Mom wanted to fuck my Bully, and she wanted to fuck him directly in front of me like she had always fantasized about! But she didn't want it to devastate me. And she didn't want me to know that she was fucking him.

    So she came up with this plan to bring me along during her weekly patrol around some abandoned buildings so she could pull off a fake carjacking where my Bully showed up in a mask, dragged her out of her cop car, and fucked her in front of me before stealing the car and speeding off!

    My Bully played the part perfectly.
    I stupidly never suspected a thing!

    When I woke up in the alley the next morning with cuts and bruises all over my body, I realized I hadn’t JUST been mugged by my Bully and his friends. I had also been forced to watch my Sister receive the best fuck of her life and the image of her face as she came on my Bullies cocks would stick with me forever! Now I lay there naked - without a cell phone or I.D. - with a massive headache and a surprisingly erect cock.