My Mom went out to sunbathe for the next few hours after she had grounded me and forbidden me to leave my room and while she was out there, she decided to tan nude. 

    From my window I could see my Mother naked in the sunlight and she was on her hands and knees sticking her big ass in the direction of my Bullies house - Which my Bully just so happened to have a direct view of my Mother from his window, same as me!

    I wasn’t totally sure why. Maybe my Mother was into him? Or maybe she was simply looking to piss me off a little bit more or punish me for what I had done earlier. Either way, she was now showing off her hot naked body to my worst enemy while outside!

    She was teasing him and trying to seduce my Bully a little bit, however I don’t believe my Mother had any idea I could see her so what was meant to be as a punishment for me turned into a naughty little jerk off session where I came several times while watching my Mother strip and masturbate in our backyard.

    I hid near the window in my dark room, jerking off to my Mothers big sexy ass as she teased and flirted with my Bully who was likely watching from his own window as well...Luckily, my Mother and my Bully had no idea I was there!

    It was all worth watching my Mother flirt with my Bully through his window to get myself off…at least until I came for the 3rd time and splashed a huge load of cum over the window just as my Mother looked up and saw me!

    I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus…

    I saw Mommy fucking Santa Claus....and he made me watch!

    An erotic Christmas story involving Slutty Mothers, cheating Wilves, Cuckoldin, and a whole lot more after I catch my Mother getting fucked by Santa during Christmas. 

    Written by: She Fucked My Bully

    Chapter 1 - Spying On Mommy

    It was going to be a wonderful Christmas, I could feel it!

    It was the most enjoyable Christmas Eve I could remember in a long time and nothing had been going wrong at all! Not even any small fights between family members which usually broke out around this time of year…

    My Father had gotten a promotion a few months ago and my Mother who was usually out of town for work around this time of the year was going to be sticking around for Christmas for the first time in over 4 years! The entire family was in town and there was going to be hundreds of presents around the Christmas tree and lots of Christmas spirit spread across the house.

    And the best part of it all this year? My Bully was supposed to be out of town all week long, and wouldn’t be around to torture me for quite some time now! That meant he couldn’t ruin things this year at all! Wonderful!!!

    But none of the wonderful Christmas joy had come as I had expected and this wasn’t the perfect Christmas I had been hoping for. In fact, I might have considered it one of my worst Christmases ever and the start of something horrible! A string of events which ruined Christmas this year, and every year from now on too. 

    And below is my story of how it all happened...

    I woke up early on Christmas day and saw the yard covered with a fresh coat of snow. Several inches at least! It was truly a beautiful sight.The trees were painted a beautiful shade of white but the temperature inside was perfect. There was a comfortable warmth that I felt as I got out of bed and checked the clock to see it was only 6:37 AM! 

    Earlier than I usually got up but who cares? It was going to be a great day!

    It’d still be a couple of hours before everyone gathered downstairs to open presents at 9 but rather than going back to bed, I decided I might as well get up and check on the presents downstairs. I was curious about how many I got and besides, I was wide awake already and figured I might as well grab something to drink and kill some time by counting my presents while eating cookies before the rest of the family got up and gathered around the tree.

    However, as I slowly tiptoed down the stairs as carefully as I could in hopes of not waking anybody else up…I was shocked to hear a quiet muffled noise coming from the living room where our Christmas tree stood. “Who else could possibly be awake at this hour?” I thought to myself as I cautiously moved down the stairs and tiptoed in the direction the noise was coming from.

    The closer I got, the louder the sounds became until I finally realized what I was listening to. It wasn’t one of the women in my family humming Christmas songs to herself as I had previously thought…it was moaning! Yes, it was certainly the sound of moans coming from the living room and when I got a little bit closer…it was obvious it someone having sex! But who was it?

    By now my morning drowsiness had completely faded away and I was completely awake, my energy fueled by adrenaline and the curiosity of who was getting fucked so good that they couldn’t contain their moans at this hour.

    Someone was getting fuck....and they were getting it good!

    I knew it was wrong, but curiosity got the best of me and I slowly poked my head around the corner of the room as I hid behind the wall. I looked into the room for nothing more than a split second for a really quick glance hoping I wouldn’t get caught by whoever was in the room. What I saw took me by completely surprise.

    I saw my Mother on her hands and knees, taking it from behind like a slut by man dressed as Santa Clause with a huge cock…a man who most certainly was NOT my Father! He was far too young and fit to be mistaken for my Dad.

