The anticipation was killing her...

    Her heart was beating out of her chest and the tick of the clock sounded like thunder. Tic toc... tic toc... tic toc...Every minute that went by felt like an eternity. And with every second that passed, she got wetter and more nervous!

    But finally, his Bully entered the room and found her lying naked on his bed while lifting her hips and spreading her ass so her ass and pussy would be fully exposed! He saw her. And there was no backing out now!

    I stood there against the wall, frozen in place as my Bully leaned in and kissed me on the lips! Despite being a girl, she had been Bullying me for years and I hated her.  I despised her. She was a mean bitchy woman who taunted me and took shots at me whenever she had a chance. She got off on humiliating me in front of my friends and classmates. 

    And yet within 10 seconds she had managed to seduce me!

    All she had to do was pin me up against a wall after taking me by surprise. All she had to do is lean in and start kissing me as if we had been lovers instead of two people who hated each other. All she had to do was kiss me and I was hers.

    ...And after one simple kiss - I was willing to do whatever she asked of me!

    She was upset that she was the only girl in school without a date tonight.

    But she was even more unhappy that her parents decided to force her to go to the beg dance anyway and set her up to go to the dance with her most hated Bully - a disgusting pig who was always picking on her - just because her parents and her Bullies parents had been good friends for years.

    She sat in her bedroom sulking about it for hours until she finally met up with the asshole shortly before the dance and immediately had an attitude towards him. But everything changed completely when her Bully pulled her aside and finally admitted he had always had a crush on her - and was only picking on her because he thought she was really pretty!

    Without thinking, she wrapped her arms around her Bully and kissed him!

    She wrapped her arms around her Bullies neck and locked lips with him. Making out with one of her worst enemies as if they had suddenly become lovers.

    She still wasn’t quite convinced her Bully was sincere however. She wasn’t entirely convinced that he wasn’t just lying to get into her panties. Perhaps as a bet with his group of awful friends. But she was kind of wet after their kiss, and it was far too late to back out now! She was going to fuck him later...

    However things went between them at the school dance, she was certain she would end up having sex with her Bully before the night was over: