Public Masturbation was her favorite activity

    Public Masturbation was her favorite thing to do! She loved how risky it was. She was exhilarated by the thrill of being so exposed in a public setting. She got off on the risk of getting caught and her orgasms were simply breathtaking when she knew somebody could catch her at any moment!

    But lately, she had been indulging in her public masturbation fantasies far too often. The thrill wasn’t there anymore. Knowing she could get caught at any moment was no longer the adrenaline rush it used to be. Her orgasm had begun dull, repetitive and unsatisfying instead of the quivering surge of electrifying and pulsing orgasms she had previously experienced. So she decided to amp up the risk factor once again!

    She decided that the only way to get her heart pounding as she slowly and teasingly worked her way towards a much needed orgasm was to try something riskier. To masturbate publicly near the house of somebody she knew! To pick somebody she knew then masturbate and slowly tease her wet cunt to the brink of an orgasm in their back yard as she waited until she was certain they were home to have a loud orgasm!

    Every day now...she’d sneak over to her Brother’s Bullies’ house and masturbate on the back patio. She would through on a bikini they lay out by the pool and touch herself until she was dripping wet. Then she’d pull her bikini bottoms off and toss them a few feet away so she could slip a hand between her legs and toy with her aching clit as she remained at the brink of an orgasm for as long as she could handle until her Brother’s Bully came home, cutting it closer and closer each and every time she had an orgasm!

    The risk of getting caught by such a man intensified her orgasms immensely. Her legs shook violently, her toes curled up, and her hips rose up into the air as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she bit her lip to avoid moaning so loud that the neighbors could hear!

    Each orgasm she had was more intense than the last!

    Despite masturbating in public multiple times a week, she didn’t want anyone to know she was out there. She didn’t want to be seen. She didn’t actually want to be caught. And she certainly didn’t want her Brother’s Bully to learn she had been fingering herself in his back yard for kicks. Hell, she didn’t even find her Brother’s all that attractive or arousing enough to fantasize about at all. She had simply chosen her Brother’s Bully because she believed getting caught by him of all people would be worst of all. That’s why the risk made those orgasms she was having out here so damn satisfying!

    She was simply an adrenaline junkie who had grown bored of public masturbation in a stale environment and the risk of getting caught by strangers, and was looking for an even bigger rush by masturbating in the back yard of the disgusting pig of a man who Bullied her Brother!

    Every time she came out here, she cut it closer to getting caught. She’d edge herself repeatedly after her Brother’s Bully finally came home only to finally allow herself the orgasm she craved only when her Brother’s Bully could be seen through a window!

    She never wanted to get caught. But she knew how risky it was to be out here masturbating like this and she knew she’d get caught by him eventually...

    All she wanted was an incredible orgasm!

    And she got a hell of a lot more then she bargained for when she wound up moaning a little bit too loudly as she got close to an orgasm and accidentally got herself caught by the man who Bullied her Brother!


    She didn’t understand why it turned her on so much, but she LOVED knowing that the girl who Bullied her was getting laid. She loved knowing that the pretty girl who Bullied her was getting fucked by all the hot guys around town!

    It made her tight virgin pussy soaking wet knowing that the guys who would never even give her a second look were fucking the pretty girl with big tits who was always Bullying her! And she was always sliding a hand down her wet panties and masturbating to Cuckquean porn on her lap top to help fulfill her embarrassing fantasies whenever she got too horny to resist!

    Lately, her hot and athletic Brother had been the lucky stud getting all the action from the girl who Bullied her. For whatever reason, her Bully was now clinging to him and desperate to slip away somewhere private and fuck him any chance she got. 

    It pissed her off in the beginning when her Brother started sneaking her Bully into the house. It pissed her off quite a bit until she realized what an amazing opportunity it was to experience some of the greatest orgasms of her life!

    After getting over her initial anger in the beginning, she didn’t mind hanging around the house whenever her Bully was at the house. She didn’t mind hiding in the privacy of her bedroom and secretly touching herself while the two of them were getting it on. Just the sound of her Brother’s bed squeaking as they fucked was enough to send chills down her spine as she fingered herself to one amazing orgasm after another - rubbing her pussy raw until her Bully left.

    When porn and fantasies and listening to her Brother’s creaking bed didn’t quite do it for her anymore, she made an impulsive purchase online and secretly hid a couple tiny spy cams around her Brother’s bedroom and began using her lap top to spy on the two of them while they fucked!

