My parents were neither discrete nor quiet when it came to having sex and their sexual Roleplays to keep things interesting in the bedroom only continued getting kinkier and kinkier. Days like tonight I lay in my bedroom listening (1, 2), unable to drown out the noise and dirty talk with headphones...unsure of whether or not my Mother had actually fucked him for real.

    But my annoyance in the beginning began to evaporate into arousal as I listened to them fucking and my arousal slowly became too intense to resist. Soon I was touching myself as I listened to their dirty talk and found myself actually fantasizing about my Mother sneaking out of her bed after Dad fell asleep and tip toeing over to my bedroom to shove my face in her sloppy pussy so she could force me to lick the mixture of my Dad’s and my Bullies cum out of her nasty well fucked hole! I couldn’t stop the fantasy from happening!

    Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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    Life had become miserable ever since my Mother started dating my Bully. But there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it!

    It seemed like the more I tried to break them up, the more in love my Mother became. And it seemed like the more I tried to argue what an awful person my Bully was to my Mother, she would fuck him more often…

    It was like my Mother was trying to rub it in my face!

    Next up?
    educing her Sons biggest Bully!

    This whole thing about wearing thongs around her Sons friends wasn’t just for show and seducing one each time they were over wasn’t just a little bit of fun with somebody other than her Husband. It was practice. A little bit of practice before she betrayed her loving Son for the opportunity to fuck his biggest Bully! 

    And now she was ready to fuck her Sons Bully!

    My Mother was a huge slut who had been fucking my Bully for 6 months. Ever since finding out my Bully had a big cock when meeting with the school principal to resolve a fight that had been started over my Bully making fun of my little cock, my Mother had been fucking him on a daily basis despite claiming she still loved me.

    Luckily for me, I had a sweet and loving Girlfriend with a kinky side who'd sneak into the house every night while my Mother was getting fucked so she could cuddle up with me and stroke my cock, forcing me to have an explosive orgasm cum all over myself to them fucking!

    Then, she would strip naked and have me watch her rub her pussy to the sounds of my Mother fucking my Bully, and make me watch her squirt a little as she had a more intense orgasm then she ever had with me when we fucked!

    My Girlfriend loved it!