Fucked By A Leprechaun
    A special St. Patrick's Day story for everybody...Somewhat Inspired By The Lephrechaun Horror Movies.

    Every year it got worse. my Mother and I struggled more and more to make ends meet and every St. Patrick’s Day that went by was just another reminder of how my Mother had made a huge mistake several years ago when she allowed herself to become seduced by an old Bully of mine, and ruined her marriage when she fucked him.

    It was a painful memory for us all but this year, my Mother was determined to put that all behind us when she discovered a way to grab a stash of cash and move us away from here!

    A few days ago, my Mother heard some gossip about a large sum of cash possibly burred in the middle of a large field that a friend of a friend of hers supposedly found at the end of a rainbow. A pot of gold if you will...

    She was skeptical at first of course but desperate to try anything...my Mother decided to give it a chance when she came across a beautiful rainbow on St. Patrick’s Day and left me behind to go on a small journey to find that gold.

    When my Mother began her journey, she had no idea what to expect. She didn’t even fully believe she’d find anything at the end of the day but she would have never guessed in a million years that she would run into a real live leprechaun at the end of her long treacherous journey! 

    As my Mother entered the big empty field and made it to the end of the rainbow she was shocked to not only see a pot of gold waiting for her on the other end, by that old Bully of mine she fucked several years ago too!

    As she walked closer to my Bully, she was shocked to notice something was different about him. Sure he was still that good looking athletic prick who had managed to seduce her with his big 8 inch cock several years back...but my Mother could certainly tell something was different. He was shorter than she remembered and his skin...much greener than usual!

    “What the fuck are you doing here?” My Mother asked, thoroughly confused. “And...and why do you look so different?” She questioned.

    “What do I look like, me lad? See the hat? The buckles on me shoes? Why, I'm a Leprechaun!” My Bully responded, not only quoting the leprechaun from the awful horror movies...but sounding quite like the leprechaun too!

    As it turns out, that old Bully of mine was an ancient leprechaun all along and as soon as my Mother reached into his pot of gold...she was hypnotized by the leprechauns ancient pornographic curse of arousal!

    Instantly my Mother was too horny to move. Her clothes melted off her body and she was licking her lips at the sight of the leprechauns bulge as her pussy got wetter and wetter and wetter...and it became even harder to resist fucking him as it was several years back when she had done it without the help of some ancient curse!

    In a matter of minutes, my Mother found herself in a situation she had never suspected she’d find herself in! She found herself naked in the middle of a large field getting fucked by an old Bully of mine - Now revealed to be a big green leprechaun. And yet...my Mother was absolutely loving it!

    She cums once, she cums twice, she’ll be my bride when she cums thrice.” The leprechaun said as he fucked my Mother, very loosely making an attempt to quote the movies once again...

    Several orgasms later, my Mother found herself on top of my Bully, riding his big green shaft as her moans of pleasure broke the silence in the field. Her 3rd orgasm was approaching rapidly as I rushed down the path taken by my Mother earlier, frantically trying to find her after she had disappeared for nearly 10 hours!

    As I finally find them, I saw my Mother on her hands and knees, taking it doggystyle from the grotesque leprechaun but it was just moments too late. As I made eye contact with my Mother...she screamed out his name and came all over his cock for the 3rd and final time of the night- Solidifying the curse and making my Mother his forever!

    Now my Mother would come back once a year to get her holes stuffed by my Bullies cock, fucking the leprechaun like a slut while I was forced to watch and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it! All I could do was hold my Mother close, hug her tightly, and listen as she moaned in my ear while cumming all over his big green cock every year...

    And this time...he threatened that next St.Patrick’s Day would be wilder than thus year. I was growing worried. With the snap of his fingers, my Bully could easily put a curse on me preventing me from achieving an orgasm until watching him fuck my Mother or something like that. 

    So...what would the leprechaun do to my Mother and I next?

    “I can feel it Son. The closer I get to cumming, the closer your Bullies cum gets to dripping out of Mommy’s pussy!” my Mother said to me as I lapped away at her pussy with my tongue.

    I still couldn’t taste anything besides her pussy so I kept licking while my Mother spoke, “I know your Bully came so deep inside of me that you haven’t tasted a single drop in 30 straight minutes of eating my pussy but I can feel it sliding out of me and if you can just lick a couple minutes longer, Mommy is going to cum over your face and squirt your Bullies cum right down your throat” She teased as her orgasm grew close.

