Mom wanted to fuck my Bully, and she wanted to fuck him directly in front of me like she had always fantasized about! But she didn't want it to devastate me. And she didn't want me to know that she was fucking him.

    So she came up with this plan to bring me along during her weekly patrol around some abandoned buildings so she could pull off a fake carjacking where my Bully showed up in a mask, dragged her out of her cop car, and fucked her in front of me before stealing the car and speeding off!

    My Bully played the part perfectly.
    I stupidly never suspected a thing!

    She had me tied up with my hands cuffed above my head, my mouth taped shut and gagged with her dirty thong...she had kept me on the edge for over 3 hours now. And she continued to sweetly talk to me about how she wanted to hear me beg her to cheat on me with a Bully of mine. She wanted me to do it loud enough that I woke up a family member and blushed with embarrassment as they realized what I was begging for. She was acting sweet and innocent as she asked me to do it, however I knew she wasn’t taking no for an answer.

    My Bully was SHOCKED to hear about my nice gesture of paying for the strippers at his wild bachelor party. Even though I wasn’t originally invited.

    What he didn't realize however is my Sister and her friends helped me find a couple of cheap dominatrix's to pose as strippers with the intention of pegging him in front of all his friends later that night.

    It all worked out perfectly...

    Unfortunately she had enjoyed herself so much that she mistakenly forgot to ask her Son's Bully if he had made any copies of the video she had accidentally sent to him and by the time she got back to the house the humiliating videos were up online for everyone to see! 

    Oh well, her Son would get over it eventually with time and at least she got the best sex and orgasms of her life out of the mistake.