    And she looked more beautiful than ever while she was getting fucked...

    I couldn’t fucking believe it! 

    Not only was my Mother getting pounded in the living room out in the open where anybody could have caught her fucking, like I had. But my Mother was openly cheating on my Father with another man and had the audacity to do so in our own home on Christmas, while the entire family was here!

    She could have been caught by anybody!

    My Father was asleep in a room across from her and there were dozens of people scattered around the house in their own separate rooms and handmade beds on the floor and couches! And, there was a big window nearby with the blinds wide open leaving it easy for a neighbor or two to stop my Mother fucking someone who obviously wasn’t her husband!

    Having loud intense sex right here out in the open was a terrible idea, and I had just caught my Mother doing it! And I had no idea what to do...

    I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a horrible sight. But god damn my Mother was taking Santa’s cock like a pro! In fact, she looked fucking amazing while doing so and I soon found myself taking another little peek.

    The first thing I saw when I took another peek into the living room was Santa smack my Mother’s ass hard! I tossed my hands over my mouth to mask the sound of my gasp as I watched a little bit longer.

    My Mother wimped seductively as the man dressed as Santa pulled a hand back and smacked her ass hard while continuing to thrust in and out of her.

    I stood there hiding around the corner watching Santa’s big fat cock buried balls deep in my Mother’s pussy, his heavy balls smacking her clit loudly with every thrust. He was calling her all kinds of  nasty degrading names - Cheating Whore, Nasty Cunt, Dirty Cum Dumpster, Santa’s Skank, Loose Bitch, etc…

    I had to look away again as I realized that the risk of getting caught if I stood there any longer was far too high! I shouldn’t be spying on them like this anyway. But when I heard Santa tell my Mother to beg for his cock in her ass like a  cheap dirty whore and he even wanted her to tell him why she loved being her personal fucktoy/sex slave, I simply had to peek around the corner one more time!

    As I looked, I watched Santa begin pounding my Mothers asshole, stretching it open with his thick cock while my Mother called herself more degrading names just for him - Disgusting Anal Slave,  Dirty Butt Slut,  Worthless Little Hole, and a whole lot more that I found myself blocking out.

    I just couldn’t handle this any longer, so I pulled away and quit watching them fucking and having anal sex by the Christmas tree...But curiosity soon  got the best of me, as it always did, and I had to peek around the corner and watch them fucking one last time!

    By the time I began watching again, my cock was already hard. I felt bad for becoming aroused by watching my Mother cheating on my Father like this, especially on Christmas. But that didn’t matter any longer. Nothing like that mattered in this very moment. As Santa made my Mother kneel between his legs and suck her wetness off his thick shaft despite just fucking her asshole, I had began stroking my cock softly through my pants.

    I stroked my cock while watching for a few minutes, and hiding for a few to avoid getting caught but it didn’t take long before I was on the edge of cumming and despite already being in the middle of sex when I caught them…Santa still hadn’t cum while fucking my Mother! Whoever this guy was, he was a real stud in the bedroom and I was beginning to see why my mother had been cheating on my Father this Christmas fucking him instead…

    I cautiously looked around the house for signs of life, and finally pulled my cock out of my pants when I was sure nobody was around to see me...and I began masturbating.

    And I was struggling to hold back my orgasm as I edged over and over and over again while watching Mommy fuck and suck and please Santa Claus! I wanted to cum. I needed to cum, but I was growing increasingly worried that I might get caught...

    Chapter 2 coming soon!

    What do you think's coming next?

    Under The Moonlight (Looking For Sweet Revenge)

    My Sister was pissed off a me right now, and so she decided to fuck my Bully on my own bed for revenge!

    It started out as your typical Halloween night, a few drink here and a few drinks there. A night full of horror movies involving Zombies and Vampires  and Werewolves, and a night in which I was hoping to get laid as I had always done year after year on Halloween!

    I was getting ready for the huge party later tonight when I noticed my little Sister and her friends changing in her bedroom with the door still half opened.

    I probably shouldn’t have done it, and looking back on everything now…it most certainly was the biggest mistake of my life. 

    But at that very moment, I wasn’t even considering the possible consequences of my actions. I simply took a little peek inside that bedroom and began spying like some pervert hoping for a great view of one of my Sisters friends while they changed because she had quite a few hot friends.

    As I poked my head into the bedroom door, I saw her…one of the hottest girls I had even known, a girl who also happened to be my little Sisters best friend.