    “Relax and open wide when Mommy says!” My mother said to me as her moans grew more erratic and her body tensed up for the upcoming orgasm brought on by my tongue.”

    “NOW!” My mother yelled without warning. “OPEN WIDE!” She said as her intense squirting orgasm began.

    Look at him crying in the corner like that. What a little wimp!

    I’m such a cheating whore and my Son hates it…but who fucking cares? You cock is huge and I love the way it stretches my tight wet mature pussy. I love being your whore behind my husbands back and against my Sons wishes!

    Well, what are you waiting for? Pound my cunt good and hard. Just like that! Show my Son what makes you the alpha male and use that big cock of yours to to make my Son finally understand what happens to boys who get their cock sizes from their sissy small cocked Fathers…Make me moan your name so loud that my Wimpy Son never forgets the sound of my voice as his biggest Bully fucks me. You’ve got my permission to taunt him about it every day as school for the rest of his life!

    Go ahead and break a few bottles too while your at it, my Sons paying!

    My Mother didn’t seem to car that I was in the corner of the room crying...she simply continued to ignore me as she got pounded by my Bully in the bar talking as if she was some cheap whore for him. In the end, my Mother took a huge creampie risking getting pregnant, and I took a big hit in my wallet as I was forced to pay for all the damage they created and made to clean up the mess they made...

    My Mother always wanted big tits while growing up. She had always been a bit unsatisfied with her medium sized boobs, especially now that she had gotten older and they had become quite saggy and unsatisfying to my Father in the bedroom. A few months ago my Mother began looking into getting a boobjob but nobody in the family could afford to pay the price for my Mothers new fake tits, the big perky boobies she wanted right now...

    ...Until my Bully found out what my Mother wanted that is...

    When my Bully found out my Mother couldn’t afford to pay for a pair of huge sexy fake titties, he excitedly offered to pay for them in full. Provided my Mother did something for him of course.

    And so my Mother considered her options. She knew just how much of a prick my Bully could be. However, after giving it a lot of thought...she decided to accept my Bullies offer in hopes of finally getting the big breasts she always wanted as well as renewing her sex life with my Father.

    Now that my Mother had the big awesome fake tits that she had always wanted...she was in my Bullies debt. And it was time for her to hold up her end of their bargain. According to my Bullies rules, my Mother was now forced to spend her days and nights thinking of my Bully and how big his cock was (He gave her photos of himself!) and whenever she masturbated...she now had to fantasize about my Bully until she had an orgasm. Whenever my Mother had sex with my Father, she was now told that she had to imagine fucking my Bully instead as “payment” for my Bully and his generous offer!

    Worst of all, whenever my Mother experienced an orgasm now...she was told that she had to scream my Bullies name loud enough for anybody home to overhear! And nothing was worse than laying in bed at night trying to seep as I heard my Mother suddenly scream my Bullies name as she had an orgasm more intense than anything she had ever experienced before her new tits!

    My Mother didn’t like it much in the beginning of course, but my Bully knew what he was doing. He knew all along what asking my Mother to do this would lead to eventually! My Bully knew that it wouldn’t be long now before the constant fantasizing about him would lead my Mother to begin cheating on my Father in order to fuck my Bully.

    My Bully knew that he won! He knew that those big sexy fake tits  would soon be all his! And I couldn’t stop it now...

    My Mother used every last cent of my hard earned cash that had been saved up through the years for my college fund in order to pay for a new pair of fake tits that she wanted all for herself. Even though she usually thought of herself over anyone else, this was a little cruel...even for her!

    Turns out that the reason my Mother wanted big fake tits was because my Bully, that asshole from down the street who was always picking on me, had a thing for MILFs with fake titties and was really into sliding his cock between tits!

    My Mother took away my only chance at paying for college simply so that she could give my Bully a titjob that he had been asking her for.

    She let him slide his cock between her huge fake tits and cover them with his cum a few rooms away from me while I frantically searched for a way to make money quickly.

    My little Sister smiled as I struggled not to cum. She knew I wouldn’t even last 15 seconds longer.

    I had barely even been erect for 60 seconds already and it was so embarrassing to be struggling this much to hold my cum back this soon when all my little Sister did was twist her wrist a little while squeezing my cock and teasing me about what Mom was up to at my Bullies house. 

    My little Sister seemed to love the control she had over me when my Mother was out with my Bully…And just 73 seconds after touching my cock, my bratty little Sister had me on the edge and ready to explode.

