She couldn’t even recall how she ended up in this crazy situation in the first place. One minute she was at the bar having a single glass of alcohol while glaring at her Bully from across the room. And the next? She was in a bedroom she had never seen before...mounting her Ex’s face as he licked her own cum out of her sloppy pussy while her Bully bounced on his cock moaning like a slut!

    All three of them had lost track of their orgasms some time ago and nobody could seem to remember what lead to them being in this crazy situation...

    But FUCK, she was cumming harder than she had ever cum before while riding her Ex Boyfriends face! And something told her this was only the beginning!

    Fine. If he wants a slut for a Girlfriend…

    Then I’ll show him just how much of a slut I can be!

    She had gotten into a fight with her Boyfriend earlier in the day over something she had done at the club the night before which escalated quickly and eventually ended with her Boyfriend angerly calling her a slut.

    Several hours later...

    She was laying on her back with her legs spread, cum dripping out of every hole with cum all over her body. She had just gotten gangbanged by every man she remembered her Boyfriend ever telling her he thought was a Bully or disliked and she was feeling great. She had taken multiple loads from every Bully with at least one load from each of them inside her pussy!

    Now, she was going to make her Boyfriend lick her pussy!

    Mother’s Day was the one day a year that I gave in and let my Mother fuck my Bully because I knew how badly she wanted it, especially considering how lonely she was after my Bully caused the big divorce several years ago.

    My Mother hated him for it, but nothing got her off more than letting that Bully fuck her pussy roughly, so once a year she gave in to her urges and desires and let him pound her as rough as he wanted!

    This Mother’s Day, my Mother felt really bad about what she had done and about 9:00 PM, my Mother stumbled into the house still mildly drunk with her hair messy and her holes still sloppy with large deposits of cum. My Mother hadn’t bothered to clean up after fucking my Bully and because she felt so bad about what she had done tonight, my Mother stumbled into my bedroom rather than the shower and proceeded to wake me up with a blowjob!

    My Mother slid her warm tongue up and down my shaft, blowing on the head when she reached the tip and flicking my balls with her tongue when she reached the bottom.

    When I finally woke, my cock was rock hard and already oozing precum. The very first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was my Mothers pretty face between my legs while she expertly worked my cock with her lips and tongue. I was too horny to care so I let my Mother continue and she sucked my cock for several more minutes until I felt an orgasm approaching.

    My Mother stopped and crawled to the other side of the bed where she got on her hands and knees and stuck out her ass in my direction. She looked at me and somewhat drunkenly said, “Fuck my sloppy holes Son. Give Mommy your cock!” and she waited silently for me to come fuck her while I could still see my Bullies thick cum  bubbling out of her full pussy and trickling down her thighs.

    It wasn’t long before I spent the next 3 hours letting my Mother ride my cock on Mother’s Day while using my Bullies hot sticky cum as lube. Before long I was ready to cum and just before I did so, I coulda sworn I heard my Mother moan out my Bullies name under her breath, but it didn’t matter, I began to fill my Mother’s pussy with another load of cum this Mother’s Day!

    My Mother’s Christmas Gift

    A short Mother-Son Christmas story involving my Mother’s explanation of her unique Christmas Gift this year...

    My Mother’s Christmas gift on the morning of Christmas is both embarrassing and humiliating and yet it made my Girlfriend the happiest she had been since we got together. My Mother’s Christmas Gift was something very very very unexpected for sure…

    It was Christmas morning and only a few minutes before my family and Girlfriend of 4 years got together for a big family dinner. But my Mother and I were not working to get everything ready for the party

    My Mother was eager to show me one of the Christmas presents beforehand so she had me sit and close my eyes, and wait while she brought it out to me.

    Several minutes later, my Mother came in the room asking me to open my eyes and there stood my Bully, naked except for his underwear and a large bow around his chest. “Surprise!” She called out as I stared at my Bully in complete shock, too confused to speak.

    The bulge of my Bullies huge cock stuck out with ease and I could nearly make out the exact size of his cock from the outline I saw. And... before I could even begin to question what the hell my Mother was thinking when she decided to surprise me like this, she gave me an answer.

    This isn’t for you Son. It’s for you’re Girlfriend” My Mother said to me, “I am giving your Bully over to your Girlfriend for the next 12 hours and giving her the gift of 25 orgasms for Christmas from a real man with a big cock! that can actually satisfy her” My Mother said to me with a small smile.

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from my Mothers mouth. But before I could protest, my Mother continued her explanation.

    “I overheard a conversation you had with your Girlfriend a few days ago and I know she’s frustrated with the size of your cock. She’s been complaining that you’re not good enough in bed to make her cum, even when she’s been using a vibrator on her clit…and so I’m giving your Girlfriend permission to cheat on you today” My Mother said, “so she can experience sex the way it was meant to be! Your Girlfriend needs to know what it feels like to be fucked by a real man with a big cock rather than someone who barely qualifies as being below average!” My Mother said to me like it was no big deal.

    I sat there feeling humiliated and very embarrassed. I couldn’t believe my Mother was speaking to me like this, even if everything she said was true! My cheeks were as red as the stockings on the tree and my jaw hung wide open with shock, and still my Mother continued to speak!

    My Mother sat down next to me and hugged me tight as she continued her humiliating talk, “After dinner, your Bully and I are going to show you how its done and you’re going to be a good boy for mommy and sit still while he teachers you how to fuck!” My Mother said to me.

    “I understand that this may be somewhat embarrassing for you so I took the liberty of letting the rest of the family know what’s going on after dinner so there is no need for you to get embarrassed. In fact, many of them said they would be glad to stick around and give you a few pointers while you watch!” She said.

    I couldn’t believe the things my Mother was saying to me. It was so humiliating, so mean, so cruel…and yet so spoke to me in such a sweet tone of voice that I couldn’t help but listen to what she had to say and wonder if it was the truth. The more she spoke, the more my Mother talked me into believing that she was saying was true. And there was still more for her to say!

    “Oh, and one last thing Son…” My Mother said to me. “I know your cock is small and its understandable that you cum pretty quickly considering the fact that your girlfriend is well out of your league. So when your Bully is finished satisfying your Girlfriend and has dumped a couple of big loads of cum inside of her, I am going to do you a BIG favor and teach you how to use your tongue!” my Mother said.

    “Mommy will show you how to properly eat a girls pussy. You best get used to it and learn quickly Son. Because I’ve got a feeling you’re going to be spending far more time between her legs than having sex with her after this!” My Mother said to me while holding my chin up sweetly and giving me a small kiss on the cheek.

    “I love you son, and that’s why I had to do this for you. It’s for your own good.” My Mother finished just before the doorbell rang and the first of many family members began to arrive for the party.

    As the dishes where swept all the dinner table after everybody had finished, my heart was pounding. I knew exactly what was about to happen now and my mind was going crazy. Butterflies in my stomach, flushed cheeks. sweaty palms, and more. Hell, even my cock had grown semi erect at the thought of what was about to happen. 

    I knew my Bully was about to fuck my Girlfriend and to make matters worse, it was about to happy right before my eyes. Under my Mother’s close supervision. And even in front of a few other relatives who were eager to watch the little show those two were about to put on too!

    There was nothing I could do to stop it but what could I do? Just sit back and watch? Or was there something else I could do?