Mom wanted to fuck my Bully, and she wanted to fuck him directly in front of me like she had always fantasized about! But she didn't want it to devastate me. And she didn't want me to know that she was fucking him.

    So she came up with this plan to bring me along during her weekly patrol around some abandoned buildings so she could pull off a fake carjacking where my Bully showed up in a mask, dragged her out of her cop car, and fucked her in front of me before stealing the car and speeding off!

    My Bully played the part perfectly.
    I stupidly never suspected a thing!

    New Horror, Halloween, and Sci-Fi Captions will be coming soon (Starting tomorrow)! 

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  • My best friend always sent me pictures like this through Snapchat whenever she spent the night with my Bully, which was multiple times a week. It served as a constant reminder that she was more interested in my Bully than she was in me.

    I think she knew I had a crush on her since the day we met and liked tormenting me by flaunting her assets around me and playing easy to get with anybody I didn’t like while always using the excuse, “We’re just friends” to never put out for me.

    Despite getting Snapchats like these 4 or 5 times a week, I’d still do anything for her. But why?

    I couldn’t help getting hard when I saw my Big Sister climbing into the backseat with my Bully while I drove us all to school. It pissed me off when she giggled after noticing but my Sister didn’t stop, instead she crawled right into my Bullies lap and whispered naughtily into his ear while rubbing his bulge, “Go on…say it. I want you to Bully my little Brother. Make him cry before school…I dare ya!” She said with a little laugh while pulling my Bullies cock out of his pants.

    Several minutes later my Big Sister was sucking my Bullies cock, working harder to make him cum whenever my Bully said something to me that she liked.

    By the time we pulled into the parking lot, my cheeks were red and my eyes puffy. Tears were rolling down my cheeks and dripping from my chin just as my Big Sister had cum rolling down her cheeks and dripping down her chin.

    She smiled and kissed me on the lips with a big sloppy kiss that left my Bullies cum smeared across my face.

    New Halloween posts are coming soon. But until then, check out some of my older Halloween posts!

    Halloween 2015

  • Mommy’s Blowjob (Mother-Son Incest) [Vampire Caption]
  • Biggest Mistake (Cheating Girlfriend) [Vampire Caption]
  • Some Kind of Monster (Bullies Little Sister [Monster Caption]
  • On Father’s Day, I was woken up in the middle of an orgasm and opened my eyes to see my Daughter jerking my cock with her hand, giggling as I came!

    It was like a dream, experiencing something I had fantasized about for years and after the experience my Daughter and I had with my Bully the day before, it was just what I needed.

    However she didn’t stop there!

    My Daughter kept jerking me off, forcing me to cum again and again until I was squirming on the bed whimpering like a little girl every time I felt my Daughters hand slide over my ultra sensitive cock head. I begged her to stop, but she wouldn’t. My Daughter just continued to milk my balls dry and laughing harder the more I begged.

    After I had been milked dry, my Daughter leaned in and began sucking my cock! And that’s when I saw my Bully standing behind her filming the whole thing.

    This Father’s Day, my Daughter made me do something for her instead. She forced me to lick her pussy clean immediately after she fucked my Bully. And then allowed me to jerk off after I had finished.

    However, even after spending hours licking my Bullies thick disgusting cum from her tainted pussy, I had struggled to get it all out due to my Bullies cock being so big that he came too deep for my tongue to reach.

    Just when I was ready to cum, my Daughter leaned in and whispered into my ear, “I’m pregnant with your Bullies baby…Happy Father’s Day Daddy!” and I came.

    My bully backed me into a corner and told me he was going to fuck my Mom and stripped me down so he could see my little cock get hard from the thought. 

    Next thing I know, I’m trapped behind the door with my back to the wall and my cock pressed up against the door while my Bully fucked my Mother up against the door from the other side. My mother had no idea I was back there and couldn’t help her loud moans of pleasure, and begging for more.

    I could hear every sound they made and I could feel every thrust my Bully made while he pounded my Mothers cunt.

    My Mother and I were always very flirty with each other and I always wondered whether or not we would ever take things further. Today it finally happened when seduced me and surprised me further by talking me into a foursome with a couple of my friends tonight. However, after seeing that each of their cocks were several inches bigger than my own, my Mother suggested not having a foursome tonight so that we try something a little bit kinkier instead.

    30 minutes later, here I was kneeling on the floor naked in front of the three of them watching my Mother jerk my friends off while she talked me into slipping my cock inside a small spiked cock cage that my Mother found in the closet upstairs. 

    She talked me into locking it.

    She smiled at me and said, “Now now boys, it’s not my Sons fault that he has a small cock that can’t get hard. It’s his Father’s fault. So try not to tease him about it too much, okay?

    She stroked their cocks for a couple more minutes before saying to me with a stern authoritative voice, “Go to your room and go straight to bed Young Man. You don’t get to do anything but listen to Mommy get fucked by your friends tonight!”

    Half way up the stairs, I caught her saying to my friends, “Here’s the deal boys, first one to cum loses and the other wins. The man with the most stamina gets to fuck me first and choose a hole. The first to cum will just have to sit back and wait their turn, but also gets the key to my Sons chastity belt to do whatever you wish!”

    I lay there in my room with my cock straining in the little cage, the spikes digging into my skin causing a lot of discomfort while my balls ached and my Mother moaned downstairs while fucking my friends. The worst part of it all was, I had no idea who ended up with the key to the chastity belt!