    Here she was, facing my direction and slowly removing her top in a slow seductive fashion as if she was the only girl in the entire room who saw me there watching and was putting on a little striptease just for me. This was not entirely true of course…but it was still arousing to imagine!


    Next came her thong. She slowly began removing it while facing away from me wiggling that firm ass around seductively. God she was giving me the biggest erection ever and I was seriously contemplating sneaking into my Sisters bedroom once they left to sniff that dirty thong! But for now, I continued to do nothing but standing there while I watched.

    Finally my Sister’s friend let that sexy thong fall to the floor. And she was now standing there right before my eyes completely naked!

    Damn...if my Sister ever found out what I was doing, she’d be so pissed off at me. But there was no time to think about that now. I was her to admire her friend and her amazing body instead.

    The next several minutes went by pretty uneventful until the girls decided to go hop into the shower together, leaving me to scatter away rapidly in hopes of not getting caught. 

    But after a few short minutes I returned to spying on them...

    My Sister’s friend was now standing there in the shower posing for some kind of picture or video with my Sister and their other friends, but sadly I couldn’t see her best feature - Her pretty face.


    Still, in that very moment, I decided to do it. I decided to make what was to become my biggest mistake in life. I decided I was going to seduce and have sex with this girl as soon as I could!

    No more than seconds later, I was preparing to leave when the girl suddenly looked in my direction and smiled. She DID notice me! 

    In fact, it was all clear now that my Sister’s friend had known I was watching all along, and she really had been teasing me with a little bit of a show just like I previously thought! 

    Sleeping with her was going to be far easier than I had previously thought! All that was left to do was  head back to my bedroom and wait.

    After I returned to my bedroom and waited for the girls to finish getting ready, I laid in bed trying to distract myself. I didn’t want to jerk off, I didn’t want to cum. Not until later tonight when I was laying in bed with my cock buried deep inside that perfect pussy of hers. 

    So I tried everything to avoid touching my cock. I looked outside and watched the trick or treaters roaming about in their ghostly costumes, various monsters running about, etc… I even tried flipping on the TV and watching the news for a little while hoping it might help.

    Time ticked away as I waited for them to finish up, trying to think about when the right moment would be for me to slip over by her and ask. So I kept waiting until I  noticed movement in my doorway and glanced over and surprisingly saw her! My Sisters best friend now standing in my doorway!


    It was hard to tell for certain in the dark, but I was pretty sure she was now in her Halloween costume for the night, dressed like a sexy naked Zombie girl. Her tan body now pained a strange undead grey sort of color and her beautiful face now covered with enough make up to look like it was covered with cuts and bruises and blood. 

    But she was still fucking hot as hell whether she looked like... a pretty realistic zombie or not!

    As the girl entered my bedroom and seductively made her way over to me while I began stripping, I had a horrible thought cross my mind, “What if my Sister finds out?” However, my cock as so fucking hard right now that it didn’t matter. There was no possible way I was backing out now just because there was a slim chance my Sister would find out I had fucked her best friend and become pissed…


    Those thoughts quickly disappeared as my Sisters friend and I fucked wildly in the dark. Rough, but quietly as to not alert the rest of the girls roaming about the house as to what was going on in my bedroom!

    I pounded her wet shaved pussy hard, impressed by how tight she felt while my cock slid past the walls of her pussy squeezing my shaft tightly.


    Her pussy felt fucking amazing. It was so fucking wet and I could feel the heat coming off of her as my Sisters best friend moaned my name and bit her bottom lip as she quietly whispered in my ear begging me for more.

    We didn’t fuck very long though. This wasn’t some kind of porno where the guy somehow lasts an hour before blowing his load. No, this girl and I had only been fucking for a couple of minutes at best and yet time seemed nonexistent in this very moment as we brought each other closer and closer to orgasms.

    Less than 5 minutes after we began, I felt myself getting ready to cum and as I started to pull out, the girl moaned a sigh of frustration and look looked back over her should to say to me, “No, don’t pull out….cum in me!” 

    Who was I to argue that? As soon as my Sister’s friend said it, her words pushed me over the edge and I felt my orgasm begin. A very intense orgasm!

    Cum sprayed out of my cock like a fire hose as I moaned out loud for the first time of the night and I felt my sperm splattering the insides of this girls tight soaking wet pussy as I came deep inside the pussy of my little Sisters best friend! It felt absolutely amazing. Especially as I felt her begin to cum all over my cock around the exact same time!

