She could never tell her Fiancé about what she had done. She could never allow him to find out the reason behind her sudden lack on interest in him sexually. She just continued to spit out the same excuses over and over again about “Having a headache today”, “Being mad at him for something he did”, “Feeling too tired tonight”, or her personal favorite...“Just made the bed”

    She felt terrible for lying to her Fiancé like this whenever she was horny but she continued to do so every single day without hesitation as she spent more and more time masturbating and cumming to the porn blog  her Fiancé‘s Bully ran that she had apparently become addicted to!

    Earlier this month, my Mother accidentally told the world I had a tiny penis. She called it a little slip up that would never ever happen ever again. But less than a week later - she once again mentioned I had a tiny dick on national television.

    I tried to ignore it. I tried to brush it off as an innocent mistake despite knowing half the school - along with a dozen of my Bullies - knew how small my penis was thanks to my Mother’s constant embarrassment of me over national television. However, it was becoming harder and harder to accept that it was anything but deliberate considering the fact that this was her 6th time doing so!

    But at this point there was nothing left that I could do other than sink down in my chair blushing with humiliation as I hoped this mention of my tiny dick wouldn’t continue to hurt my attempts at getting a Girlfriend as my Mother’s slip up’s had done in the past!

    Last week she had a little slip up while on national television. While this was something many considered a massive mistake - all her Son's Bullies just happened to be watching the local weather channel around the time she said it. It was quite the coincidence...

    The humiliation had finally died down after a week of torment about my "tiny dick" and I still dreaded seeing her on TV every day since that incident took place for fear it might happen again.

    And today, my worst fear had once again come true!

    While talking about the rain, my Mother once again slipped up and commented on the size of my penis much to the amusement of her coworkers who could be heard laughing their asses off before the network cut to a quick commercial to avoid any more damage!

    My Bully seduced my Daughter earlier today but refused to let her fuck him after he got her so worked up she was ready to pounce. After that, all it took was a few words of encouragement to convince my Daughter to take pictures of my tiny cock and start sharing them with everyone she knew just to humiliate me.

     After weeks of humiliating me about my tiny dick and destroying my confidence and social life, my Bully finally made good on his promise and entered my Daughter's tight soaking wet pussy:


    Oh my god! I'm so glad you're into this whole pegging fetish as well...

    I've been searching for somebody to use this on ever since I made a mold of your Bullies big cock with that clone-a-willy kits I bought online. I guess it's only fitting that it's you  out of all people who gets to try it out first, right little Brother?! It’s not too big, is it? Oh silly me...of course it is!

    Stop whining like a little bitch and cum on your Bullies cock for me!

    This Father’s Day would be a special one for sure!

    I knew my Dad thought the girl who Bullied me was hot. And I HATED it! He was always talking about how pretty she wasand making little comments here and there about how she was completely out of my league. I HATED every second of it. But I had to admit I found her hot as well. She was simply too much of a bitch for me to handle and my Father talked about her all the time!

    However, I decided to make Father's Day special this year by letting my Dad fuck her! Maybe it would finally get him to shut up about her. Or maybe it was a massive mistake. Either way, I spent some time planning things out then worked up the courage to go ask my Bully if she would fuck my Dad for Father’s Day...

    I wasn't sure what was worse:

  • Approaching my Bully as she was giggling and teasing me
  • Blushing while I stuttered and Asked my Bully to fuck my Dad
  • Reluctantly agreeing to watch my Dad fuck my Bully so she’d say yes
  • Or actually watching as my Dad fucked her in ways I couldn’t handle
  • I was filled with mixed emotions as I sat there reluctantly watching my Dad pound my Bully like a slut as I tried using a pillow to cover up the fact that my little boner made it obvious my dick was smaller than his.

    It was humiliating watching them fuck. It was embarrassing to see my Dad speed up whenever my Bully told him stories of the things she had done to me. It lasted all night long and by the time the two of them collapsed on the bed exhausted, sweaty, and whispering among themselves while laughing and pointing in my direction...I knew I would regret my decision to give my Dad what he really wanted rather than just shelling out $50 for some shitty gift he would forget about a few weeks from now.

    And just when I thought this Father’s Day couldn’t get any worse - my Bully spread her legs, giggled, and commanded me to lick her clean! 

    ...Almost as if she knew all along I wouldn’t be able to say no!