The sluttiest cheerleader in school would never fuck a guy like me, but she didn't mind ignoring our important group project to cuckold me with a bully of mine instead. And I was so shocked she would even allow a guy like me to touch myself in front of her and watch, that I shamefully told her I’d love to!

    We all snuck into one of the empty classrooms and then they fucked while I watched and sniffed her dirty panties while jerking my little virgin cock until I came just 48 seconds after they began!

    It happened many years ago back in High School.

    I had been dating a cute cheerleader for a couple of weeks named Jennifer and she always visited me in the locker rooms after Gym class or cheer practice. She simply LOVED to talk and although we had been dating for weeks, she still hadn’t put out. No sex, not a single blowjob, not even a damn handjob or a little bit of dry humping. The closest I had gotten to anything out of this girl was a quick peck of the lips on the cheek when nobody was looking!

    She claimed to be saving herself and told me that she’d let it happen when the time was right but for now, she just wanted to talk and nothing else, but she also had no reservations flirting with the jocks in our class and especially gave the majority of her attention towards some of my Bullies - Especially one who was bigger and stronger than the rest who had a tendency to punch me in the face and shove me in the lockers after class because he thought it was funny.


    Jennifer and I still hadn’t shared a single kiss since we began dating but today, she and I stood there in the locker room all alone slowly inching closer to each other after having a long talk. The time was simply right, and we were FINALLY going to kiss for the very first time when my Bully bashed open the locker room door and came barging into the room looking for me. 

    Apparently, he had been having a very bad day and was just searching for a nerdy wimp to beat up to take out his anger and unfortunately, I had just become his unwilling target.

    Just before Jennifer and I kissed, my Bully grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to my feet just seconds before we locked lips. My Bully dragged me across the room and finally slammed me against the locker as he cornered me there to prevent me from escaping.

    I stood there pressed up against the locker as my Bully turned his head and grinned over at Jennifer as he  made a fist, brought his hand back, bashed his fist against my face with force, pummeling me in the face a couple more times.


    I hear her gasp in shock as I sank to my knees and my Bully stood over me in total control, getting off on the power of knowing I was helpless on the floor. Then, he began shoving me into the locker with his hand, threatening more punches if I didn’t comply and Jennifer simply sat there letting it happen to me!

    Although I didn’t quite fit, my Bully was so much bigger and stronger than me that he manage to push me into the locker with ease, punching me in the gut one final time as I held my hands up in an attempt to protect my face as I sank into the tiny locker not fit anything more than a small bag of clothes!


    After my Bully had locked me inside, I heard my Girlfriend immediately begin flirting with my Bully - talking about his huge muscles and sexy ripped body. I felt her push him up against the locker I was trapped in as she got flirtier with him asking to feel his muscles.

    And in less than 30 seconds, I could hear the two of them making out!

    It was pure torture listening to the two of them kiss, hearing my Bully talk about how wet my Girlfriend was as he apparently slid a hand between her legs, pulled her panties aside, and cupped her pussy. But there was absolutely nothing I could do about it as my body cramped up in the tight space of the tiny locker and I crouched in the dark unwantedly listening as Jennifer apparently stripped for him down the her panties then begged my Bully to fuck her roughly!


    I don’t remember much regarding what happened next. My Girlfriend Jennifer  must have laid down at some point, allowing my Bully to drag his fingertip along her bare skin seductively as she whimper and moaned his name, begging and begging and begging him for more!


    But he didn’t give it to her! My Bully continued teasing Jennifer for quite some time as I crouched inside the tiny locker listening to them both.

    I apparently began blacking out around this time but the very last thing I remember hearing my Girlfriend say was,“Fuck me. Fuck me like the slut I am. Stretch my cunt and smack my ass. Forget about that loser in the locker and pound me until you cum inside me. Knock me up! Give me your seed. Plant a baby inside my womb and make me yours forever!”

    For whatever reason, I couldn’t help picturing my sweet cheerleader girlfriend laying spread eagle on one of the benches, her arms and legs tied tightly and a gag shoved in her mouth to keep her quiet as my Bully roughly jammed his huge cock into her pussy and proceeded to impregnate her.


    That was my very last thought before I blacked out and when I finally came too after an unknown amount of time, I noticed from the tiny crack in the locker I had been stuffed in that I could just barely make out my Girlfriend was all alone now and began walking wards the hot and steamy shower with my Bullies cum still dripping down her thighs!


    When she was all finished, she dried off with a towel, changed, then left me stuffed in the locker for another couple of hours until the principal had apparently contacted my parents and they finally showed up to rescue me.

    When they finally got me out of the tiny locker and began to take me home, I was in tears. My Bully had beat me up pretty fucking good and my Girlfriend had completely betrayed me. 

    Afterwards, my Bully and my Girlfriend Jennifer ran off together and got married. They  had a baby, lived happily ever after, and I never heard from her again!

    This was one of the worst memories I had ever had in high school and it was something I hadn’t thought about in years. Many many years! In fact, I had almost entirely managed to forget it ever happened until one night many years later after my Daughter had gone to Prom...


    Two hours after the football game the innocent teenage cheerleader was on her knees in the locker room taking black cock in her mouth, pussy and tight little ass and experiencing her first orgasms,


    The next game she was grinning on the sidelines with his cum dripping down her thighs as her cuckold Boyfriend took the field....nervously hoping nobody noticed he was now wearing a small chastity belt around his cock.