    It was the most intense orgasm of my life. But that feeling of bliss came to a sudden halt as we hear the voice of my pissed off little Sister screaming out, “WHAT THE F.U.C.K. ARE YOU DOING!”

    The two of us rushed to cover up as my little Sister fell into a mini temper tantrum and she yelled directly at me, putting all the blame on me…which wasn’t quite entirely untrue as I was the one who had been caught spying…

    “I swear to god…I’m going to get you back for this! I’m going to get my revenge” I heard my little Sister scream at me, among other things.

    I didn’t actually think she’d do anything though. She’d calm down a little bit later and although she’d still be pissed at me, I figured my Sister would simply move on. I didn’t realize just how wrong I really was! I had no idea my Sister really was out for revenge, and her little plan would come to practically ruin my life!

    My little Sister was super fucking pissed off at me right now, and so she decided that she was going to fuck my Bully on my bed out of revenge!

    She could have chosen any thing in the world for revenge. But sleeping with somebody I knew only seemed fair as she had just caught me having sex with her best friend. My little Sister could have chosen any person in the world, more importantly one of my closest friends. But that didn’t happen...

    My Sister wanted to piss me off even more. She waned to choose somebody much worse than just a friend! My Sister wanted to find somebody I knew to sleep with that’d piss me off more than anything in the world.

    And she eventually settled in on the one man in the entire world that I’d practically blow smoke out of my ears from anger if I knew she was sleeping with and that just happened to be some asshole who I knew from grade school all the way through the end of high school. The man who had Bullied me all my life & was responsible for more tears than I could remember. And my Sister was going to let him fuck her!

    A few hours later, my Bully was over at the house flirting with my little Sister with a huge grin on his face. He knew I was furious about the whole thing and was doing a little bit more than simply rubbing it in my face. My Bully was actually trying to force me watch him flirt with my little Sister!

    He’d grab her ass in front of my face and laugh as my little Sister cooed with pleasure and moved his hand between her legs instead. He’d kiss my little Sister on the lips across the room from me and wink as I was forced to watch her slip her tongue into his mouth and kiss him back! He’d ask my Sister to sit in his lap and taunt me as my Sister wrapped her arms around his neck and teased him about how huge his bulge felt beneath her!

    And finally, my Bully looked over his big strong shoulder and taunted, “Your little Sister’s about to feel what it’s like to be torn apart by a wolf like me!” as the two of them made their way upstairs together hand in hand!


    Despite the fact that my Bull was usually in control in the bedroom, my Sister took the initiative to pin my Bully up against the wall in my bedroom and strip him out of his shirt in a slow seductive manner.

    Despite the fact that my Bully had always been the one in control, my Sister was the one who had taken charge of the situation now. My little Sister was the one who lead the way and brought my Bully back to my bedroom, MY bedroom instead of her own! And she pushed my Bully, who was practically twice her size, onto my bed and climbed in bed with him as she mounted his waist and prepared to fuck my worst enemy out of revenge!


    I rushed upstairs to stop them, only to witness the door being slammed shut in my face, bashing against my nose just before I noticed my little Sisters soaking wet panties had been tossed at me feet!

    From then on, I was locked out of my own roomforced to do nothing but wait outside and reluctantly listen as my little Sister fucked my Bully out of revenge. There was nothing I could say or do to stop them now.

    The sounds I heard coming from my bedroom were almost unbearable.

    Even from the other side of the room I heard the two of them kissing passionately and and making out like true lovers. I could hear it all so clearly that I couldn’t help myself from imagining what was going on and I simply couldn’t get the picture of them kissing out of my mind! It was horrible...

    I should have left the house. But I couldn’t. Something inside of me made me stick around because I felt the need to protect my little Sister from this huge asshole, even though it was clear she didn’t need my protection. She had everything in control as she had made in clear from the very start that she’d be the one on top in the bedroom. And besides, I couldn’t have protected anybody from my Bully if I had tried. He was far too strong for the likes of me!

    I still wanted to make sure everything was okay…so I laid on the floor in my hallway and watched them fuck as best I could though the little crack at the bottom of my bedroom door.

    I couldn’t see much at all from this position in the hallway. But even as the two of them kissed, my Sister remained on top and in charge.


    She dictated my Bullies every move as the two of them made out passionately, swapping spit, twirling tongues inside each others mouths, biting and tugging on their lips somewhat roughly.