    It wasn’t long before she was squirting all over her bed sheets and rubbing her pussy raw while listening to her Brother get laid and watching him use her Bullies amazing body during sex. It made her orgasm so fucking hard whenever her Brother said her Bully had the best pussy in the world and she’d squirt everywhere as she listened to her Bullies moans while her Brother’s balls slapped against her clit.

    She knew it was risky at the time

    But placing those video cameras around her Brother’s room had given her everything she could have ever dreamed of, and more! She was having the best orgasms of her life. She was secretly fulfilling her deepest and darkest sexual fantasies, and she got to see what an amazing fuck her Bully was all while she got to secretly rub her virgin pussy raw to her own Brother.

    It seemed like such a good idea at the time until one night when she opened her eyes after her 4th intense orgasm of the night to find her Brother and her Bully both looking directly into the camera seeming quite angry with her!

    They came in the middle of the night.

    A flock of strange creatures over 10 feet tall surrounding her bed as they watched her slowing being taken up to their ship.

    The tall blue creatures from outer space had abducted her and performed some kind of experiment on her body with their technology before she eventually woke up the next morning safely in her own bed.

    Everything seemed completely normal to her. But after being abducted by aliens, there was indeed something very different about her!

    These giant blue aliens from another planet had apparently erased her memory to remove all traces of their existence, but she could still picture their blue expressionless faces if she closed her eyes and thought about it. It was painful to recall and she could only remember the aliens in small fragments that she had to piece together. It was like a glitch in her own mind!

    Despite what she had experienced, she completely believed the aliens had done nothing to her in the very beginning. Nothing that would have lasting effects outside of a few strange memories of the encounter.

    But something felt off all day long.

    After being abducted by the aliens, there was definitely something different about her. Something she couldn’t quite put her finger on But the tall blue men from outer space had CERTAINLY done something to her. Something to her mind and body that changed her. Something that would soon have a lasting effect on her life and would completely guide her behavior for years to come!


    It wasn’t until she lay on the floor with her legs spread while rubbing her pussy that she began to understand what the creatures had done to her. It wasn’t until she felt a burning desire - A relentless and uncontrollable urge - washing over her that she finally realized what the strange blue aliens had done to her. 

    In the blink of an eye, she found herself desperate to seduce her Bully and let him breed her over and over and over again despite the fact that he was a fat disgusting arrogant and selfie pig who had treated her badly all her life.

    But the more she resisted her new urges, the more the idea of being bred by him aroused her and the more desperate she became!

    The harder she fought it, the faster she’d find herself laying naked on her back with her legs spread for her bully and his big cock, begging him to breed and impregnate her, promising him that she’d become his breeding bitch while asking absolutely nothing in return. Nothing but his thick fertile seed splattering the insides of her womb again and again and again!

    After her Prom date got his blowjob and ditched her in the middle of the night on the side of the road, my Daughter was left standing there with dried cum on her face and no phone call call me to come pick her up. She was about to have to walk 10+ miles back to the house in heels when an old Bully of mine saw her on the side of the road and decided to come pick her up.

    As they drove in the direction of my house, my Bully was telling my Daughter old stories about me from back in high school and as soon as my Daughter heard the locker room story - She was immediately turned on!

    Maybe it was the alcohol she had earlier, maybe it was the blowjob she had given her Prom date, or maybe it was the huge bulge inside the pants of a man twice her age that got her so worked up. But whatever the reason might have been, she was so wet and horny that she made my Bully pull over on the side of the road, then unbuckled her seat belt and climbed in my Bullies lap whispering seductively in his ear as she begged him to tell her more.

    By the time my Bully was all finished, my Daughters face was flush. She was breathing heavily and she had a hand between her legs. Her wetness was soaking through her panties and trickling down her legs and thighs and my Daughter was very noticeably horny enough to pounce and mount my Bullies cock on her own if necessary!

    Instead, my Bully took the hint and began emasculating me even more as he brushed the straps of my Daughters Prom dress off her shoulders.

    Several minutes later, my Daughter was grinding against my Bullies bulge as she confessed she wanted to fuck him and begged my Bully to fuck her like he fucked my Girlfriend all those years ago after shoving me into the locker room!

    Hell, my sweet and innocent Daughter soon found herself promising to let my Bully cum inside her pussy as she told him she was turned on by the thought of him trying to knock her up too...

    She was practically in heat as she mounted my Bullies cock and slowly slid downwards, moaning like crazy as she felt is big fat shaft sliding deeper and deeper into her tight pussy one inch at a time, stretching her more than she had every been stretched by the time all 8.3 inches had entered her.

