She had me tied up with my hands cuffed above my head, my mouth taped shut and gagged with her dirty thong...she had kept me on the edge for over 3 hours now. And she continued to sweetly talk to me about how she wanted to hear me beg her to cheat on me with a Bully of mine. She wanted me to do it loud enough that I woke up a family member and blushed with embarrassment as they realized what I was begging for. She was acting sweet and innocent as she asked me to do it, however I knew she wasn’t taking no for an answer.

    My Bullies had me tied to a chair, gagged with their dirty socks and underwear as they used my Daughter's holes one at a time. They wouldn't stop until the entire group had cum in her pussy one load at a time. 

    I could tell she was loving it, but my Daughter tried her best to act upset because she didn't want me to know how much she loved getting passed around, used, and fucked by the men who Bullied me right before my eyes!

    When my Bully blacked out at the bar, her never expected to wake up in the basement of my families old abandoned vacation cabin in the woods. He never expected to find himself naked, tied up, locked in chastity, and blindfolded by the sweet and loving woman who took care of me. And he never expected an uptight straight-laced woman such as my Mother to extract revenge this way!

    But here my Bully was, helplessly laying on the bed surrounded by hundreds of tiny cameras placed around the room which I eagerly manipulated from my work space at the house, watching their every move on a dozen screens!

    It was time...All I had to do now was sit back, eat some popcorn, and watch!

    I wonder what my Mother would do to my Bully?

    Mom tried to talk my Bully out of messing with me tonight at the party but only agreed to let him continue and actually encouraged my Bully and his friends to do it after she had the tables turned and somehow became my Bullies willing sex slave for the night.

    With all the private and humiliating information my Mother revealed to my Bully, whatever he and his friends had planned for me tonight at the party was going to be awful!

    Kalie looked her Father in the eyes after taking a huge load all over her pretty face from her Father's worst enemy.

    Soon she'd be getting fucked directly in front of him and all her Father could do watch sit there watching helplessly as he was still handcuffed and bound to the chair with a pair of her dirty panties stuffed in his mouth like a gag after his worst enemy had broken into the house...

    Kalie was N.O.T supposed to be enjoying this. But she couldn't help herself, she was getting so wet at the thought of cuckolding her Daddy with his worst enemy that she was struggling to hide her enthusiasm.

    Kalie wanted her Father to look into her eyes and see her cumming on his Bullies cock while his cum still dripped off her pretty face! She wanted her Father to see the look on her cum covered face as his Bully impregnated her before he robbed the place and left them both tied up facing each other!

    She still loved her Father very much. But she loved this even more!

    We had been having problems for months

    But the same night that she had broken up with me, I foolishly confessed my biggest and most humiliating fantasy to my now Ex Girlfriend. 

    It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now here I was angerly watching the girl I still loved dearly get tossed around like some cheap whore by another man. A bigger, stronger, better looking man who’s snickers and taunts sunk deep into my heart as I watched my Ex be treated like a slut in the bedroom rather than a princess as I had always done…and love HIM for it!

    I had been the one who asked for this. I had wanted to see this happen to my Ex Girlfriend. It was a fantasy of mineBut after my Ex decided to break my heart even further and called up my Bully of all people instead of someone else, ANYONE ELSE…I had tried my best to object and ask her not to go through with this.

    So now I lay there completely helpless after the two of them had bound my hands and legs together, gagged me with my Bullies dirty boxers and smelly socks stuffed into my mouth, and pushed me under the bed so they could fuck in peace as my biggest fantasy quickly turned into my worst nightmare.

    And this was only the beginning. My Ex Girlfriend wanted to ruin me and was taking any and all suggestions on how to do so while my Bully fucked her! 

    But I swore that deep down, some part of her still kind of loved me. So what would she really end up doing to me? Was this all simply part of fulfilling my fantasy? Or did my Ex have something much worse in mind?

    When my Bully attempted to force me to watch my Aunt take his huge cock inside her pussy, I immediately noticed my Aunt was pretending not to like it. It was obvious from the moment my Bully dropped his pants and revealed his big cock that my Aunt was desperate to feel that thing stretching out her pussy. But it wasn’t until my Aunt looked over at me tied to the chair in the corner and noticed my cock slowly beginning to stiffen in my jeans that she finally let loose and began to moan wildly through her ball gag!

    Pretty soon the two of us locked eyes as she had an orgasm for my Bully...

    And I felt my cock begin dribbling cum into my jeans as I listened to my Aunts muffled moans while she squirted on my Bullies big cock and balls again and again and again until he began spraying inside her!

    Something told me this wouldn’t be the last time for either of us...