    But that wasn’t all! I think my little Sister even took the cherry out of her drink on my nightstand using nothing but her tongue and lips, and tied a tight knot with the stem using only her tongue just moments before kissing down my Bullies chest and bringing her tongue and lips to my Bullies huge cock!


    I hated it, but as I watched my little Sister’s head bobbing up and down on my Bullies cock and listened to her gagging…my cock involuntarily became hard! I fought it as best I could, but there was no use. Watching my little Sister pleasure my Bully had made me hard and all I could do was blush!

    She sucked his cock for a damn long time in the dark with the moon hidden behind the clouds before she paused and looked up at my Bully with spit and precum smeared all over her face and lips and asked loud enough for me to overhear, “Wanna pissed my Brother off and fuck my tight little pussy now?”

    My Bully wasn’t ever going to say no to an offer like that, but he never even got a chance to answer because my little Sister knocked him back onto my bed and mounted his body once more. 


    I could barely make out through the slim crack under my door how she slowly lowered herself onto my Bullies huge cock and began riding him wildly!

    That was it! It was all over now! My little Sister had really gone out and done it. She was fucking my Bully on my own bed now and here I was lying on the floor in the hallway angerly peeping on them like some kind of pervert through the little crack under my locked door with an erection that was not only throbbing, but oozing precum too which I simply couldn’t get rid of!

    I felt horrible that I would become aroused by the events unfolding before me but I simply couldn’t prevent it. The more I watched, the more aroused I got.


    Even as they fucked, my Sister was in full control. She remained on top of him the whole time and made sure he did everything she asked. My Bully was totally under the control of my pissed off little Sister fucking him for revenge…

    Until the full moon that is.


    As the full moon rose on this dark and stormy Halloween night, everything changed! Including my life and my Sister’s life as well...

    The windows in my bedroom shattered with a loud crash and the locked bedroom door flung open from a strangely powerful gust of wind.

    My Bully had completely zoned out while my little Sister sat on top of him with my Bullies cock still balls deep inside of her and I watched as the horrifying change happened right before my eyes!

    First was my Bullies hands. They grew larger in size while his fingers bent in an odd way, becoming strangely hairy as the transformation began.


     Next came the claws! My Bullies fingernails shed onto my bed and were replaced by rapidly growing claws, long enough to shine under the bright moonlight and sharp enough to rip through the strong steel of my bed frame if my Bully saw fit to do so!

    After that, the head, snarling mouth, and fangs! My Bully began convulsing beneath my little Sister as more of this terrible transformation commended. The head and face of my Bully once thought to be sexy by the girls, slowly became hairy and ugly as it turned into the ugly head of a massive werewolf with razor sharp fangs sharp enough to crunch anything in their way and longer than my own cock was!

    His whole body began its transformation as I stood there frozen like a statue, too horrified to move or look away and yet still strangely erect as I noticed my little Sister still had my Bullies cock stretching her pussy!

    The whole transformation took no more than 5 minutes, but when it had been all finished, my Bully lay there under my little Sister completely changed into some giant hideous beast. A massive and terrifying beast!

    He was no longer human…my Bully was now some giant massive snarling werewolf who was over 10 feet tall and heavy enough to make the frame of my bed snap, coming to a crash on my bedroom floor in the process. 


    My little Sister shrieked with fear, yet she remained in place and kept riding my Bullies cock like she had been doing before, only now she had a thick werewolf cock inside her cunt, most likely tearing up her insides as she moved her hips!

    Suddenly,  my Bullies words, “Your little Sister’s about to feel what it’s like to be torn apart by a wolf like me!” returned to my mind as I silently watched with fear while the giant werewolf creature on my bed exerted its dominance over my little Sister and tossed her aside before it took her from behind with its huge hairy monster cock!

    It fucked my little Sister for only a couple of minutes, but what I saw felt like hours as I heard my little Sisters ear piercing screams of pain & pleasure…


    But that didn’t last long before the werewolf stopped and pulled out of my Sisters pulls with a loud plop, leaving her laying there touching her sore loose pussy while looking up at the horrifying thing once known as my Bully with a mixture of fear and arousal in her eyes.

    The werewolf before me who was once my Bully, grabbed my little Sister and tossed her over his shoulder like a little rag doll, and trampled its way out of my bedroom, smashing me against the wall with its huge paws as it walked by me, leaving me bleeding a little on the floor in a complete daze after hitting my head while watching my Bully exit the house with my little Sister in his arms.

