The professional dominatrix I had been seeing for the past couple of months had me by the balls. She had thousands of photos of me sucking dildos or getting pegged. And she had hundreds of humiliating videos of me. And she had even talked me into chastity a month ago leaving me little choice but to accept my fate and choose a Bully to send the keys to!

    There was an Ad online. An advertisement for an old Bully of mine now making a living as a professional dominatrix who specialized in orgasm denial, chastity, and simply being cruel towards people! 

    And one night...I stupidly decided to give her a call after having one too many drinks and found myself at her mercy less than 24 hours later...begging for it to end but unwilling to use the safeword we had agreed on to make it stop! 

    There was no way in hell I was giving this woman my Wife's cell phone number - Which also happen to be the safeword she talked me into agreeing to use!


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    Yes Mistress

    A short story I wrote based on an idea this caption sparked about a man who finds himself at the mercy of an old female Bully of his years later!

    Although I was Bullied by dozens of guys, the biggest Bully of them all was a girl I used to have a crush on years ago. A hot girl with an incredible ass who ran the schools Volleyball team through the sheer power of her spikes rather than height. A hot but bitchy girl  in the popular crowd at school who immediately caught my attention as a girl I had a crush on. A girl that I would spend hours every night thinking about fucking her until I found out she was a huge Bully who enjoyed tormenting me and being mean. 

    In the beginning these fantasies where pretty typical for a guy my age. I’d close my eyes and imagine her in my arms after the big Volleyball game. I’d picture her confessing to me that she had always thought I was hot and telling me she’d get wet every day while thinking about fucking me and have to rub her pussy every night to her fantasies about me! I’d imagine my crush slowly stripping out of her panties and crawling over to the nightstand where she’d bend over and beg me to take her from behind! And I’d find myself cumming all over myself several minutes later as I imagined my cock sliding into her tight wet pussy as I squeezed her tits!

    But as my Crush became a bigger Bully who picked on me, that all changed!

    The more she Bullied me, the less I found myself fantasizing about fucking her! I couldn’t understand why. But I simply didn’t find it arousal to imagine a girl who thought she was better than me begging for my cock. It simply wasn’t her!

    She was too hot. She was too cruel. Too demanding. Too out of my league. And far too much of a Bully to ever consider fucking me. But despite the way she treated me, I never once stopped loving her. And I never once stopped fantasizing about her every night as I lay in bed all alone...

    Instead, my fantasies about my Bully slowly warped into something much more exiting as I slowly found myself fantasizing about her taking control and dominating me rather than bending over and begging for my cock. It simply felt more natural to imagine her in total control with a cruel smirk on her pretty face!

    As my fantasies about my Bully changed, so did my desire to cum for my Bully. Sometimes, I felt I should deny myself for her so I’d occasionally stop jerking off and let my cock go soft as I thought about her laughing  at me!

    My biggest fantasy of all was being locked in chastity by her and having her tease me with what I “Could’ve had” while dominating me and still pushing me around or Bullying me like usual. The night that fantasy slipped into my mind was the night I experienced my biggest orgasm. And thought this became my go-to fantasy for years to come, I usually find myself denying myself for her!

    But those fantasies slowly began to fade away when I moved out to go to college and she went out of state. I never saw her again after that and fantasize of being submissive to my biggest Bully simply disappeared. It had been years since I had thought about her! And I was just fine with that. 

    She was such a bitch to me anyways and I never understood why I had ever allowed myself to ever get off on it in the first place. So I let myself forget her and move on with my life!

    Years later I was a happy man. Married to the greatest wife in the world with a job I loved and an awesome house. Everything was going great. Except for the minor inconveniences of my over jealous wife who could occasionally accuse me of keeping secrets from her for watching porn or worry I was cheating.

    However, life was great!

    Everything had gone perfectly in my life after I had graduated from college until one day when I found an Ad online. Advertising an old Bully of mine now working as a professional dominatrix who specialized in orgasm denial, chastity, and simply being cruel towards people!

