The worst part was when my Step-Mother gave me a 10 page paper on the subject telling me I had to write a full paragraph or two of each of these topics as well:

  • How big and impressive my Bullies cock was
  • How much his cock stretched her tight pussy
  • What it felt like to watch
  • What a mans face looked like when he orgasms (Using my Bully and his orgasm as a demonstration)
  • The proper way to put on a condom (After my Step-Mother made me kneel between my Bullies legs with his huge cock dangling above my face and use my lips to slowly put a condom on him in front of the whole class)
  • And a paragraph on all the things I felt I needed to improve on in order to please a woman based on my Step-Mothers lecture and demonstration. Including:
  • My own cock size and why it’s too small
  • My Stamina
  • My oral skills
  • I also had to talk about:
  • What humiliates me the most
  • Why I’m a virgin and should say a virgin forever
  • Why I’ve never had a Girlfriend
  • Why I deserve to worship my Bully
  • Plus one reason why every girl in the class should never fuck me!
  • Worst of all, tomorrow during class I was going to have to stand up in front of everybody giving my humiliating speech to them all!

    And....if I didn't put in the effort and really impress her with my paper and speech, I'd end up failing the class! I was blushing long before I had even been called up to the front of the room to begin and all the girls and Bullies were already whispering and giggling and gossiping behind my back!

    My Teacher knows what I want, but she also knows exactly what I need...

    My favorite teacher knows I’d give anything to lose my virginity to a hot MILF such as herself, but she also knows I could never resist the enticing offer of her cuckolding me with one of my Bullies, as humiliating as that sounds!

    So when my Teacher offered me the choice, I found myself begging her to go ahead and seduce my Bully so I could get off of stroking my virgin cock to the sight of my Bully once again getting something I would never have...

    Watching my slutty teacher ride my Bullies cock was the hottest and most memorable time of my life! However, what came next could only be described as the most humiliating!

    After I had cum all over the floor while watching the two of them fuck, my teacher made me lay on the ground belly first and slurp up my own hot sticky cum, followed by a few hard swats to the ass and balls with her ruler and her forcing me to write lines on the chalkboard for the rest of their fuck session. 

    The teacher rode my Bullies cock as I wrote over and over and over again, “I will not fantasize about my Bully fucking girls in front of me during class?” and  “I will not touch my virgin cock during class” as well as, “Getting Bullied turns me on” and, “I chose to stay a virgin so my Bully could get laid........again”

    What made this last part even more humiliating, was the chalkboards didn’t quite erase very well and tomorrow morning when class started up again, the lines I had written would faintly be seen and still be somewhat readable to the students....and everybody was sure to recognize my handwriting! 

    And, what would they think of me when they found out...?

    I had a crush on my favorite teacher - Mrs. Addams. 

    But the 43 year old MILF was apparently the popular head cheerleader back in high school who was always drawn towards the jocks and jerks while growing up. So it wasn't all that surprising when she encouraged my Bully to beat me up so she could give us both detention and make me sit there silently and watch as she fucked him in front of me on her desk.

    However, I was VERY surprised when my Mom showed up in the doorway just in time to watch me finish sucking my Bullies cum out of Mrs. Addams pussy...