    For the next hour or two, my Daughter rode my Bullies cock as he treated her like a slut - calling her all sorts of degrading names while she switched between wrapping her arms around his neck and making eye contact with him, and reaching down to massage his balls so he’d drain a bigger load of cum into her womb when the time came for him to explode!

    Finally my Daughter took a huge creampie from my Bully and began kissing him on the lips like crazy, holding as much cum inside her loose sloppy hole as she could while she asked my Bully what he was going to tell me when her and I bumped into each other.

    Sometime after 3:00 AM, my Bully dropped my Daughter off on my doorstep, cum splattered all over her pretty face, her hair and make up completely ruined, drool dripping off her chin, as well as cum and alcohol stains between her cleavage and all over her ripped and town $2,000 dress! Cum was oozing out over her overflowing pussy and slowly dripping down her slender legs and thighs. My Daughters ass had numerous red hand prints all over it from my Bully spanking her and my Daughters breath smelled of a lethal mixture of cum, sweat, cock, and ass after my Daughter apparently sucked my Bullies cock in the driveway, smeared his sweaty balls all over her lips, then tongue fucked my Bullies asshole until her splattered her face with his final load of the night.

    And when I saw her standing there looking back at me with an expression on her face I had never seen before, the woman staring back at me was no longer the sweet, innocent, loving Daughter I had raised all my life!

    I was in shock. So shocked that I stood there completely frozen as she walked right up to me, smirked, then planted a big disgusting kiss directly on my lips then stumbled into the house looking to make her way upstairs towards the bedroom.

    As I went to close the door, I noticed my Bully speeding off into the night!

    (Continuation of THIS post earlier today...)

    My Sister moaned my Bullies name as she impaled herself on the dildo!

    She had thrown her clothes to the floor and began fucking herself harder and faster making me watch the dildo go deeper and deeper into her cunt as I sat there in the shower helplessly watching. There was nothing I could do!

    My balls ached after 2 weeks of no orgasms and nearly an hour of jerking off before my Bully showed up and ruined things and I quickly began blushing when I realized my Sister took notice of my unwanted erection and began taunting me about it.

    She began saying things like, “Awwww, you like imagining your big Sis riding your Bullies cock?” or “Hahahaha, I can’t believe this is turning you on! If only your Bully could see you now!” and finally, “With a cock that big, we both know your Bully gets all the girls. I’ll bet your Girlfriend has been fucking him too!”

    The humiliation had been mounting in me for quite a while as I sat there watching, but this damn erection simply wouldn’t go away. In fact - as furious as I was at my big Sister - I had begun oozing precum now as well!

    My Sister continued moaning like a slut, getting louder and louder, screaming his name as she banged the dildo and slammed her pussy against the shower door while I sat there watching helplessly.

    Then, something happened which shocked the two of us!

    My Bully - who we both thought to be long gone by now - came bursting through the bathroom door with a huge grin on his face and a huge boner in his pants. Apparently he had been standing there listening the entire time...

    Within minute he had stripped down and forced my big Sister to her hands and knees, making me watch as he pounded her pussy harder and faster than I would have expected with a cock even bigger than I could have ever imagined! (Not like I had ever tried though....right?)

    I had began screaming and flailing against my handcuffs, bruising my wrists a little as I attempted to get free. But the two of them ignored me completely as my Sister moaned my Bullies name louder than before and begged him for it harder while she rubbed her clit.

    Despite all this, my cock never got soft. Instead, I seemed to be getting harder!

    As her orgasm approached, my Sister even began begging my Bully to make fun of me while her fucked her on the dirty bathroom floor!

    A slew of obscenities followed as my Bully called me every name in the book, making fun of me worse than he had ever done before while each horrible thing he said about me made my Sister moan a little bit louder!

    Then something REALLY embarrassing happened. As I watched my big Sister cum on my Bullies cock and heard her begging him to humiliate me more as he came inside her, I suddenly felt my cock twitch uncontrollably and begin oozing cum!


    The two of them had quit fucking. My Bully had already finished inside her pussy and left her lying on the floor leaking his seed as he left the house. My Sister on the other hand had finally quit laughing at my ultra embarrassing accidental orgasm without touching myself simply from watching them fuck...

    And finally, she told me that she would grab the keys and set me free!
    But...only if I agreed to lick her pussy clean!