    Out of curiosity, I stupidly contacted her one night after having one too many beers and from that moment on, my life changed forever!

    5 days later I found myself at my Bullies feet, kneeling naked on the ground as she hovered over me laughing, humiliating me over the fact that I got off on being dominated by a girl who used to Bully me! 

    She was tormenting me about my sore aching balls full of cum after 6 straight hours of tease & denial last night when I finally allowed her to lock me in chastity! And less than a day later I was already kicking myself for allowing my Bully to convince me to give her my Wife’s cell phone number as a safeword!


    My Bully had total control over me now!

    She held the key to my chastity belt, she had my Wife’s phone number, she had the name and location of the place I worked, and she knew me well enough from high school to know EXACTLY how to push my buttons and get whatever she wanted. My Bully had total control over me...

     My Bully had total control over me now... and it was now and it was only the beginning. This was only my second season with her and I knew I’d be coming back for more as often as possible to avoid consequences. And knowing how much she got off on ruining me back in school, I knew damn well that things were going to spiral out of control quickly as my Bully got whatever she waned out of me.

    Married just under 12 months and I had already put our sacred vows in jeopardy. I had already broken my Wife’s trust and I had already done something stupid enough to put myself in a situation where I was no longer in control. My cock was nearly raw. My body ached. My balls ached more. And my mind was busy running through the millions of scenarios where this situation could turn from bad to worse at the flip  of a switch...

    So I knelt there at the feet of my Biggest Bully - naked, locked in chastity, holding back my tears of frustration and arousal as she explained things to me.

    ”How was your first 17 hours in the cage?” My Bully taunted. “Are your muscles starting to ache from the fact that there is simply no room to stretch or turn around or become erect at all?” She asked.

    Does those sharp spikes digging into your cock hurt? Yes? Perhaps I shouldn’t have squeezed your cock into such a tiny undersized cage after all. But that doesn’t change my mind about unlocking you at all! I’m still going to torture that tiny cock until you can’t take it anymore!” She said as she teased me even more. “And I can guarantee that you’ll be regretting your decision to come to me within a few months! Or earlier!”

    “But you can end it at any time!“ She exclaimed. “All you have to do is give in and wave the white flag.” she said, “ Just give me the safeword we agreed on and everything ends as soon as possible. No more chastity. No more Bullying. No more sharp nails scratching your full aching balls as I sit on your face and smother you while you lick my asshole!” My Bully said.

    I looked up at her nervously. Not the safeword...anything but the safeword! I wanted this to end so badly, even if a small part of me hoped it would continue. But there was no way in hell I was going to use the safeword...not now!

    Yes” she told me. “Your Wife’s cell phone number is the safeword. We both agreed upon it! Just tell me her number. And this all ends now. No more torment, no more chastity, no more worrying about whether or not you’ll see me ever again! Say it, unless you want this to continue..” My Bully said with a smirk.

    Of course I’ll have to send your Wife a text to verify...” My Bully added. “Something like a naked photo of you in that little cage and the question ‘Is this your pathetic Husband?’. Or something like that...” My Bully said in a mocking tone as she scraped her nails along my balls.

    So what’s it going to be? Are you going to use the safeword and tell me your Wife’s number? Or would you rather remain my slave...locked in chastity until I saw otherwise, Bullies and humiliated on a nightly basis...doing whatever I say whenever I demand it, lying to your Wife every week to come visit me again?” My Bully asked me as she leaned forward, squeezed my balls and whispered in my ear one last time. “So...what’s your answer? Do you still want to be my slave? Are you going to do whatever I say from now on?” She asked.

    So here I knelt there at the feet of my Biggest Bully - naked, locked in chastity, holding back my tears of frustration and extreme arousal - knowing full well the consequences of using the safeword and giving up my Wife’s phone number. So I let out one last sigh and said, “Yes Mistress...I’ll do whatever you say!”

    My Bully was quite pleased...

    I had resisted the use of the safeword for now...but for how long? How long could I keep that up before I finally gave in?