Reunion - Part 1 of 2

    She wanted to fuck her husbands old bully at his upcoming reunion.

    So she spent the past couple of weeks slyly questioning her Husband about his Bully and the terrible things he had done over the years. Without letting her Husband find out what she was up to, she learned how to push all his Buttons. She learned all about the things her Husband hated about his Bully and she learned what sort of things her Husband’s Bully was into. As well as what sort of girls he liked.

    And she used it all against her Husband the night of the reunion!

    Before the night was over, she was going to find herself in bed cheating on her Husband with the man he hated most in this world! No respect for her Husband. No condoms. No pulling out. AND NO REGRETS!!!

    It was the biggest surprise of my life and nothing was any hotter than spraying my Bullies pretty face with a big load of cum while my Wife massaged my balls and encouraged it. Except maybe when I got to pump a big load of cum in my Bullies tight pussy a few hours later while my Wife laid under us licking my balls!

    You couldn’t believe your eyes!

    This was really happening right now. It wasn’t some sort of elaborate Halloween prank and this wasn’t any special effects from the movies. A portal to the underworld had opened up beneath your Wife’s feet after a small earthquake and hundreds of demons had dragged her and her soul straight into the fiery depths of hell! In the blink of an eye, she was gone. Gone forever!

    However, your could at least feel some comfort as you recalled her grabbing onto the feet of your Bully who happened to be standing nearby and watched her drag him into the pits of hell with her!

    Unfortunately, you never realized that she was attracted to your Bully. You were completely oblivious to the fact that your Wife fantasized about fucking your Bully and masturbated to him every night while you sleep blissfully by her side.

    And now she was in hell with him!

    Unfortunately now, the two of them can spend an eternity in hell fucking over and over and over and over again free from the cares of the world. Nothing but sex and orgasms while demons and horrifying creatures watch. And if you’re not day, you may find yourself in hell with them doomed to an eternity of watching them fuck!

    My Wife couldn't believe I was such a wimp that I had allowed myself to be bullied on a daily basis by my own Son! She was so annoyed with the way I acted that she decided to teach me a lesson by giving my Son what he always wanted - his Mommy's mature pussy!

    Next thing I knew, I had just got done watching my Son fuck his Mother while eagerly waiting for him to finish so I could do my duties as a good husband and lick her clean! And now that I was licking her clean, I felt I was finally in my rightful natural place in the household! I was a good husband, and if I had been reduced to her provider and forced to lick my Sons sperm out of my Wife’s well fucked pussy never again allowed to fuck her because my Son’s cock was so much bigger...then so be it!

    My Son was the man of the house now and I knew that he deserved it!

    Surprise - Kinky Night Gone Wrong!

    A surprise visit late one night completely ruins my kinky night of fun with my Wife in ways I never saw coming...!

    I was supposed to be nothing but a kinky little game for the two of us, a little bit of fun with tease & denial for a single night where my Wife teased me in the chastity belt for a couple hours before my loving Wife finally unlocked the chastity belt and I fucked her to multiple orgasms with a newly found raw passion. Something she an I did occasionally to spice things up a bit.

    But after a surprise visit to our  house from an old Bully of mine who now lived out of state, that little bit of fun my Wife and I were having quickly turned into a hellish nightmare! It was humiliating enough to  crouch in the corner of the room while I was being Bullied in front of my own Wife, but knowing I was still locked in that damn chastity belt and afraid my Bully might notice on top of all that was enough to leave me completely red faced with humiliation! 

    The worst part about it all was, on his way out, my Bully accidentally swiped the key to my chastity belt without thinking!

    Obviously he had tossed his car keys onto of the chastity bey when he barged into our house and picked them up thinking they were his, leaving my house with the very key to my new chastity belt, and my freedom too!

    Based on the look of pure shock on my Wife’s face, II half expected my Wife to go after him. And I was ready to chase him down, and do whatever I had to in order to retrieve the keys too. But neither of those things happened! Instead of letting me to rushing after my Bully, my Wife looked at me with a shitty grin and took a page out of my Bullies playbook when she suddenly pushed me down onto the bed on my back like it was something had she always done with me and mounted my face with my arms locked under her knees before I had a chance to resist or question her. 

    As my Wife took control and rode my tongue like it was a cock, she whispered to me seductively, telling me I wasn’t allowed to get up and chase down my Bully until AFTER I had made her cum on my tongue one more time!

    I watched my Bully dive down the street and slowly disappear out of sight while I gave my wife a loud screaming orgasm with nothing but my tongue. After each orgasm my Wife grinned and said, one more time, until I had given my Wife a dozen orgasms or so before my tongue was too worn out to continue!

    That would be hours from now and my Wife had successfully given my Bully a very LONG head start over me.

    He would be long gone by then and I didn’t even remember his phone number or what state he lived in anymore. I had absolutely no information to go on at all! Absolutely NOTHING! I was most likely screwed...

    I watched my Bullies car make its way to the end of the street when my Wife was sitting on my face earlier. But from there he could have gone anywhere, in any direction..for any amount of time! I really had no idea!

    So how would I ever manage to get the keys to my chastity belt back from my Bully now thanks to my loving wife and her sudden & surprising burst of dominance for the first time in her entire life…?