    My Mom went out to sunbathe for the next few hours after she had grounded me and forbidden me to leave my room and while she was out there, she decided to tan nude. 

    From my window I could see my Mother naked in the sunlight and she was on her hands and knees sticking her big ass in the direction of my Bullies house - Which my Bully just so happened to have a direct view of my Mother from his window, same as me!

    I wasn’t totally sure why. Maybe my Mother was into him? Or maybe she was simply looking to piss me off a little bit more or punish me for what I had done earlier. Either way, she was now showing off her hot naked body to my worst enemy while outside!

    She was teasing him and trying to seduce my Bully a little bit, however I don’t believe my Mother had any idea I could see her so what was meant to be as a punishment for me turned into a naughty little jerk off session where I came several times while watching my Mother strip and masturbate in our backyard.

    I hid near the window in my dark room, jerking off to my Mothers big sexy ass as she teased and flirted with my Bully who was likely watching from his own window as well...Luckily, my Mother and my Bully had no idea I was there!

    It was all worth watching my Mother flirt with my Bully through his window to get myself off…at least until I came for the 3rd time and splashed a huge load of cum over the window just as my Mother looked up and saw me!

    Your Mom Loved You

    But....she just so happened to love putting on a bright shade of red lipstick and long red fuck me heels while ripping off her wedding ring and tossing it to the floor before getting her pretty face blasted with your Bullies seed after a rough threesome including degrading name calling while using all 3 holes with them, just a little bit more! Sorry...

    Your Mother was sitting at her desk with her legs spread wide, moaning loudly with a hand between her legs when you walked in the front door. Pussy juice dripping down her legs and thighs, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her toes curled, and her hips lifted up off the chair as she had a huge orgasm right before your own eyes! It was intense and it was erotic, but you made the mistake of asking your Mother what it was she had been masturbating to!

    Your Mother smiled, turned the laptop around, and showed you a picture of your Bullies big thick veiny black cock!

    Even Santa Bullied me from time to time...

    Making me lay there by the fireplace watching silently as he pulled my slutty Mother’s panties down around her ankles and pounded both her holes from behind in the room across from me!

    When finished, Santa would have my Mother squat over a glass of milk and plate of cookies, and squeeze his thick load of sperm out of her pussy so Santa could make me taste his own cum  with my milk & cookies!

    I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus…

    I saw Mommy fucking Santa Claus....and he made me watch!

    An erotic Christmas story involving Slutty Mothers, cheating Wilves, Cuckoldin, and a whole lot more after I catch my Mother getting fucked by Santa during Christmas. 

    Written by: She Fucked My Bully

    Chapter 2 - The Big Finish

    I stroked my cock while watching for a few minutes, and hiding for a few to avoid getting caught but it didn’t take long before I was on the edge of cumming and despite already being in the middle of sex when I caught them…Santa still hadn’t cum while fucking my Mother! Whoever this guy was, he was a real stud in the bedroom and I was beginning to see why my mother had been cheating on my Father this Christmas fucking him instead…

    I cautiously looked around the house for signs of life, and finally pulled my cock out of my pants when I was sure nobody was around to see me...and I began masturbating.

    And I was struggling to hold back my orgasm as I edged over and over and over again while watching Mommy fuck and suck and please Santa Claus!

    I had been hiding behind the wall for several minutes now after a couple of close calls a little while back and when I heard my Mother cry out that she was going to cum on Santa’s cock soon…I decided to take one last peek around the corner while stroking my cock in order to catch a glimpse of something I could use to push myself over the edge and cum all over the place.

    When I took one more look around the corner of the room and stuck my head into the living room. I came face to face with the man dressed as Santa who now stood there with his arms crossed and my Mothers pussy juice still dripping from his long white beard.

    “Get the fuck in here you disgusting little shit!” Santa screamed at me, grabbing my arm and roughly dragging me by my Mothers side.

    He tossed me down by my half naked Mother covered in spit, drool, precum, and pussy juice and as I knelt by my Mothers side, I knew I was in  big trouble. 

    My Mother held me in her arms and held me close, giving me a quick motherly kiss on the lips softly with Santa’s cum still dripping from her face after he must have cum on her face without me noticing! I nearly gagged.....

    “You’re going to be a Good Boy this Christmas and sit there silently while I finish up with your Mother, or there’ll be no presents for you at all this year” Santa said with a full belly laugh before looking over at my Mother with a smirk and adding, “HO HO HO!”

