their parents and their kinky escapades. So they did what they always had done and scrambled down the hallway into their separate bedrooms where they both lay in bed pretending to be asleep as they rubbed their pussies under the covers.

    And - as always - it took multiple orgasms for each of girls to finally be satisfied enough to fall asleep later that night!

    Just listen to them Bro, He’s fucking Mom so hard!

    My Sister and I lay across from one another, both masturbating furiously to the loud  sounds echoing through the house along with the desperate moans escaping  from our parents bedroom as Mom fucked my bully while our Dad was at work.

    @anonymous, Your Daughter was a perfect little angel. An innocent girl who kept away from boys and never missed a day of school in her life.

    At least, that's what you believed with all your heart while you were at work sitting at your desk fighting off the boredom, completely unaware of your boss handing over his work to you so he could take a break to be in one of the dirty bathroom stalls nearby with her, your sweet little angel.

    You thought you Daughter was perfect little angel...a good girl who stayed away from assholes likes your boss at work. But you were wrong. Completely wrong! Because here she was in the small dirty bathroom stall begging your asshole boss to not just fuck her and make her suck his cock...but to shove her face into the dirty floor next to the unflushed toilet and slap her ass hard while he pounded her holes roughly and used her like the cheap dirty whore that she is before stretching her tight asshole and going ass to mouth. Because that’s the type of shit your “innocent little angel” actually loved....

    And the worst part about it all? You could hear her moans all the way from your desk at work! Too bad you don't realize it's your Daughter, right?

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    When I rushed into her bedroom half naked in nothing but my boxers afraid she might be in trouble, I caught my Daughter laying there naked except for her favorite panties. Her hand was between her legs and she had been masturbating to something up on the screen of her small laptop.

    When I asked my Daughter what the hell she was doing, she looked me in the eyes and whispered, "Thinking of your Bully!"

    I looked back at her in shock, and gasped as I felt blood pumping into my semi erect cock.As I stood in front of my Daughter with a huge boner in my boxers, she looked back at me and giggled.

    “Don’t just stand there, call him over” My Daughter said.