Reblog if every time you see your mom’s ass you imagine it saying “feed me your bully’s cock!”

    Reblog if you’ve been bullied all your life and the only thing that could make up for it is your mom being fucked by the same bullies that made your life a living hell in the first place.

    Reblog if after a hellish, thankless, terrifying day at work/school you go home and unwind with thoughts of your mom being plowed by all sorts of angry, rock hard cocks.

    Reblog if men who terrify you excite you because you know if you saw them hitting on your mom you could and would do nothing to stop them.

    Reblog if you’d rather your former bosses/teachers that made you feel stupid, weak, insignificant, or pathetic fuck your mom much more than bosses/teachers who inspired you, made you feel like you could accomplish anything, and gave you skills you’d never forget get to fuck her.

    Reblog if you’d rather use your talents and ingenuity to help a douchebag fuck your mom than to use them to get revenge on that douchebag for the horrible things he’s done to you.

    Reblog if you’d prefer your mom being fucked by an alpha male prick over any and every other form of sexual experience.

    Reblog if you’re mom’s being plowed is all you jerk off to, and you imagine your mom is the woman in every porn video, gif, or image you see on the internet.

    Reblog if you get excited every time your mom tips back another drink in a party full of guys who would love to fuck her staring at her as she does.

    Reblog if you see mother/son talks as a wonderful time to big up men you would never say anything nice about to any other person.

    Reblog if the term “The One” to you means the one guy you want to fuck your mom more than any other because he’s the perfect mix of masculine, mean, conniving, and cocky.

    Reblog if your mom being fucked by a scumbag would be the highlight of your entire life and you measure your time alive as your life leading up to your mom being fucked, and your life after your mom had successfully been fucked.

    Reblog if you have a mom out there who has no idea you jerk off while on the internet with thousands of other guys to the thought of her being fucked by the same people in this world that she’d do anything to protect you from.

    Reblog if you have bullies, bosses, coaches, teachers, assholes that have no idea you imagine what their cocks and balls would look like out and exposed as your mom runs her tongue up and down over their sensitive and eager naked skin.

    Reblog if you write stories, or captions or contribute to the expansion of this fetish in any way.

    Reblog if finding this community is the most exciting thing to ever happen to you.

    Reblog if you want your followers to know that you’re proud to have this fetish and you’re happy that it’s a big part of who you are.

    Reblog if you think you have followers who have this fetish but they have no idea anyone else does, or if you think you have followers who have this part of them laying dormant, just waiting to be awakened by single tumblr post.

    Reblog if you’ve never heard of this fetish before but you’ve become interested or fascinated by it after reading this.

    Reblog if you don’t have this fetish yourself but you’re sympathetic towards it because you support novel sexual practices, sexual freedom, or you’re a bully yourself and you benefit from sons having this fetish.

    Reblog if you’ve never had the courage to like or reblog any of the content by me or any other mom/bully blog on tumblr and you’re sick of hiding a part of you that’s perfectly natural and beautiful.

    Reblog if you can’t believe more people out in the world don’t have this fetish.

    Reblog if reading this made you hard/wet.

    Reblog if all or even one of the above things is true about you.

    And if anyone out there honestly can’t reblog this because they have real-life friends or family who visit their blog, then please just like it to show your support.

    This is a wonderful community full of loving sons with beautiful moms who are gonna make many bullies very happy one day, and we need to be very vocal about our presence in this world. Here’s our chance.

    There are plenty of moms’ asses waiting, calling out to be fed cock.


    Had to reblog this!


    INCEST - If you dare

     Re-blog if you like incest porn, stories, and/or fantasies. Incest-lovers unite!



    Yeah, please


    Fuck yes I love incest, I have a blog to show it.


    I love me some good mom and son;)


    Incest has always been one of my biggest fantasies!