    I couldn’t believe what was happening. I had just gotten caught spying on the two of them…and this asshole wanted me to watch instead of leave? Why? I didn’t quite understand the reasoning for Santa forcing me to watch, but I knew rather quickly that I had no other choice but to give in and watch since this guy appeared to be so much bigger and stronger than I was. And so I did.

    I sat there by my Mother’s side while she still held me in her arms as Santa re-positioned himself behind my Mother and slowly slid his thick cock back into her tight wet mature pussy with ease.

    “I’m so Sorry Son” My Mother said to me between moans as she felt Santa’s cock enter her once again and him beginning to pound her pussy from behind.

    For the next few minutes I sat there quietly face to face with my own Mother with her still in my arms watching her moan like a slut for him as he fucked her even harder and rougher than before!

    Santa continued calling my Mother degrading names, demanding that she moan loudly in my ear and beg him for more whenever he did so. And so my Mother got a little bit closer to me and moaned in my ear as she got fucked!

    She was loving it too, I could tell. But my Mother tried her best to avoid letting me realize it as we looked into each others eyes until I heard Santa call out, “Look at your Son you dirty fucking cunt, he’s got a little boner in his pants! A really little boner... I think he likes it!” Santa said with another laugh, once again looking my Mother in the eye after he finished speaking to me to add another quick “HO HO HO” between those damn horrible belly laughs of his.

    And Santa was right. Despite my current situation, my cock hadn’t become soft since this all started and after I had been caught spying on the two of them jerking off close to the edge of an orgasm, that wasn’t surprising. In fact, my cock was harder than before with precum now oozing from the tip beginning to drip down my shaft slowly towards my Balls…And they both noticed it!

    “Ohhhh, he’s right” My Mother exclaimed with a laugh and smile as she glanced down at my cock. “Do you like watching Mommy get fucked by Santa Claus?” She asked, “Do you like it when Mommy gets pounded by his big fat cock in front of you?” My Mother exclaimed, her motherly love slowly turning to taunting me when she realized Santa was right and I did indeed have a huge erection at the moment!

    “Of course he does” The man dressed as Santa said, “He’s a little wimp. Probably a virgin too! He loves being forced to watch!” He said to my Mother.

    Do you?” My Mother asked. “Do you like being Mommy’s cuckold?” She asked me between her moans which were louder and sluttier than ever now!

    I don’t know why I did it, but I nodded my head yes to my Mother while Santa continued pounding her from behind. “Say it!” My Mother yelled to me in that strict authoritative voice that only came out when I was in trouble…

    “Fucking say it you little bitch” The man fucking my Mother echoed in a loud demanding tone of his very own.

    “Yes Mommy…” I said while lowering my head a little. “I like watching you get fucked” I said to her. “I like watching you take Santa’s cock in your pussy” I said in a quiet hushed voice, pausing for a moment to add, “I like being your cuckold” All of which my Mother seemed to really enjoy hearing. 

    My Mother moaned loudly in my face after I finished speaking and begged Santa to fuck her harder for me while I sat there continuing to watch.

    “Why don’t you take it out and stroke?” My Mother said to me while Santa was tickling her clit with the head of his cock. “Stroke your little dick while I  get my holes stretched and pounded in front of you!” My Mother told me. 

    I obeyed her of course and pulled my pants down while laying on the floor with my cock in hand, beginning to stroke slowly while my Mother turned to suck on his cock and balls for a moment.

    When she was all finished, my Mother climbed back on top of me and leaned in and kissed me on the lips before whispering in my ear, “Just imagine the way my pussy looks while it’s stretched around his thick 8 inch shaft. Good, I know! So I want you to be a Good Boy for Mommy and stroke your little cock hard while thinking about how he’s about to flood my pussy with cum. Just imagine how hard Mommy’s about to cum on his cock right now for Christmas!”

    And so I did. Now that I knew how big his cock actually was...I gazed into my Mothers pretty eyes while picturing her wet mature pussy stretched to fit Santa’s big 8 inch cock and began cumming all over myself while my Mother laid on top of me and moaned in my ear, describing everything to me in perfect detail between her  moans of pleasure as she began cumming on his cock.

