The sluttiest cheerleader in school would never fuck a guy like me, but she didn't mind ignoring our important group project to cuckold me with a bully of mine instead. And I was so shocked she would even allow a guy like me to touch myself in front of her and watch, that I shamefully told her I’d love to!

    We all snuck into one of the empty classrooms and then they fucked while I watched and sniffed her dirty panties while jerking my little virgin cock until I came just 48 seconds after they began!

    Oh….you finally did it, huh little Brother?

    It took almost 2 years of keeping you locked in constant chastity…but I’ve finally trained you to prematurely ejaculate cum instantly at the very first thought of the man who Bullies you!

    I am going to have soooo much fun with you!

    I am going to have soooo much fun with you! My friends are going to have so much fun with you. And your Bully is even going to have quite a good time with you because of this! Enjoy embarrassingly blowing your load in your fucking pants dozens of times a day - every day - no matter where you are or who you’re with or what you’re doing...whenever you see, hear, or think about your Bully!

    My Bullies Girlfriend took pity on me one day after having one too many beers to drink…and decided to give me a chance to lose my virginity and fuck her. As long as I was quick about it so we didn’t get caught! 17 seconds later, I came all over myself before I even managed to slide in the tip!

    My Girlfriend promised me the most unforgettable orgasm of my life if I let her tie me to the bed and tease my cock for hours until I came. But as soon as my orgasm began, my Girlfriend giggled and quit stroking. She watched my cum ooze and dribble out of the tip of my cock while she whispered, “I’m cheating on you with that guy who’s been bullying you since grade school…and his cock is HUGE, bigger than yours!

    She never said another word after that. She simply freed one of my hands and left me there as she got dressed and left the house without bothering to tell me where she was going or when she might be coming back.

    When she left, I was still horny and confused.

    My cock still rock hard and my balls aching. I had worse blue balls than my Girlfriend had every left me with while we were dating and I couldn’t stop thinking about what my Girlfriend said about fucking my Bully, and about his cock being bigger than mine. As humiliating as it was…I couldn’t help myself, she had left me so horny and confused that I grabbed my cock and began pumping away with my eyes closed to the quickest orgasm I had in my entire life while I was thinking about my Girlfriend riding my Bullies cock.

    I was so ashamed of myself when I had finished cumming just 28 seconds later…but I didn’t have a clue what to do. Or how I should feel about all of this. Until I opened my eyes and saw…

    She enjoyed farting on my face while chatting with my Bullies on webcam.

    My Bullying Step-Sister would dig up dirt on me just to convince me to bury my face between her cheeks then let 'em rip in my face while my Bullies teased, and taunted, and made fun of me! Especially when they'd watch me run out of the room blushing while desperately trying to hide my tiny bulge in my pants when my Step-Sister was all finished!

    As humiliating as it was, I always found myself laying in bed jerking off to a 30 second orgasm while wondering who might have been watching the webcam besides my Bullies as soon as it was all over. I couldn’t help myself!

    I wonder who else had seen?

    My Bully always got what he wanted, including my Sister!

    Even though the girls barely knew him, my Bully had somehow managed to get himself invited over to an all girls sleepover, one which my little Sister was heavily involved in. And although he practically ruined everyone’s plans for the entire night, none of the girls seemed to mind at all!

    She ignored it when the girls seemed to flock to my Bully like bunnies, eagerly doing whatever he asked just because he  wanted them to. And she even ignored it when the girls started flirting with him, forgetting she was there.

    But as hard as my little Sister tried, she couldn’t ignore what came next!

    My little Sister tried to ignore it, but after getting woken up to a friend of hers getting plowed by my Bully during their sleepover she couldn’t handle it any longer. The squeaking of the old bed with every thrust, the squeals of pleasure with every smack to the ass, and the sounds of whimpering as the girl was slowly pushed closer and closer to an intense squirting orgasm for my Bully!

    My little Sister tried to ignore it. But she couldn’t! She closed her eyes, listened carefully, and began rubbing her soaking wet pussy while listening to her friends wild screams of pleasure and as my little Sisters orgasm approached…she knew she wanted to fuck my Bully too!

    My little Sister bit her lip roughly, held a hand over her mouth to muffle any moans she couldn’t contain, and had an intense silent orgasm against her wet fingers as she listened to her best friend cum all over my Bullies huge cock!

    Unfortunately, this was only the beginning!

    For the next week, m little Sister thought about my Bully regularly. She would rush upstairs after school and spend hours upon hours laying  naked in bed with the door locked, rubbing her dripping wet pussy raw while she began cumming over and over again to thoughts of fucking my Bully while I was nearby. Each orgasm twice as powerful and intense and satisfying as the last!

