She had me tied up with my hands cuffed above my head, my mouth taped shut and gagged with her dirty thong...she had kept me on the edge for over 3 hours now. And she continued to sweetly talk to me about how she wanted to hear me beg her to cheat on me with a Bully of mine. She wanted me to do it loud enough that I woke up a family member and blushed with embarrassment as they realized what I was begging for. She was acting sweet and innocent as she asked me to do it, however I knew she wasn’t taking no for an answer.

    I finally found the key a few months later wedged inside a small crack in the wall behind one of the couches. Eager to finally set my cock free I rushed into an empty bedroom upstairs only to find out the key was a fake. 

    It was NOT the key to the chastity belt my Ex had locked me in a month before breaking up with me during our anniversary and now that she had skipped town with my Bully the next day, I hadn't seen or heard from her since. Worst of all, I had no clue where to begin looking!

    My little Sister thought it would be funny to ambuse me in my sleep, tie me up, then spend all night long stroking my virgin cock without letting me cum until I broke down and promised to call my Girlfriend on the phone and beg her to turn me into a virgin cuckold in chastity. My bratty little Sister was not planning on stopping until she had seen my Bully holding the only key to my chastity belt with her own eyes!

    I was trying to resist, but I wasn't going to last much longer.

    She had been manipulating me for months! 

    ...Using hints, suggestions, and subliminal messaging as well as her her incredible ability to influence people to change my mind about being upset she cheated on me. It became the only form of foreplay for her and I until she had become satisfied I was turned on by her infidelity. That’s when we stopped having sex.

    Now, she had finally managed to break me down after almost 3 months of orgasm denial and had gotten me to beg her to tell me the details of what happened while she commanded me to resist my desire to have an orgasm.


    But as she thought about how big my Bullies cock was, it became harder and harder not to let out a little moan and finally - Her orgasm began approaching!


    Then make me lick your fingers clean before I am allowed to eat. But, dont let me cum. Just keep me the edge all night long with a nice, heavy butt plug in my ass.


    She thought she was about to have an intense screaming orgasm for her Brother’s Bully right there at the dinner table while sitting next to her Brother. But the stimulation stopped just seconds before she could have an orgasm!

    As she turned to glare at her Brother’s Bully and question why he stopped touching her, her Brother’s Bully shoved his wet finger into her open mouth and made her suck it clean.


    Luckily, her Brother was too busy avoiding his Bullies gaze by burying his face in the large plate of food he had to notice what she had just done!


    After she was made to lick his fingers clean, her Brother’s Bully went back to teasing her wet aching pussy, edging her over and over again as she bit her lower lip and struggled to hide her moans from her oblivious Brother until she was certain he was going to let him cum…only to be disappointed once again as her Brother’s Bully backed off and let her much needed orgasm become unreachable once again.

    She was never actually allowed to have an orgasm.

    But when the dinner was FINALLY over, she was free to remove the butt plug that had been inside her ass all night long!


    Luckily, her Brother never caught on to what had been going on despite her constant movement and sighs of frustration!