    When I had finally recovered, I realized Santa had blown his load deep inside my Mothers pussy, and was now towering over me while my Mother lay on her back by my side touching herself, and Santa commanded, “Get over there and lick Mommy clean you little shit!” He grabbed a handful of my hair and dragged me between my Mothers thighs as she spread her legs for me. “Stick your tongue in there and slurp every last drop of my thick seed out of her loose well fucked cunt  right now...or you’ll be sorry” he threatened.

    Next thing I knew, I was on my hands and knees slurping a thick and sticky, super disgusting load of cum out of my own Mother’s pussy as Santa stood over me laughing in his mocking voice, “HO HO HO!” with my Mother adding to my humiliation with a laugh of her very own rather than comforting me!

    I didn’t like it, not one bit. But I figured that if I had to lick her clean right now, I might as well go all out and see if I couldn’t lick my Mother’s pussy until she came all over my tongue and lips.

    So I buried my face in her pussy and began licking wildly!

    I was a huge mess! Cum was smeared all over my face and cheeks now as I had my tongue jammed up my Mother’s pussy, wiggling around in search for the remaining sperm still swimming around deep inside of her after I made my Mother cum and squirt all over my face while licking her pussy for Santa.

    You’ve been a very naughty boy this year” Santa Said to me as I finished slurping his cum out of my Mothers loose sloppy pussy. “Perhaps you deserve something slightly worse than a lump of coal this year that’ll help keep you in line and prevent you from sneaking around the house spying on your Mommy while jerking off…”

    My Mother laughed a little...

    Santa looked at my Mother and said, What do you think? Does your Son deserve a lump of coal this year, or something worse? Such as a chastity belt perhaps…” he said with a little smirk & to my surprise, my Mother agreed!

    “Put that little virgin shit in chastity” My Mother exclaimed, as I sat there with my jaw dropped to the floor in shock. My Mother had never spoken to me like that before and I couldn’t believe she was doing it now either, despite everything I had just done since catching them fucking.

    The two of them sent me back to my room as they got dressed and while I lay there in my bed  with Santa’s cum drying on my face and watching him exit the house, I couldn’t believe what had just happened today!

    I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus…and He Made Me Watch!

    Chapter 3 coming soon!

    What could possibly happen next?

    I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus…

    I saw Mommy fucking Santa Claus....and he made me watch!

    An erotic Christmas story involving Slutty Mothers, cheating Wilves, Cuckoldin, and a whole lot more after I catch my Mother getting fucked by Santa during Christmas. 

    Written by: She Fucked My Bully

    Chapter 1 - Spying On Mommy

    It was going to be a wonderful Christmas, I could feel it!

    It was the most enjoyable Christmas Eve I could remember in a long time and nothing had been going wrong at all! Not even any small fights between family members which usually broke out around this time of year…

    My Father had gotten a promotion a few months ago and my Mother who was usually out of town for work around this time of the year was going to be sticking around for Christmas for the first time in over 4 years! The entire family was in town and there was going to be hundreds of presents around the Christmas tree and lots of Christmas spirit spread across the house.

    And the best part of it all this year? My Bully was supposed to be out of town all week long, and wouldn’t be around to torture me for quite some time now! That meant he couldn’t ruin things this year at all! Wonderful!!!

    But none of the wonderful Christmas joy had come as I had expected and this wasn’t the perfect Christmas I had been hoping for. In fact, I might have considered it one of my worst Christmases ever and the start of something horrible! A string of events which ruined Christmas this year, and every year from now on too. 

    And below is my story of how it all happened...

    I woke up early on Christmas day and saw the yard covered with a fresh coat of snow. Several inches at least! It was truly a beautiful sight.The trees were painted a beautiful shade of white but the temperature inside was perfect. There was a comfortable warmth that I felt as I got out of bed and checked the clock to see it was only 6:37 AM! 

    Earlier than I usually got up but who cares? It was going to be a great day!

    It’d still be a couple of hours before everyone gathered downstairs to open presents at 9 but rather than going back to bed, I decided I might as well get up and check on the presents downstairs. I was curious about how many I got and besides, I was wide awake already and figured I might as well grab something to drink and kill some time by counting my presents while eating cookies before the rest of the family got up and gathered around the tree.

    However, as I slowly tiptoed down the stairs as carefully as I could in hopes of not waking anybody else up…I was shocked to hear a quiet muffled noise coming from the living room where our Christmas tree stood. “Who else could possibly be awake at this hour?” I thought to myself as I cautiously moved down the stairs and tiptoed in the direction the noise was coming from.

