The were best friends for years until a silly fight turned ugly and tore their friendship apart a couple of weeks ago. 

    Since then the two of them had been fighting constantly and doing horrible things behind each others back our of spite as things got more and more ugly and spiraled beyond repair - leading up to the situation the girls found themselves in tonight where the girls somehow ended up in bed together, naked and angry as hell while trying to piss one another off by fucking the others bully.

    Neither girl wanted to admit it, but both of them were rapidly beginning to enjoy themselves and would soon be fighting off the urge to have an orgasm while staring deeply into each others eyes!

    My Bullies Sister was more than happy to get revenge on my Bully for me.

    During his latest Birthday party, she had been flirting with me all night long and as the party began to wind down, she mentioned she had slipped something in his drink. Soon after, my Bully passed out on the floor next to his bed. After she was certain her Brother was out cold, my Bullies Sister pushed me onto the bed on my back, dragged my pants down around my ankles and proceeded to suck my cock for me. She was going to suck me for a little while before putting a condom on my cock then fucking me on my Bullies bed. Afterwards, she wanted to discard the used condom on her Brother’s face as we went back downstairs!