The teacher’s didn’t realize she was getting off on her punishments. Or maybe they did! But either way it only seemed to encourage her behavior to get worse and worse as she got punished harder and longer each and every day for the horrible things she did to her classmates!

    The sluttiest cheerleader in school would never fuck a guy like me, but she didn't mind ignoring our important group project to cuckold me with a bully of mine instead. And I was so shocked she would even allow a guy like me to touch myself in front of her and watch, that I shamefully told her I’d love to!

    We all snuck into one of the empty classrooms and then they fucked while I watched and sniffed her dirty panties while jerking my little virgin cock until I came just 48 seconds after they began!

    She was upset that she was the only girl in school without a date tonight.

    But she was even more unhappy that her parents decided to force her to go to the beg dance anyway and set her up to go to the dance with her most hated Bully - a disgusting pig who was always picking on her - just because her parents and her Bullies parents had been good friends for years.

    She sat in her bedroom sulking about it for hours until she finally met up with the asshole shortly before the dance and immediately had an attitude towards him. But everything changed completely when her Bully pulled her aside and finally admitted he had always had a crush on her - and was only picking on her because he thought she was really pretty!

    Without thinking, she wrapped her arms around her Bully and kissed him!

    She wrapped her arms around her Bullies neck and locked lips with him. Making out with one of her worst enemies as if they had suddenly become lovers.

    She still wasn’t quite convinced her Bully was sincere however. She wasn’t entirely convinced that he wasn’t just lying to get into her panties. Perhaps as a bet with his group of awful friends. But she was kind of wet after their kiss, and it was far too late to back out now! She was going to fuck him later...

    However things went between them at the school dance, she was certain she would end up having sex with her Bully before the night was over:

    She was a slutty girl, but she never had any interest in anyone other than her classmates until she caught her strict professor Bullying a couple of close friends of hers! Less than 60 minutes later she was laying on her back with her legs spread for him, moaning his name as he fucked her in front of her close friends and a couple of other classmates who were all stuck in detention for another 60 minutes! And she was fucking loving it!

    i hated working as the schools most useless janitor doing all the dirty jobs the other janitors refused to do after getting fired from my job as the schools principal just a few short weeks ago.

    There was simply nothing worse than getting laughed at, pushed around, and even Bullied by the teachers and faculty who I had once been the boss of.

    Except maybe the way I was forced to watch my sweet and loving Daughter practically flirt with them in front of me on a daily basis throughout the rest of the year while pretty much flaunting it in my face like she was fucking them!

    But maybe that was just my imagination though. My Daughter would NEVER be cruel enough to do something like that to me. My Daughter couldn’t actually be fucking any of them, right? It HAD to be my imagination!

    Yup, it had to be my imagination!

    My Daughter was too sweet. Too innocent. Too loving. Too much like her Mother to be having sex with older men she knew I hated behind my back. My Daughter would NEVER do something like that to me, right? She loved me too much.

    There was simply no way my Daughter was flirting with my Bullies in front of my face then fucking them under my roof behind my back and encouraging them to taunt me and push me around the next morning. She loved me too much and she knew how much I hated some of her scumbag teachers!

    But...if it really was nothing. If it really was all my imagination, then what was up with their annoying shitty grins, as well as their whispers and laughter behind my back every single time they saw me now? If there was really nothing going on between them, why did her teachers always ask me about her while pushing me around and Bullying me during my new job?

    My Daughter couldn’t be fucking my Bullies...COULD SHE?

    @anonymous, Your Daughter was a perfect little angel. An innocent girl who kept away from boys and never missed a day of school in her life.

    At least, that's what you believed with all your heart while you were at work sitting at your desk fighting off the boredom, completely unaware of your boss handing over his work to you so he could take a break to be in one of the dirty bathroom stalls nearby with her, your sweet little angel.

    You thought you Daughter was perfect little angel...a good girl who stayed away from assholes likes your boss at work. But you were wrong. Completely wrong! Because here she was in the small dirty bathroom stall begging your asshole boss to not just fuck her and make her suck his cock...but to shove her face into the dirty floor next to the unflushed toilet and slap her ass hard while he pounded her holes roughly and used her like the cheap dirty whore that she is before stretching her tight asshole and going ass to mouth. Because that’s the type of shit your “innocent little angel” actually loved....

    And the worst part about it all? You could hear her moans all the way from your desk at work! Too bad you don't realize it's your Daughter, right?

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