    I wanted to scream at her. I wanted to refuse. But I could tell by the look on my Sisters face that she wasn’t joking. I could tell she was completely serious and unless I wanted to wait several hours for Mom & Dad to come home and uncuff me while demanding an explanation, I was going to have to agree to lick my Bullies disgusting spunk out of my own slutty Sisters pussy.

    So I agreed. I didn’t want to do it. But I agreed. How much worse could it get anyway? It’s not as if things could get any more embarrassing for me at this point anyways...Right? So I told my Sister I’d do it! I lick her pussy clean.


    Several minutes later, I was just finishing up when I happened to notice from the corner of my eye a couple of girls in the doorway. Two of our little Sisters best friends. Two super cute 18-19 year old girls who were known for being unable to hold a secret and known as the biggest gossipers around down. Two girls who had most likely bumped into my Bully as he was leaving and two girls who I was certain realized what I was now doing...And one of which who also happened to be my Girlfriends little Sister!

    The girls just looked at me with my cum covered face and laughed.

    The two girls giggled and laughed in my face as they watched me finish licking my big Sisters pussy clean and began to whisper among themselves. If I had thought the embarrassment and humiliation before was bad, this was absolutely 500x worse! 

    And I couldn’t help but wonder, what were they going to do now?

    The Beautiful Apparition 

    It was Halloween night, and shaping up to be the worst night of my life!

    My Bully had already claimed he had stolen my Girlfriend away from me and fucked  her so good that she begged for more from him earlier tonight and I had also seen my Bully emerging from an empty bedroom with my Sister in his arms a couple hours ago too, as well as watching him kiss my Mother on the lips in front of hundreds of people at the party before watching him and my Mother heading upstairs towards an empty bedroom just a few minutes ago!

    One by one my Bully was turning the women I loved against me and if things continued going in this direction, there was no telling who he’d seduce next!

    Life really couldn’t have been any worse at the moment…

    However, things made a bit of a change tonight when time around me seemed to come to a sudden halt. The energetic people chatting, drinking, and dancing all around me had suddenly frozen in spot and the room echoing with the noise of hundreds of people was suddenly dead silent. Not a sound at all!

    A few seconds later, a bright green light nearly blinded me and a sexy, beautiful, and naked… but most certainly dead apparition of a girl appeared before, me no more than a few feet away, becoming me to follow her.

    I was frightened at first, but I also couldn’t help feeling I knew her somehow, somewhere! But from where I couldn’t have told you...

    And considering the fact that this Halloween couldn’t possibly get much worse than it already was thanks to my Bully, I figured why not. Even if this sexy ghost wasn’t here to make things better, I simply didn’t care any longer.  I was going to follow this strange ghost wherever she wanted to take me!

    Besides, I still wasn’t 100% sure this was even real considering how much I had already had to drink tonight due to my Bullies actions…

    So I decided I would follow the seductive ghostly figure and I soon found myself floating on air with a huge erection in my pants as the strange ghostly woman lead me out the door away from the party, down a creepy little path in the woods, and further down the strangely familiar path for miles.

    And I continued to follow the ghost curiously as I knew my Bully was back at the party fucking my Mother in one of the small bedrooms upstairs!

    The sexy apparition of the girl never once spoke to me. She simply paused every couple of miles and beckoned me to continue following  while she continued to lead me into the darkness and further away from the world what what felt like hours until…

    Where did this ghost lead me and what do you think she is here for? Is she here to help sooth me on this horrible Halloween night? Or is she here to help my Bully continue torturing me while he’s out fucking my Mother? it even real?

    Everybody Knew it

    My Bully was out fucking my Girlfriend and everyone knew it!

    They all saw the two of them together but simply ignored it as they walked by. Even my Bullies Mother didn’t seem to be bothered by what my Bully was doing with my Girlfriend, despite the fact that she knew the girl my Bully was with just happened to be my Girlfriend & he was openly flirting with my.Girlfriend in front of his own Mother. Yet even my Bullies Mother ignored it.

    Hell, my Bullies Mother didn’t even seem to mind when my Bully openly stole my Girlfriend away from my arms tonight and brought he back to his house to fuck on his own Mothers bed for a night of intense Halloween sex!

    However…as I was sulking in the corner of a small bar drinking myself to death over the whole ordeal, my Bullies Mother tapped me on the shoulder during a surprise visit and whispered in my ear seductively, “Follow me into the woods behind this bar, I’ll help cheer you up!” With a little wink while she rubbed my cock slowly through my jeans and disappeared out the door…leaving me and a few others around me in complete shock by her offer!

