When Sierra accidentally walked in on her Bully Madisyn and caught her in the act of masturbation, seeing her laying on her back with her legs spread with a hand buried between her legs as she used her other hand to suck on a small blue vibrator like she was giving it a blowjob...she just laughed out loud and backed out of the room. 

    For once Madisyn was the one embarrassed and humiliated instead of Sierra! So she simply laughed and backed out of the room slowly. But Sierra never left. She waited in the hallway and as soon as Madisyn left the room, Sierra snuck inside and swiped the toy off the floor - still warm and wet from use. Sierra did it out of revenge. 

    As soon as she was in possession of her Bullies sex toy, she snuck into another empty room and pulled down her panties to begin fucking her ass with it. Sierra fucked her ass with the vibrator out of revenge knowing her Bully would likely return later tonight and go back to sucking on the toy as if nothing was out of the norm!

    Sierra slid the sex toy in and out of her asshole, groaning as her tight ass muscles gripped the toy inside her. Sierra was going to fuck the toy until she experienced multiple orgasms and then...her Bully Madisyn would get quite the surprise when she came back and went to suck on the unwashed toy next time she was horny, completely unaware of the fact that it had been inside Sierra's ass!

    Sierra continued rubbing her pussy as she slid the vibrator in and out of her tight asshole, moaning louder and louder as she fantasized about that sex toy being the cock of Madisyn's football player Boyfriend. Finally, Sierra whimpered as she hit the edge of an orgasm and she jammed that vibrator up her ass as far as she could before pulling it out and squirting all over it with a cute whimper.

    Quickly, Sierra tiptoed back into the bedroom she found her Bully in and placed the sex toy where she found it...careful not to leave it even an inch away from the spot so that Madisyn would have no clue it had been taken and used.

    Finally, after 30 minutes of waiting...Madisyn returned.

    30 minutes later,  Sierra finally watched her Bully Madisyn return!

    Sierra had waited patiently for a little over 30 minutes, but her work had finally paid off. Her Bully snuck back into the room more carefully this time, obviously looking around to make sure she was alone before immediately grabbing the vibrator. Not realizing where it had been, Madisyn brought the dirty vibrator up to her lips, and slid a tongue across the entire length of it!


    Sierra had to grasp her mouth with the palm of her hand to keep from making noise. She couldn’t believe her Bully was doing it! Her Bully was actually sucking a toy that had been inside Sierra ‘s ass just 30 minutes ago, and  Madisyn was actually getting off on it!

    Madisyn  had gotten down on her hands and knees, deep throating the toy as she slid 3 fingers in and out of her wet pussy. And Sierra hid behind the doorway watching. Laughing and taking pictures at first, thinking it was hilarious that she had finally gotten revenge on the bitchy girl who had terrorized her for years. But as time went on, Sierra was actually becoming aroused again. Sierra actually felt a tingle between her legs and the desire to touch herself again despite the fact that she had just cum multiple times and had no real attraction to other girls - especially her biggest Bully!

    But Sierra couldn’t help herself, watching  Madisyn  suck that toy like a cock was too hot for Sierra to handle, she slid a hand under her panties and began touching herself, fingering her wet pussy at the same speed as Madisyn sliding that dirty sex toy in and out of her mouth!

    And then Sierra ruined everything. As Sierra tried to hold back her moans, she had accidentally pushed herself past the edge and began cumming. At the surprise of such a quick and sudden orgasm, Sierra moaned loudly. Loud enough to catch the attention of Madisyn who was standing in front of  Sierra with her hands on her hips before had even had a chance to catch her breath and turn to run!

    “So, you like watching me lick and suck this dildo, huh?”  Madisyn asked with a knowning grin before grabbing Sierra by the arm and dragging her into the room.

    “You’re going to show me how well you use your tongue too!” Madisyn said to a trembling Sierra. “On...on that toy?” Sierra responded to which her Bully laughed hysterically. “Of course not! Where would the fun be in that?”  Madisyn responded. “No, you’re going to how me how well you use your tongue...on my ass!” Madisyn said. “Now get licking!” Sierra’s Bully commanded.

    Sierra’s first reaction should have been “Ewwww, hell no!” But she couldn’t even bring herself to speak. Instead, she obeyed her Bully and dropped to her knees as Madisyn slid into position and stuck her ass in Sierra’s face.

    And Sierra obeyed. Feeling defeated, she stuck out her warm wet tongue and gently slid it into her Bullies asshole expected to gag immediately upon taste. However, Sierra discovered quite quickly that the taste of her Bullies ass wasn’t all that bad..and so she began licking harder and faster as Madisyn mashed Sierra’s face into her ass and began to moan!


    As Sierra gradually got more comfortable with her tongue inside her Bullies ass, she naturally began to wiggle her tongue deeper and faster, actually anticipating Madisyn’s orgasm as Sierra had secretly begun touching herself as she got used. Eventually burying her face deeper into her Bullies ass to avoid allowing   Madisyn to hear her moans and letting her find out Sierra secretly enjoyed this.

    Finally, Madisyn cried out as she came all over Sierra’s face and yelled, “Now get out of here!” And Sierra went rushing out of the room blushing like a tomato, holding her clothes and her Bullies panties - which she had accidentally grabbed by mistake - over her body to cover up.

    To Be Continued...?

    Mom said she was going to make my Bully pay. But as she eyed his big cock more and more and more...she had a growing desire to abandon her plans for a good dirty fuck instead. Still she tried her best to resist and carry out her plan to get revenge on my Bully for everything he had done to me.

    But she had no idea if she could resist!