    In the end, my two friends got to fuck my Mother for hours, using any hole they wanted. They got to drain their balls inside my Mothers pussy. My night ended with blue balls full of cum, and this:


    When my two Daughters learned my Bully from high school had become my boss and recently tried to fire me from work which resulted in a heavy demotion, they were speechless. They couldn’t believe what an asshole he had been and how poorly he treated me.

    But after they learned what my Bully tried to do, the girls gladly talked my Boss into coming to the house and a few hours later I walked in on them taking a facial from my Bully together, and urging him to cum on them again, and again, and again!

    However they didn’t do it in order to get me a raise or allow me to keep my job. They didn’t even do it to try to talk my Bully out of tormenting me… My Daughters simply wanted an excuse to bring my Bully over so they could thank him for the way he treated me, and help him bully me again, this time in the form of fucking my Daughters!

    Mother’s Day was the one day a year that I gave in and let my Mother fuck my Bully because I knew how badly she wanted it, especially considering how lonely she was after my Bully caused the big divorce several years ago.

    My Mother hated him for it, but nothing got her off more than letting that Bully fuck her pussy roughly, so once a year she gave in to her urges and desires and let him pound her as rough as he wanted!

    This Mother’s Day, my Mother felt really bad about what she had done and about 9:00 PM, my Mother stumbled into the house still mildly drunk with her hair messy and her holes still sloppy with large deposits of cum. My Mother hadn’t bothered to clean up after fucking my Bully and because she felt so bad about what she had done tonight, my Mother stumbled into my bedroom rather than the shower and proceeded to wake me up with a blowjob!

    My Mother slid her warm tongue up and down my shaft, blowing on the head when she reached the tip and flicking my balls with her tongue when she reached the bottom.

    When I finally woke, my cock was rock hard and already oozing precum. The very first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was my Mothers pretty face between my legs while she expertly worked my cock with her lips and tongue. I was too horny to care so I let my Mother continue and she sucked my cock for several more minutes until I felt an orgasm approaching.

    My Mother stopped and crawled to the other side of the bed where she got on her hands and knees and stuck out her ass in my direction. She looked at me and somewhat drunkenly said, “Fuck my sloppy holes Son. Give Mommy your cock!” and she waited silently for me to come fuck her while I could still see my Bullies thick cum  bubbling out of her full pussy and trickling down her thighs.

    It wasn’t long before I spent the next 3 hours letting my Mother ride my cock on Mother’s Day while using my Bullies hot sticky cum as lube. Before long I was ready to cum and just before I did so, I coulda sworn I heard my Mother moan out my Bullies name under her breath, but it didn’t matter, I began to fill my Mother’s pussy with another load of cum this Mother’s Day!

    On Mother’s Day, my Mother got what she had always wanted while I was locked away angerly pouting inside my bedroom. I tried to drown out the noise by turning the sound up on my laptop, but even that didn’t work. Eventually I broke down and found myself masturbating to the sounds of sex while my Mother took my Bullies cock from behind.

    Just about that time I felt myself spill over the edge, my sweet older Sister opened the door to check and see if I was okay and come cheer me up, and she saw a perfect view of me spurting a large load of cum just as my Mother moaned out my Bullies name!

    I wonder what might happen next?

    While my girlfriend was on the phone telling me how much she loved me, she was trying her best not to laugh while she secretly cheating on me and fucked my Bully.

    My Bully held my girlfriend by the shoulders and plunged his cock in and out of her while my girlfriend made me spend the next 10 minutes confessing to her just how much I loved her, until my Bully began flooding her pussy with cum.

    My Bullies Mother knew I thought she was hot.

    She knew that I couldn’t help but get aroused by a MILF like her so she would strip naked and masturbate outside near my backyard, so I just happened to see her through my window. My Bullies Mother knew I couldn’t resist jerking off while watching her and that a few minutes later I wouldn’t be able to resist coming outside to see her after her teasing had gone too far.

    And she got off on knowing that her Son, my Bully, would be there to stop and bully me the moment I stepped foot outside my house with an erection.

    To everybody crowded around them, my girlfriend had simply blown me off to dance with some black guy who had pushed me away while the two of us were dancing. But I knew that she had pulled his cock out and was now fucking the guy right there on the dance floor while I could do nothing but stand there watching.

    What had started out as a night of dancing before I went back to my place and licked my girlfriend to several orgasms before fucking her, had given way for some Bully to stretch my girlfriend pussy right before my eyes.

    It was humiliating enough to be bullied by two girls so easily, but what made matters worse was that they were over at the house multiple times a week to hang out with my Sister and would bully me there. Then one day my Mother saw what they were doing.

    I thought that my Mother would come say something to the girls but she only embarrassed me further when she ordered me to strip naked in front of them and then my Mother showed the girls how to make me squirm and moan like a girl all from teasing my cock.

    My Mother forced me to get soft in front of the girls as she taught them many techniques to torture me further and when I had completely lost my arousal, my mother also showed the bullies a perfect way to make me cum in under 30 seconds! which, of course, made my cheeks blush bright red. Especially when the girls giggled and laughed at me and took a few pictures!

    My girlfriend gave me the sloppiest blowjob of my life yesterday.

    She held something warm, thick. and sticky in her mouth as she slid my cock in and out of her throat until I was near an orgasm.

    Then, when I finally began to cum, my girlfriend relaxed her throat and let my Bullies thick nasty cum spill out over my cock and balls making me cum harder than I ever have before.