    The closer I got, the louder the sounds became until I finally realized what I was listening to. It wasn’t one of the women in my family humming Christmas songs to herself as I had previously thought…it was moaning! Yes, it was certainly the sound of moans coming from the living room and when I got a little bit closer…it was obvious it someone having sex! But who was it?

    By now my morning drowsiness had completely faded away and I was completely awake, my energy fueled by adrenaline and the curiosity of who was getting fucked so good that they couldn’t contain their moans at this hour.

    Someone was getting fuck....and they were getting it good!

    I knew it was wrong, but curiosity got the best of me and I slowly poked my head around the corner of the room as I hid behind the wall. I looked into the room for nothing more than a split second for a really quick glance hoping I wouldn’t get caught by whoever was in the room. What I saw took me by completely surprise.

    I saw my Mother on her hands and knees, taking it from behind like a slut by man dressed as Santa Clause with a huge cock…a man who most certainly was NOT my Father! He was far too young and fit to be mistaken for my Dad.

    And she looked more beautiful than ever while she was getting fucked...

    I couldn’t fucking believe it! 

    Not only was my Mother getting pounded in the living room out in the open where anybody could have caught her fucking, like I had. But my Mother was openly cheating on my Father with another man and had the audacity to do so in our own home on Christmas, while the entire family was here!

    She could have been caught by anybody!

    My Father was asleep in a room across from her and there were dozens of people scattered around the house in their own separate rooms and handmade beds on the floor and couches! And, there was a big window nearby with the blinds wide open leaving it easy for a neighbor or two to stop my Mother fucking someone who obviously wasn’t her husband!

    Having loud intense sex right here out in the open was a terrible idea, and I had just caught my Mother doing it! And I had no idea what to do...

    I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a horrible sight. But god damn my Mother was taking Santa’s cock like a pro! In fact, she looked fucking amazing while doing so and I soon found myself taking another little peek.

    The first thing I saw when I took another peek into the living room was Santa smack my Mother’s ass hard! I tossed my hands over my mouth to mask the sound of my gasp as I watched a little bit longer.

    My Mother wimped seductively as the man dressed as Santa pulled a hand back and smacked her ass hard while continuing to thrust in and out of her.

    I stood there hiding around the corner watching Santa’s big fat cock buried balls deep in my Mother’s pussy, his heavy balls smacking her clit loudly with every thrust. He was calling her all kinds of  nasty degrading names - Cheating Whore, Nasty Cunt, Dirty Cum Dumpster, Santa’s Skank, Loose Bitch, etc…

    I had to look away again as I realized that the risk of getting caught if I stood there any longer was far too high! I shouldn’t be spying on them like this anyway. But when I heard Santa tell my Mother to beg for his cock in her ass like a  cheap dirty whore and he even wanted her to tell him why she loved being her personal fucktoy/sex slave, I simply had to peek around the corner one more time!

    As I looked, I watched Santa begin pounding my Mothers asshole, stretching it open with his thick cock while my Mother called herself more degrading names just for him - Disgusting Anal Slave,  Dirty Butt Slut,  Worthless Little Hole, and a whole lot more that I found myself blocking out.

    I just couldn’t handle this any longer, so I pulled away and quit watching them fucking and having anal sex by the Christmas tree...But curiosity soon  got the best of me, as it always did, and I had to peek around the corner and watch them fucking one last time!

    By the time I began watching again, my cock was already hard. I felt bad for becoming aroused by watching my Mother cheating on my Father like this, especially on Christmas. But that didn’t matter any longer. Nothing like that mattered in this very moment. As Santa made my Mother kneel between his legs and suck her wetness off his thick shaft despite just fucking her asshole, I had began stroking my cock softly through my pants.

    I stroked my cock while watching for a few minutes, and hiding for a few to avoid getting caught but it didn’t take long before I was on the edge of cumming and despite already being in the middle of sex when I caught them…Santa still hadn’t cum while fucking my Mother! Whoever this guy was, he was a real stud in the bedroom and I was beginning to see why my mother had been cheating on my Father this Christmas fucking him instead…

    I cautiously looked around the house for signs of life, and finally pulled my cock out of my pants when I was sure nobody was around to see me...and I began masturbating.

    And I was struggling to hold back my orgasm as I edged over and over and over again while watching Mommy fuck and suck and please Santa Claus! I wanted to cum. I needed to cum, but I was growing increasingly worried that I might get caught...

    Chapter 2 coming soon!

    What do you think's coming next?