My Sister had a little too much to drink tonight and totally forgot we still had to share a bedroom for the weekend until she had gotten drunk and accidentally woke me up when my Bully carried her into the bedroom and tossed her onto the bed next to me. By the time I opened my eyes however, it was already too late. They were fucking!

    Public sex was never arousing for her. The thought of getting caught in the act was usually an instant turn off. But not tonight. She wanted to fuck in public.

    Forget about the condoms. There was no time for that! She was so desperate to feel her Bullies cock pulsing inside her pussy as his balls slapped against her clit with every thrust that she wanted to get caught. She wanted people to see her squirting on her Bullies cock as he was balls deep inside her while he had her on her hands and knees in the dirt! She still couldn’t remember how it had turned from an argument to sex. But...She wanted to get caught!

    Halloween Party

    It was that time of year again when her neighborhood had their annual Halloween costume party. And she flirted with, and had a one night stand with somebody new every year at this party.

    But this year - not knowing who was behind the mask of the man she had chosen lead to her unknowingly getting fucked by her Bully during the neighborhoods annual costume party for Halloween. By the time the masks came off and she realized who’s cock was inside of her, it was already too late!

    Fuck! I wish my Brothers Bullies were here with me...

    "Fuck I wish my Brothers Bullies were here with me" She repeated out loud as she lay in bed all alone masturbating to a really kinky threesome fantasy that she had developed over the past couple of weeks. Her moans intensified as her orgasm approached and she again moaned out loud, “I wish my Brother's Bullies were here to fuck me right now!" She repeated for the third time.

    She never expected it to really happen. She was just talking to herself out loud as she approached a much needed orgasm. In the blink of an eye however, her wish had come true. One second she was alone in bed with a hand under her panties lightly rubbing her soaking wet pussy, and the next...she was masturbating in front of two of her Brothers biggest Bullies standing by her bedside - cocks out, fully erect, and ready to go! 

    There was no doubt about it, THIS WAS REAL!

    Her wish had come true. No more laying in bed alone and fantasizing. No more multiple orgasms while dreaming of what they might do to her. This was really happening and she was ready to fuck her Brothers Bullies for real tonight.

    “P...Please” She uttered softly. “Please...I need to cum” She begged. “Fuck me!”

    “Just fuck me!” She cried out again, much louder this time as both of her Brothers Bullies crawled into bed with her and began tearing off her clothes as she continued to masturbate and remain on the edge.

    Soon her Brothers Bullies were penetrating both her holes, fucking her roughly as she smiled and came all over their cocks again and again!

    She fucked them for what felt like an eternity, losing track of her number of orgasms very early on...until she finally passed out in bed soaked with cum and happier than she had ever felt after her wish had come true. Even though she had absolutely no idea how her Brothers Bullies had gotten into her bedroom!

    When she woke up the next morning, her immediate reaction was it must have been a dream. But their dried cum was still smeared all over her pretty face and her pussy was leaking...still overflowing with cum and leaking the seed of the assholes who Bullied her Brother! But how? It certainly wasn't a dream.

    But...The two men who Bullied her Brother were out of state until next weekend! How could it have been possible? Magic? And if so, what else could she possibly wish for next?

    My Big Sister hated my Bully

    But every weekend my Big Sister showed up at my Bullies doorstep to be his booty call and let him fuck her like a doll until he drained his balls inside her. She was doing it for me. She was doing it to keep this creep from beating me up and making my life miserable.

    But I knew deep down she only fucked him because his cock was big...


    She stripped down to her bra and panties, climbed in his lap and straddled him, and slowly ground herself against his big hard cock while she nibbled on my Bullies ear, slid her tongue across his chest, and bit his lip a little.

    By the time she had removed her panties, my Bully had enough! He shoved her up against the wall, pinned her arms over her head, and jammed his cock up her cunt and began fucking my Girlfriends pussy as I sat there horrified, too shocked by my Girlfriends moans of pleasure to know what to do!

    I guess that's what I get for buying my Girlfriend a sexy pair of stockings, panties, and a bra for Valentines day rather than flowers and a box of chocolates. Right?

    Your sweet lovable little Sister was a sucker for strong dominant men.

    She was the nicest person in the world when your parents were around, and when she was left alone with you. However..While you were in your bedroom getting your ass kicked by some asshole jock who always Bullied you... your little Sister tiptoed down the hallway, stripped out of her tank top and skinny jeans, and stood just outside your doorway naked. Your little Sister stood there completely naked with her back against the wall and a hand between her thighs, rubbing her clit and fingering herself while pussy juice dripped down her legs and thighs as she thought of him fucking her. 

    Your little Sister was soaking wet throughout the whole ordeal. The moment she caught a glimpse of your Bully physically dominating you, her true nature kicked in and her pussy got wet for your Bully. The moment she heard him abusing and humiliating you, she couldn’t resist rubbing her wet pussy. And soon your little Sister was standing outside your doorway silently teasing her clit as she listened to you getting beat up and made fun of, teetering on the edge of an orgasm while she struggled to hold back for the big finish!

    Your little Sister moaned as she began to fantasize about your Bully. She thought about him smacking you in the face and rushing over to the doorway where she stood after giving you a black eye. She fantasized about him grabbing her by the hair and dragging her to the floor to suck his cock before making her ride his cock as he told your little Sister what he did to you while she moaned your Bullies name louder.

    Your Sister rubbed her pussy harder when she thought about your Bully bending her over and fucking her from behind even rougher than he had been while beating your ass. And soon, she even fantasized about getting creampied and teeking his seed deep inside her womb...risking pregnancy for no reason at all except that she felt this prick deserved the satisfaction of cumming in her pussy!

    As her orgasm approached, nothing else mattered anymore. Your little Sister closed her eyes and moaned loudly in hopes of getting caught by your Bully!


    my daughhters a sweet girl who acts very innocent all the time but i can't stop fantasizing about her being a huge slut when i'm not aroundd. i've got this boss who i thinks a huge asshole and a couple of days ago I heard a girl moaning in a nearby bathroom that he had gone in earlier and was too distracted by thoughts of him fucking her to work. i couldn't help but picture my daughter getting fucked by him because i'm pretty sure she has a small crush on him... could you caption that for me?

    You really think your Daughter’s an angel? You really think she wouldn’t fuck an older man at your office while you work? You really think she cares whether or not he’s an asshole in charge of you? Maybe she does, but you might want to read this caption and find out for yourself…

  • Your Daughter WAS An Angel
  • @anonymous, Your Daughter was a perfect little angel. An innocent girl who kept away from boys and never missed a day of school in her life.

    At least, that's what you believed with all your heart while you were at work sitting at your desk fighting off the boredom, completely unaware of your boss handing over his work to you so he could take a break to be in one of the dirty bathroom stalls nearby with her, your sweet little angel.

    You thought you Daughter was perfect little angel...a good girl who stayed away from assholes likes your boss at work. But you were wrong. Completely wrong! Because here she was in the small dirty bathroom stall begging your asshole boss to not just fuck her and make her suck his cock...but to shove her face into the dirty floor next to the unflushed toilet and slap her ass hard while he pounded her holes roughly and used her like the cheap dirty whore that she is before stretching her tight asshole and going ass to mouth. Because that’s the type of shit your “innocent little angel” actually loved....

    And the worst part about it all? You could hear her moans all the way from your desk at work! Too bad you don't realize it's your Daughter, right?

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