My parents were neither discrete nor quiet when it came to having sex and their sexual Roleplays to keep things interesting in the bedroom only continued getting kinkier and kinkier. Days like tonight I lay in my bedroom listening (1, 2), unable to drown out the noise and dirty talk with headphones...unsure of whether or not my Mother had actually fucked him for real.

    But my annoyance in the beginning began to evaporate into arousal as I listened to them fucking and my arousal slowly became too intense to resist. Soon I was touching myself as I listened to their dirty talk and found myself actually fantasizing about my Mother sneaking out of her bed after Dad fell asleep and tip toeing over to my bedroom to shove my face in her sloppy pussy so she could force me to lick the mixture of my Dad’s and my Bullies cum out of her nasty well fucked hole! I couldn’t stop the fantasy from happening!

    Next time you masturbate, close your eyes and imagine your Bully naked and standing over you. Bring yourself to the edge while you recall something they did to you. Hold that edge as long as you can...Then moan your Bullies name out loud when you finally give yourself an orgasm!

    DO IT!

    Now lick up your mess while you imagine your Bully laughing and taunting you!

    Her moaning his Bullies name in the bedroom was no mistake. It was a calculated move of deception in order to trick him into letting her have what she really wanted - a night in bed with his biggest Bully just a few weeks after they had gotten back home from their honeymoon! And it had worked, much easier than she had expected it to! Soon she’d have created the perfect Boyfriend!

    Her Bully must have seen her Mother on her hands and knees through the window and snuck into the house after catching her Mother masturbating. And now, she had caught the both of them masturbating and had no idea what to do. But she was getting wetter by the second and soon slipped a hand into her bikini bottoms between her legs and watched...unaware people outside may have caught her too!


    When I release you next month, you’ll earn 5 seconds of stroking for every picture of your Bully that you find hidden around the house. Find enough of them and maybe you’ll earn an orgasm while looking at a bigger version of your Bullies photo while I make you look into his eyes!

    Oh, and you better start looking, because we’re having guests over tonight and several of those photos are quite easy to find! Especially the ones I’ve paired with photos of your Bullies cock...

    Happy Birthday Dear!

    You never quite understood why your Girlfriend was so fond of those woods. There was nothing out there! Nothing to see but trees and grass and bugs for miles! But your Girlfriend insisted on returning to the woods alone more and more often with every week that passed! 

    And the more she wondered into those woods alone, the more you’d find yourself between her legs licking her pussy instead of having sex!

    Again she your friend had left to enter the woods after a conversation with her Bully over Facebook, leaving you you all alone for the night one more time after weeks without sex between the two of you.

    She left you lonely, horny, and completely unaware that your girl really was getting satisfied by a hard, rough, and unforgettable fuck from another man miles you lay in bed jerking off all alone scrolling through my Tumblr!