    I was shocked when my Bullies Mother had practically offered me sex to help cheer me up, but something still seemed a little bit off. It was a dark and stormy Halloween night and something about my Bullies Mother confronting me this way didn’t quite seem right. Besides, there were always the strange and creepy rumors people whispered about my Bullies Mother around this time of the year to consider as well!

    Either way I got up and paid the bill, and slowly made my way into the terrifying woods in the middle of the night where I was greeted by my Bullies Mother standing there in the dark woods...completely naked! 

    Something WAS different about my Bullies Mother now that she had lured me all the way out to this secluded area of the woods. She was acting very different than usual and now that she was naked, she looked different too, hell even her hair was now a different color.

    But it was her for sure! I knew it was her!

    My Bullies Mother didn’t say anything though, she simply stood there naked for a couple more seconds studying my erection, and opened her mouth widely to reveal hundreds of razor sharp fangs…and attacked me! 

    My Bullies Mother attacked me with a fierce lunging attack of a predator!

    Next thing I knew, I was lying in the dirt growing with pain while holding my neck between my hands as blood spurted out everywhere, watching my Bullies Mother straddle my chest and hover over my dying body with her firm breasts in my face and drink my blood while I spiraled into a darkness I’ll never forget.

    My body convulsed and I couldn’t move a limb, and yet I still felt completely alive as I finally began to slowly drift off into a deep sleep while glancing at my Bullies Mother one last time who was now drenched head to toe with my blood.

    When I woke a few hours later, I felt different. I felt no pain.I felt no fear. I felt powerful. I felt alive. I felt like a fucking blood sucking vampire!

    As I was in the woods exploring my ability to turn at will and examining my full mouth of frightening fangs, my Bullies Mother looked at me with a smile and said “Now go get your revenge big boy” and winked at me as she walked away leaving me all alone in the woods with my thirst for blood rapidly growing by the second! 

    I knew what I had to do, and I quickly began in my Bullies direction!

    As soon as I was done getting my revenge, I was coming straight back to my Bullies Mother for what I had been expecting all along - Sex! And I was going to fuck her all night long with our fangs out and all!

    This is what my Bullies Mother wanted from me, right?

    The Shower Incident, aka Who’s The Bitch Now?

    I had such a sweet and loving Girlfriend and I never quite understood how I managed to score such a Girlfriend well out of my own league. But none of that mattered because she and I loved each other and had an amazing sex life together!

    At least, that’s what I had thought before the little incident in the showers that I am now dubbing, The Shower Incident...

    “So, you don’t think that asshole who Bullies you would be interested in a body like this?” My Girlfriend screamed back at me in pure anger.

    She sounded so fucking confident that my Bully was interested and although I couldn’t ague with how amazing she looked, I figured there was absolutely no way in hell my Bully would be interested since I knew he still loved his smoking hot Girlfriend of 6 months!

    “So, you don’t think that asshole who Bullies you would be interested in a body like this?” My Girlfriend repeated once again. “You’re going to regret ever saying that because I’m going to walk into those showers right now and prove you wrong!” My Girlfriend continued.

    She paused momentarily and added, “And you’re going to sit here and watch as your Bully decides he’s going to fuck me within seconds! And I’m going to fucking love it! Every second of it! And that’s just too damn bad for you!”


    That’s how it all started, with an argument between my Girlfriend and I about whether or not my Bully would have sex with her if he had saw her naked. 

    And looking back on the whole situation, I don’t know why I was so certain her wouldn’t since I had always considered my Girlfriend the hottest girl in school.

    I can’t even remember how it all began any more…All I could remember was how after it all started... those horrible consequences that followed would be forever engraved in my brain as something unforgettable. Those events that followed which turned my life upside down because my Girlfriend really had gotten one thing right, I certainly would come to regret ever saying anything to my Girlfriend about that night at the basketball players party…

    My girlfriend was pissed by my words and she wanted revenge

    So my Girlfriend slipped into the locker rooms after the big game and snuck into the showers with the stars of the basketball team two men, who also happened to be my two biggest bullies. 

    There was only supposed to be one of them in there, but my Girlfriend didn’t seem to care, she winked at me one last time anyway and snuck into the showers completely naked, tiptoeing up between the two studs and waited for the men to notice her before purposely dropping the soap in front of them with a sly grin spread across her entire face.