    My Bully brought my Sister back to his lair and he continued fucking her there! She might have still been frightened by the terrifying creature if its cock hadn’t been so fucking huge. But my little Sister was loving the feeling of werewolf cock splitting her in half with every thrust!

    My little Sister actually begged the werewolf for its cock and she soon found herself at its mercy, making the turn from confident and sexy woman in control to submissive plaything for my Bully as he now had total control over her.

    My Bullies big thick hairy 14 inch werewolf cock was all my little Sister wanted anymore and as she was down on her knees pleading the werewolf to tear her cunthole apart with it and fuck her so hard it hurt, she grinned to herself knowing I was probably back at home laying on the ground in pain, super pissed off with her and my Bully for what they were doing! She was right!


    The werewolf snarled at my little Sister begging for sex, splashing it’s hot saliva all over her face and chest while she looked up at him. And suddenly, my little Sister found herself laying on her back in the werewolf’s lair getting fucked by the massive creature, now nothing more than a totally submissive plaything for the ugly beastly creature that was once my Bully!

    The two of them fucked in my Bullies lair for hours as my Bully made my little Sister cum more times in one night than she had cum in a years span!

    They fucked and fucked and fucked until my little Sister was almost too sore to continue, and finally a loud howl echoed throughout the entire town, loud enough for me to overhear as I lay on the ground in pain, as my Bully’s 14 inch werewolf cock knotted up and swelled too much to pull out, and it blasted an excessive amount of werewolf spunk deep into my little Sisters pussy, splattering her insides with a force so great that it’d be near impossible to assume that she hadn’t been bred by this hideous beast and its massive cock!

    When the full moon had finally gone away again and my Bully had transformed into his typical dominant self, my Bully was done fucking my little Sister but she remained in his lair with him anyways. She didn’t care if I missed her...

    My little Sister instead remained in the werewolf’s lair and knelt before my Bully as she promised to serve him well for the rest of her natural life, asking nothing in return but to be made into one of my Bullies kind at some point in her life.


    And my Bully was all too eager to agree. He seemed to love the thought of doing what my little Sister asked and grinned at the idea of knowing my little Sister was now his and would live her life to serve him as well as serving his beastly side as his submissive fucktoy too!. 

    It was the ultimate revenge against me and my Bully had finally won!

    My Bully was a horny werewolf with a lust for my slutty little Sister and her pussy, and he had taken her as his own! He had not only fucked my Sister in his lair and cum inside her as if trying to breed her, but my little Sister had thanked this monstrous creature for doing so and pledged her life over to him!


    This horrifying creature you see standing there was now worshiped by my little Sister and was free to fuck her whenever he wished. And whenever there wasn’t a full moon out, he would be out Bullying me about it on a regular basis!

    From then on, my Sister was just as bad of a Bully as he had been…taunting and tormenting me while trying to ruin my life at every opportunity. She had become a huge Bully in my life who completely enjoyed the terrible things she did to me after learning how easy it really was, finally understanding why my Bully had pushed me around for all these years.

    However, simply bullying me and taunting me with their sexual exploits wasn’t enough. My little Sister wanted more!

    My little Sister had even begun ruining my sex life and love life by recruiting every women I ever fell in love with as well in hopes of my Bully one day having a large cult of horny submissive fucktoys and snarling werewolves who were all once women I loved, leaving me with nothing but despair in their place!

    Whenever I fell in love with a girl and my Sister found out about it, she’d slowly warp their mind with subliminal messages of my “tiny cock” and begin to seduce them with stories of my Bullies huge cock! And eventually  my little Sister would begin luring them into the werewolves lair where she and my Bully would turn them all one by one as my Bullies cult grew larger every Halloween!

    Now I finally understood why my Bully always considered himself to be the alpha male who was better than me…because he was. My Bully wasn’t just some typical alpha male and some typical asshole who lived to make my life miserable. My Bully was also a werewolf! A werewolf who was now worshiped by my little Sister...

    He was a gruesome looking werewolf fully capable of doing whatever he wanted under the moonlight! A horrifying creature of the night who transformed under the full moon and used every Halloween to feed. 

    And my little Sister would have never gotten fucked by a werewolf or pledged her life to my Bully and become one of them if I hadn’t given in to my lust and slept with her best friend on Halloween night.


    It was all my fucking fault! And I knew it too! Why did I have to go pissing my Sister off on Halloween night leading her to seek revenge?