    The more my little Sister thought about him, the more my little Sister wanted my Bully. Cumming to photos of him shirtless wasn’t enough!

    After 7 full days of cumming to fantasies of fucking my Bully, my little Sister had had enough! Cumming to the few shirtless photos of him spread across the internet wasn’t enough anymore. 

    She had to have him! And when my little Sister set her mind to something, it happened! Now that sex with my Bully as ALL my little Sister could think about, all that was left to do was for her to find the right time and place to seduce him and as long as I was close enough nearby to overheard, my little Sister didn’t really care where or when!

    My little Sister was going to fuck my Bully tonight, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop her!

    I watched curiously from my room as my little Sister spent hours preparing herself for her date tonight. She wouldn’t tell my parents or I who she was going out with, but whoever it was…she was really putting in the effort to look pretty for him. Clearly she wanted things to go perfectly tonight!

    I watched as my little Sister spent an hour picking out an outfit, skipping out on a settling in on a sexy red dress in favor of eventually settling in on an old pinkish red t-shirt showing off her cleavage and a cute pair of tight jean shorts because they hugged her body and clung to her curves tightly, showing off far more of her her body than the long red dress would have.

     I watched my little Sister spend hours on her hair and maker up, ending up looking cuter and prettier than I had ever seen her look before!

    I even watched as my little Sister spent hours doing her nails in what appeared to be my Bullies favorite color, painting cute little hearts and stars with great precision on her nails and toenails.

    Whoever she was going out with was sure in for a treat because my little Sister looked so damn good right now that even I struggled with thoughts of wanting to tear those clothes off her petite body and fuck  her!

    When it was all over and my Sister was ready to leave, I watched my little Sister cutely wave goodbye to me before skipping out the front door excitedly, hop in the car, and make her way in the direction of my Bullies house!

    After my little Sister had left for her date, I eventually put all thoughts of my little Sister out of my head and went to sleep as soon as possible.

    I was woken several hours later to the sound of a mans deep voice, followed by the sounds of my little Sister giggling at whatever he said and laid there listening as the two of them tiptoed up the stairs and made their way down the hall in the direction of my bedroom.

    When I looked up, I saw my little Sister in the arms of my Billy, giggling and laughing at everything he said as my Bully palmed her ass with an arm around her waist and wrapped his over strong muscular arm around her shoulder.

    “Come on, he’s still sleeping. Let’s fuck in his bed like you did with my best friend last week when you thought I was asleep!” I heard my little Sister say.

    “Slut, I’ll fuck you wherever the fuck I want” was my Bullies response…

    I wanted to sit up and scream, but I knew better! If I tried to stop them now or made a sound or  even let my Bully know I was awake in anyway, I knew I was going to get it. He’d beat the shit out of me and there was nothing I could ever do in my lifetime to stop him from doing so! 

    So I closed my eyes, remained silent, and waited patiently to see what the two of them were going to do.

    A few seconds later, I felt the bed move as my Bully and my little Sister climbed into bed with me. I felt my Sister crawl over my body and position herself  on her hands and knees, face down on the pillow…ass up in the air with her resting about 6 inches away from where I pretended to sleep.

    I heard my Bully smack my little Sisters ass so hard an echo could be heard rumbling through the room. My little Sister moaned loudly into my ear.

    “Shhhhhhh. Be quiet toy fucking cunt! You’ll wake your parents!” My Bully said as he hushed her. in that crude vulgar way he spoke to everybody.

    A few minutes later, he had my little Sister naked on my bed, sliding his thick 7.8 inch shaft into her once tight teen pussy. As my Bully began fucking her, my little Sister couldn’t contain her moans. She moaned louder and louder in my ear with every thrust and came all over my Bullies cock less than 2 minutes after the two of them had begun!

    Knowing my Bullies impressive stamina, I knew i was in for a very long night!

    The two of them had been fucking for nearly an hour now and multiple orgasms had already been archived from my little Sister. But they kept fucking!

    And as I lay there listening to my little Sister getting pounded by my Bully, I couldn’t help myself. I listened silently as I slid a hand between my legs, pulled out my erect cock, and shamefully began stroking as I listened to my little Sister beg for more and more!

    I hated it. I fucking hated it and I hated myself for doing it. But less then 60 seconds after I had begun, I came all over myself! Embarrassing when I came in under a minute when my Bully had been fucking my little Sister for nearly an hour. But I remained rock hard and reluctantly began stroking again.

    4 orgasms later, my Bully was still piledriving my little Sister, plowing her now loose pussy with ease as she screamed louder and louder in my ear and squirted all over his huge cock again. 

    It was then and there that I decided my Girlfriend should be next. She certainly deserved it. And my Bully did too!

