Since I wouldn’t apologize to him, I was my Mothers gift to my Bully and his hot and sexy girlfriend this year for Christmas.

    But dragging me over to my Bullies house with a fistful of my hair and forcing stripping me naked by the Christmas tree, forcing me to my knees with my hands tied behind my back and a gift wrapped box over my head nearly suffocating me wasn’t quite enough.

    My Mother had to go and purchase a tiny spiked chastity belt to fit my cock into as well and lock it shut while placing a cute pink Christmas bow over it before presenting me as a present to my Bully and his Girlfriend with the only key to my chastity belt lying by my feet for the taking.

    My Mother  then laid back on the couch fingering herself for the next couple of hours as she waited for my Bully and his beautiful but bitchy Girlfriend to wake up and find their unwilling surprise waiting under the tree!

    It was only a matter of time now before my Bully and his Girlfriend saw the present they had been given by my Mother and I was growing more and more worried by the second. 

    What are the two of them going to do to me? Would they see my Mother masturbating and fuck her? Would I ever get out of this damn spiked chastity belt?And who would get the keys to it…my Bully or his Girlfriend?

    I had been caught jerking off by my Aunt earlier in the evening while sniffing my Cousins dirty thong and using a pair of my Aunts dirty panties to get myself off and got scolded so badly by my Aunt that I couldn’t finish up. I  ended up falling asleep humiliated, embarrassed, and hornier then ever without finishing what I started.

    I figured I’d be in trouble sometime tomorrow but I could have never guessed the lengths my strong dominant Aunt would go to punish me for what she saw.

    I awoke sometime in the middle of the night with an erect cock and a throbbing erection, already dripping precum! And when I awoke with a sudden erection. I saw my slutty Cougar Aunt hovering over me as if she had been jerking me off. 

    She held a big mouthful of cum and when she noticed my eyes open, my Aunt spit the hot sticky cum all out over my throbbing cock and told me,“Use your Bullies cum as lube to finish what you started earlier...or your Mother is going to find out exactly what I caught your perverted ass doing with my panties earlier tonight you little bastard!”

    Reluctantly, I grabbed my shaft and jerked off to a huge orgasm with my Bullies cum all over me.

    And I knew this was only the beginning. What did my Aunt have in store for punishment next?