    “Oops” my Girlfriend said to them in a fake mocking voice that instantly gave away the fact that she had dropped the soap on purpose. “I hope both of you don’t mind if I get down on my hands and knees to pick that up…” I heard my Girlfriend say as I watched her drop to the floor completely out of my sight, blocked by the bodies of the two huge basketball players standing in front of her.

    Although my view was blocked, the reactions of my two Bullies and the high-five that followed proved to me that I had been 100% wrong in my assessment that had been given earlier during our argument.

    I thought my Girlfriend would call it quits by now. After all, she had proven her point already and I was indeed beginning to regret ever saying anything to her about that party and whatever conversation that followed to lead up to our argument no more than a couple of minutes ago.

     I was 100% sure that I’d see my Girlfriends head pop up any second now and see her walk over to me with a huge grin on her face waiting to say, “I told you so!” in a mocking voice…But that never happened!

    Instead I waited silently for what seemed like an eternity until I gasped at the sound of my Girlfriends voice while I listened to her say, “Yeah. You like it when I cheat on my wimpy Boyfriend by sucking both of your big thick cocks? He’s still hiding just around the corner watching you know…” My Girlfriend paused as I heard her gag on one of their cocks for a couple of seconds before adding, “Probably sitting over there with a boner right about now too” with a little laugh, which prompted the basketball players to laugh a little too.

    I looked down in humiliation as I realized she was right, indeed I did. My cock was rock hard, throbbing, and even oozing precum and I hadn’t even noticed it until my Girlfriend mentioned it. 

    Now I sat there watching, red-faced with defeat. What more could I do besides watch in pure shock as my Girlfriend went a little bit further and climbed on my Bullies cock and let him pound her pussy while gagging on the others cock!

    It wasn’t long before I watched them practically tear her holes open while my Girlfriend moaned like a slut for them, begging for it harder, asking them for more,...and even taunting me about their massive cock sizes and completely belittling me like a true bitch all on her own while as she gave herself over to them completely. But I still couldn’t leave or stop watching!

    I couldn’t move away as I watched one of my Bullies cum all over my Girlfriends pretty ass while the other came all over her face and tongue.

    And as my Girlfriend began walking towards me with a smile, my Bullies cum still dripping off her lips and ass, I knew I was in trouble!

    My Girlfriend walked right up to me and gave me a real nasty sloppy kiss when she kissed me directly on the lips as she began stroking my rock hard cock and whispered in my ear, “Who’s the bitch now?”…the very line those two assholes always used on me after they had given me a black eye or stolen something of mine! Hell, it was something I heard on a daily basis from those two...and now, my Girlfriend was even saying it to me!

    Several weeks later, things had spiraled out of control! After what happened, my Girlfriend was in total control of our entire relationship now and things were not even close to being the same. I was her bitch now

    Our perfect little relationship evaporated quickly and I found myself becoming her wimpy little pussy whipped bitch rather than her partner in the relationship. However, I loved my Girlfriend far too much to do anything about it that may risk losing her!

    I no longer had a say in anything at all and was forbidden to complain about anything she did. My Girlfriend had begun cheating on me on a regular basis and usually chose to do so with a man or men that I absolutely despised, because she now knew I’d still love her for it.

    Over the next couple of weeks, my Girlfriend had quit letting me fuck her and even begun denying me orgasms when she allowed me to jerk off in bed with her. In fact, not long after that she introduced a small uncomfortable chastity belt into our rapidly melting relationship. And I reluctantly agreed to put it on.

    My life had been reduced to that of remaining locked in chastity as I waited in my bed home alone while she cheated on me with someone I hated while the biggest thing I looked forward to was for the return of my Girlfriend so she could hover her loose used cunt above my lips, tell me to open wide, and say, “Who’s the bitch now?” as she let my Bullies cum slowly drip out of her pussy and into my mouth and forced me to swallow every drop if I wanted her permission to be unlocked and given 10 seconds of stroking before the chastity belt went back on!

    So…who’s the bitch now?

    On My Own Fucking Birthday!

    It was My Birthday, but my Girlfriend thought it’d be much hotter if I bought her presents tonight instead, as well as paying for her to get into the expensive nightclub I wasn’t a fan of so I would find myself in the very situation I was in right now in this very moment...watching my horny girlfriend from the other side of the building through a small peephole and witnessing her get fingered to an orgasm by one of my Bullies right there on the dance floor where anyone could see! ON MY OWN FUCKING BIRTHDAY!