    Besides the embarrassment and humiliation it brought to me, the constant cumming while being bullied had another unforeseen side effect. The more my Cousin forced me to cum in my pants while being bullied by that asshole, the more she inadvertently trained me to become aroused by it.

    Soon I was completely unable to achieve an orgasm at all until my Bully was around torturing me.

    Slowly but surely I lost my ability to achieve an erection too, even around the most beautiful girls in town! My subconscious simply prevented it from happening unless those girls around me were staring and laughing at me while they me get beat up or humiliated by my Bully. 

    It was embarrassing to pop an erection when my Bully showed up and began taunting me about what a wimp I was. But when my Bully took notice of my premature orgasms and embarrassingly cumming in my pants soon after, his Bullying only intensified ten fold! I quickly became my Bullies bitch soon after.

    In the end, my Cousin had inadvertently turned me into my Bullies prematurely ejaculating bitch without even realizing it, all because she thought it’d be funny to embarrass me a couple of times!


    I guess Mike was right, I should get you some diapers.


    As if an instant orgasm wasn’t humiliating enough, the moment his Girlfriend uttered Mike’s name for the second time his cock began twitching and spurting out even more cum. She was furious at his lack of self control.

    35 minutes later


    Because I Love You - Part 4

    For my one year anniversary, my loving Girlfriend agreed to fulfill a single fantasy of mine tonight. My biggest fantasy of all no matter what it was, no questions asked. All I had to do was tell her!

    My Girlfriend was quite surprised when I confessed my biggest fantasy to her. She was expecting something a little more normal. Something most guys would be into such as a threesome with another woman or me asking her to dress up in a naughty schoolgirl outfit, or something like that. But she was taken by surprise when I confessed to her what my biggest fantasy really was!

    Still, she agreed to do it for me because she loved me!

    Now I was going to show up at the party walking hand in hand with my sweet and loving Girlfriend, and watch as she turned her back on me. I was going to have my heart broken as I listened to her cruelly break up with me in front of dozens of people and even though it was all part of the fantasy, I knew it was going to bring me to tears to hear the words coming out of my Girlfriends mouth. And I knew it was going to be even more humiliating to hear her talking out loud about the size of my cock which I’ve been self conscious of for years.

    But it was all part of the fantasy!

    By the time my Girlfriend left me devastated and all alone, I’d be running through such a strange mixture of emotions in my head that I wouldn’t know what to think! My girlfriend of an entire year and the love of my life would have just broken up with me in favor of openly fucking another man - A man who Bullied me!

    But the biggest humiliation of this fantasy was yet to come!

    After she had fucked them, my Girlfriend was going to return to the party visibly used and messy after the sex, and I was going to beg her to take me back. Dozens of people surrounding us would have seen her heading upstairs with a couple of my Bullies and heard her getting nailed before overhearing me begging her to take me back! It was all extremely humiliating, especially now that dozens of people I knew would soon overhear me begging and promising I’d lick her sloppy cum filled pussy clean if she would take me back!

    I was so excited when my Girlfriend agreed to fulfill this fantasy. And it was obvious by how fucking hard my cock was. My Girlfriend immediately pointed out how she had never seen me so hard in my life and suggested it might be best of us to have a quickie before we left.

    So my Girlfriend straddled my waist and prepared to mount my cock when all of a sudden.....I exploded! No more than 12 seconds after my Girlfriend had begun lowering herself onto my cock and just before I could enter her pussy. I came all over the place as my horny Girlfriend let out a little sigh of frustration.

    “When I told you I wanted a quickie, I didn’t mean for you to cum THAT QUICKLY” She told me. “When I said a quickie, I expected you to last AT LEAST 5 minutes - Not 12 seconds!” My Girlfriend said with a laugh.

    However, she quickly reassured me everything was okay when I started to blush, telling me it was the PERFECT way to start off the night of fulfilling my biggest fantasy since she could now be a little more truthful when breaking up with me because I couldn’t satisfy her...Which of course made me blush again!

    Just before leaving, my Girlfriend instructed me to jerk off to the edge while fantasizing about out last fuck ever before the break up - Hoping to get me all worked up before we left for the party!

    So I watched the love of my life walk out the door to begin getting ready as I closed my eyes, pretended she had just left me forever, and tried to imagine the last sex we would ever have.

    I allowed myself to be consumed by this fantasy as I started stroking my cock. And I find myself on the edge quickly despite my 12 second premature orgasm just a few minutes ago, so I held it. I help the edge as long as I could as I pictured my “Ex” cumming on my cock for the last time ever.

    Then, I let go.I removed my hand from my cock and put on some clothes. I stuffed my throbbing erection back into my pans despite the fact that I knew the precum oozing out would create a precum stain, and I went to go find my Girlfriend.