After her shift as a secretary ended...She occasionally worked nights as a prostitute for a little cash on the side and business was booming. Tonight she had been contacted by 8 different potential clients but only had time to choose one of them:

  • Door #1 - Her Husband's Boss
  • Door #2 - Her Son's biggest Bully
  • Door #3 - Her Daughter's best friends: The Twins
  • Door #4 - Her Son's least favorite Teacher
  • Door #5 - Her Son's Bullies: The Basketball Team
  • Door #6 - Her Son
  • Door #7 - A complete Stranger
  • Door #8 - Her regular client: requires a blindfold every time
  • Or, she could skip the potential clients and head inside a different room instead:

  • Door #9 - CEO of her company
  • Door #10 - The Father of her Son's Bully: The Police Officer
  • Door #11 - Empty. Self pleasure time
  • Door #12 - Her other Son getting cuckolded by his Girlfriend
  • Fuck it - go home and make love to the Husband instead.
  • After being passed around for hours... After nobody bothering to learn her name... After multiple creampies from men her Son hated... After being used to the point where she could barely walk... And after everybody around town finding out what she with her Son's Bullies...

    She was finally able to afford those Christmas presents her Son wanted, plus many of the presents the rest of the family was expecting too!

    But, was it really worth it......?

    As a Virgin, I was nervous as hell!

    I sat in front of this hot older woman I had just met 15 minutes ago knowing she was going to fulfill my biggest fantasy! And there was no backing out now, she had already said yes

    I had just payed her a large sum of money to walk up to a Bully of mine, seduce him, and bring him back to her hotel room where she was going to fuck him in front of me and turn me into a cuckold for the man who had beaten me up countless times and humiliated me more than a dozen times. And she was going to do it for me!

    Wearing her sexy red dress - The very dress that had caught my attention earlier tonight - She walked up to my Bully, waiting for him to make eye contact, then whispered something in his ear before seductively walking away and giving me a wink as she headed out the door towards the hotel she was staying at.

    I would soon become a cuckold to my Bully!