It didn’t matter how many people were at the dinner table.

    The moment her Son began crying about the things his Bully did to him earlier at school, she couldn’t stop herself from sliding a hand under her panties and touching herself. She came almost immediately and she didn’t stop touching herself until she opened her eyes to find everybody staring at her...

    Public Masturbation was her favorite activity

    Public Masturbation was her favorite thing to do! She loved how risky it was. She was exhilarated by the thrill of being so exposed in a public setting. She got off on the risk of getting caught and her orgasms were simply breathtaking when she knew somebody could catch her at any moment!

    But lately, she had been indulging in her public masturbation fantasies far too often. The thrill wasn’t there anymore. Knowing she could get caught at any moment was no longer the adrenaline rush it used to be. Her orgasm had begun dull, repetitive and unsatisfying instead of the quivering surge of electrifying and pulsing orgasms she had previously experienced. So she decided to amp up the risk factor once again!

    She decided that the only way to get her heart pounding as she slowly and teasingly worked her way towards a much needed orgasm was to try something riskier. To masturbate publicly near the house of somebody she knew! To pick somebody she knew then masturbate and slowly tease her wet cunt to the brink of an orgasm in their back yard as she waited until she was certain they were home to have a loud orgasm!

    Every day now...she’d sneak over to her Brother’s Bullies’ house and masturbate on the back patio. She would through on a bikini they lay out by the pool and touch herself until she was dripping wet. Then she’d pull her bikini bottoms off and toss them a few feet away so she could slip a hand between her legs and toy with her aching clit as she remained at the brink of an orgasm for as long as she could handle until her Brother’s Bully came home, cutting it closer and closer each and every time she had an orgasm!

    The risk of getting caught by such a man intensified her orgasms immensely. Her legs shook violently, her toes curled up, and her hips rose up into the air as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she bit her lip to avoid moaning so loud that the neighbors could hear!

    Each orgasm she had was more intense than the last!

    Despite masturbating in public multiple times a week, she didn’t want anyone to know she was out there. She didn’t want to be seen. She didn’t actually want to be caught. And she certainly didn’t want her Brother’s Bully to learn she had been fingering herself in his back yard for kicks. Hell, she didn’t even find her Brother’s all that attractive or arousing enough to fantasize about at all. She had simply chosen her Brother’s Bully because she believed getting caught by him of all people would be worst of all. That’s why the risk made those orgasms she was having out here so damn satisfying!

    She was simply an adrenaline junkie who had grown bored of public masturbation in a stale environment and the risk of getting caught by strangers, and was looking for an even bigger rush by masturbating in the back yard of the disgusting pig of a man who Bullied her Brother!

    Every time she came out here, she cut it closer to getting caught. She’d edge herself repeatedly after her Brother’s Bully finally came home only to finally allow herself the orgasm she craved only when her Brother’s Bully could be seen through a window!

    She never wanted to get caught. But she knew how risky it was to be out here masturbating like this and she knew she’d get caught by him eventually...

    All she wanted was an incredible orgasm!

    And she got a hell of a lot more then she bargained for when she wound up moaning a little bit too loudly as she got close to an orgasm and accidentally got herself caught by the man who Bullied her Brother!


    But as she thought about how big my Bullies cock was, it became harder and harder not to let out a little moan and finally - Her orgasm began approaching!


    Then make me lick your fingers clean before I am allowed to eat. But, dont let me cum. Just keep me the edge all night long with a nice, heavy butt plug in my ass.


    She thought she was about to have an intense screaming orgasm for her Brother’s Bully right there at the dinner table while sitting next to her Brother. But the stimulation stopped just seconds before she could have an orgasm!

    As she turned to glare at her Brother’s Bully and question why he stopped touching her, her Brother’s Bully shoved his wet finger into her open mouth and made her suck it clean.


    Luckily, her Brother was too busy avoiding his Bullies gaze by burying his face in the large plate of food he had to notice what she had just done!


    After she was made to lick his fingers clean, her Brother’s Bully went back to teasing her wet aching pussy, edging her over and over again as she bit her lower lip and struggled to hide her moans from her oblivious Brother until she was certain he was going to let him cum…only to be disappointed once again as her Brother’s Bully backed off and let her much needed orgasm become unreachable once again.

    She was never actually allowed to have an orgasm.

    But when the dinner was FINALLY over, she was free to remove the butt plug that had been inside her ass all night long!


    Luckily, her Brother never caught on to what had been going on despite her constant movement and sighs of frustration!

    She was trapped.

    She had snuck into the mens bathroom 30 minutes ago looking to avoid the group of Bullying heading her way. But she had gotten trapped inside one of the empty stalls after the girl who Bullied her started making out with somebody...

    15 minutes later the two of them had begun having sex and she was horrified to find herself getting wet.

    Before she knew it, she was rubbing her pussy and getting off on listening to her Bully get laid!

    This was actually hot as hell.

    But she had to control herself.

    She had to control her increasingly loud moans or else she'd end up getting caught!

    Oh shit!

    She just got caught!

    The moment she hit the edge of an orgasm she accidentally moaned a little bit too loud. They both heard her and her Bully was opening the door to the stall as she continued to rub her pussy!

    She couldn’t cover herself up. She was to close to an orgasm to stop now. She was fully exposed and unable to prevent the inevitable. What was she going to do?

    My Bullies Mother knew I thought she was hot.

    She knew that I couldn’t help but get aroused by a MILF like her so she would strip naked and masturbate outside near my backyard, so I just happened to see her through my window. My Bullies Mother knew I couldn’t resist jerking off while watching her and that a few minutes later I wouldn’t be able to resist coming outside to see her after her teasing had gone too far.

    And she got off on knowing that her Son, my Bully, would be there to stop and bully me the moment I stepped foot outside my house with an erection.

    The only thing worse than knowing my slutty Mother was fucking the man who had Bullied me for the past 11 years of my life was finding out... on national television...when my Mother was caught rubbing her wet pussy while thinking of him while they were live!

    She didn’t have to tell the world what she was thinking about, but she did it anyway! And it was REALLY humiliating for me...