    It was absolutely not what I had in mind for a good time when celebrating my Birthday with my Girlfriend but she was totally right though. It actually was hot as hell to witness and instead of getting mad at her and becoming pissed off that she’d let my Bully do that on the dance floor, especially on my Birthday...I actually found myself so aroused that I begged her for more tonight.

    I actually begged her to forget about the special night in bed that we had planned and begged her to fuck my Bully in the dirty public bathroom stall so she’d know how great my Bullies huge cock was (And it was HUGE! I knew so from changing in the school locker rooms...), promising to buy them condoms so they could fuck and sever them alcohol and food later tonight at the house while my Girlfriend and my Bully opened my Birthday presents together, ate my cake, flirted on my couch, and eventually fucked in my own bed...ON MY OWN FUCKING BIRTHDAY!

    My Girlfriend almost acted as if she expected this from me, and eagerly agreed to what I was begging her to do under the condition that I skip the condoms and let him cum inside her pussy without protection tonight and soon I was down on my hands and knees in a dirty bathroom stall watching my loving Girlfriend cheat on me with my Bully in a dirty public bathroom.

    I was both excited for, and dreading the time when my Girlfriend let my Bully cum inside of her later tonight knowing there was a high risk of pregnancy around this time and if I wasn’t careful, my Bully might end up knocking my Girlfriend up...ON MY OWN FUCKING BIRTHDAY!

    But that was a long time from now and anything could happen! between now and then. If I ever lasted that long without backing out or having something else happen...Who’s to say they’d stop after one night of sex?

    Caught Watching!

    I stood there and angerly watched from a distance as my precious Daughter rode my Bullies  big black cock easily. I watched from around the corner as she bounced up and down on his thick shaft with ease, like she had done this sort of thing before!

    It was shocking to see the girl I always believed to be an innocent angel moaning my Bullies name, fucking a man twice her age, and using language far fouler than anything I had ever heard from her before. 

    But I couldn’t turn away. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her petite body and as much as I hated the sight before me...I couldn’t even close my eyes and stop staring. I simply couldn’t bring myself to stop watching!

    When my Daughter noticed my head peeking around the corner and caught me spying on the two of them, she didn’t act mad. She didn’t even attempt to cover herself up or stop fucking my Bully! Her reaction was the complete opposite of what I had been expecting when my Daughter saw me looking.

    Instead, my Daughter grinned back at me and listened to my Bully whisper something in her ear. “What’s that? My Daughter said to him, beckoning my Bully to say it louder. “Your Father is a wimpy bitch” My Bully said proudly.

    That’s when my Daughter looked me straight in the eye and moaned out as loudly as she could, “You’re such a fucking asshole! But I don’t care if my stupid Father hates you or not. Fuck me hard. Fuck me faster. Fuck my fucking pussy raw and split me in half. Make me your whore and cum deep inside my pussy.......Daddy!”

    I couldn’t fucking believe my little Girl just called my Bully Daddy...But it still got worse from here! Much much much worse!

    My Daughter continued impaling herself on my Bullies throbbing cock and after a short giggle to herself over what she was saying to my Bully and knowing wink in my direction, my Daughter took things one step further.

    She pinched her nipples and gave them a little twist while she added, “Give me your fucking seed and knock me up. Turn me into your fucking black bred slut and put a baby into my cunt! My Father will take care of it, I promise!” All while bouncing on my Bullies cock harder than ever before!

    And with that, I watched my Bully oblige and cum deep inside my Daughters pussy just before I turned and ran out of the room to the sound of my Daughters moans and my Bullies laughter.

    It was the worst thing I had ever witnessed in my life yet a few hours later when I lay in bed next to my Wife letting her stroke my cock, it was all I could think about. And my Wife couldn’t stop commenting about how much harder I was than usual too.

    The one thing running through my mind at this very moment, was...was my Daughter really going to let herself be bred by my Bully? Would she? Could she really be cruel enough to do something so horrible to me?

    Surprise - Kinky Night Gone Wrong!

    A surprise visit late one night completely ruins my kinky night of fun with my Wife in ways I never saw coming...!

    I was supposed to be nothing but a kinky little game for the two of us, a little bit of fun with tease & denial for a single night where my Wife teased me in the chastity belt for a couple hours before my loving Wife finally unlocked the chastity belt and I fucked her to multiple orgasms with a newly found raw passion. Something she an I did occasionally to spice things up a bit.

    But after a surprise visit to our  house from an old Bully of mine who now lived out of state, that little bit of fun my Wife and I were having quickly turned into a hellish nightmare! It was humiliating enough to  crouch in the corner of the room while I was being Bullied in front of my own Wife, but knowing I was still locked in that damn chastity belt and afraid my Bully might notice on top of all that was enough to leave me completely red faced with humiliation! 

    The worst part about it all was, on his way out, my Bully accidentally swiped the key to my chastity belt without thinking!

    Obviously he had tossed his car keys onto of the chastity bey when he barged into our house and picked them up thinking they were his, leaving my house with the very key to my new chastity belt, and my freedom too!

    Based on the look of pure shock on my Wife’s face, II half expected my Wife to go after him. And I was ready to chase him down, and do whatever I had to in order to retrieve the keys too. But neither of those things happened! Instead of letting me to rushing after my Bully, my Wife looked at me with a shitty grin and took a page out of my Bullies playbook when she suddenly pushed me down onto the bed on my back like it was something had she always done with me and mounted my face with my arms locked under her knees before I had a chance to resist or question her. 

    As my Wife took control and rode my tongue like it was a cock, she whispered to me seductively, telling me I wasn’t allowed to get up and chase down my Bully until AFTER I had made her cum on my tongue one more time!

    I watched my Bully dive down the street and slowly disappear out of sight while I gave my wife a loud screaming orgasm with nothing but my tongue. After each orgasm my Wife grinned and said, one more time, until I had given my Wife a dozen orgasms or so before my tongue was too worn out to continue!

    That would be hours from now and my Wife had successfully given my Bully a very LONG head start over me.

    He would be long gone by then and I didn’t even remember his phone number or what state he lived in anymore. I had absolutely no information to go on at all! Absolutely NOTHING! I was most likely screwed...

    I watched my Bullies car make its way to the end of the street when my Wife was sitting on my face earlier. But from there he could have gone anywhere, in any direction..for any amount of time! I really had no idea!

    So how would I ever manage to get the keys to my chastity belt back from my Bully now thanks to my loving wife and her sudden & surprising burst of dominance for the first time in her entire life…?

    The Bet

    A drunken night leads to a bet involving a bunch of sperm...A bet I am about to either win, or lose..!

    My Girlfriend and I made a very terrible bet with each other one night after getting drunk and ending up fighting with each other on the way home from a bar. I never thought she’d actually do it….

    My Girlfriend had always claimed to be a huge cumslut and always teased me about how much she wanted to have a gangbang so she could taste the cum of dozens of guys on  a single night. But I always thought she was just messing around.

    Tonight however she and I was both a little bit drunk and had gotten into a small fight over something stupid, which blew up into something much bigger. Next thing I knew, she and I had just made a bet…one I never actually expected her to go through with.

    The bet was simple - If she could set up a gangbang  with my Bullies and drink a glass full of all their cum after they all cum inside of it for her….so would I.

    I never expected her to go through with it, and eventually passed out on the couch about 30 minutes later but I was woken up to some loud voices in the other room a few hours later and drunkenly stumbled into the room to find my Girlfriend, my sweet and Innocent Girlfriend, on her knees surrounded by a dozen or so men who used to Bully me….I was shocked!

    As I felt steam about to begin blasting out of my ears, my Girlfriend smiled sweetly  in my direction and said to me, “Remember our bet? Well…you’re about to lose!!!”

    I was too angry to speak and too shocked to move. I simply stood there as I watched my Bullies cum into a large glass one by one for my Girlfriend until she finally brought the glass to her lips, and drank it all down as if she had been doing this behind my back for years!

    “Your Turn!” She said with a grin, holding out the glass for me  while I contemplated telling her know…but knowing my Bullies wouldn’t let me back out quite so easily…

    I wanted to call it all off. I wanted to tell my Girlfriend I was never actually serious about any of this. And I wanted to tell the group of Bullies standing by my Girlfriends side with their big black cocks danging in her face to fuck off.

    But I knew I couldn’t do that...

    When I woke up the next day, I couldn’t even remember why I had made the bet agreed to those insane terms my Girlfriend had set, or how the whole thing had come up in the first place.  Hell I don’t really remember anything from the minute our night began until the second my humiliated ended!

    All I could remember was the humiliation I felt when I knelt on the floor covered in cum from a dozen of my bullies as they all pointed & laughed at me and the small bulge I had hiding in my pants! The last thing I remember passing out in my bed was my Girlfriend grabbing my balls between her fist like she owned them now while she whispered, “I’ll bet you wouldn’t do that again...” in my ear!

    Why did I make such a bad decision & agree to the bet in the first place?