The Lost Key

    An erotic story written by: SheFuckedMyBuly

    Mrs. Rhodes was hesitant to do it at first, but after her Sons Girlfriend Taylor had come to her a few hours ago in a state of panic...she didn't know what else to do! Taylor had apparently bumped into her Boyfriends Bullies a few hours ago and accepted a few drinks from them. And that’s when everything went wrong!

    Long story short, Taylor’s sex life with Mrs. Rhode’s Son had been nonexistent. Restricted to nothing but pussy licking and the occasional handjob when Mrs. Rhode’s Son was lucky. But the two of them were far from vanilla in the bedroom! Taylor had been keeping Mrs. Rhodes's Son locked in chastity for 4 weeks now and planned to release him for a night of sex and taking his virginity as their 1 year anniversary of dating approached. 

    But Taylor had accidentally lost the key when she spent a few hours drinking with her Boyfriend’s Bullies and was afraid to go back! She didn’t want her Boyfriend to assume she had been cheating. So she had asked for Mrs. Rhodes' help. And Mrs. Rhodes agreed.

    “It’s the only key I had” Taylor insisted. “If I’m unable to find it, I’ll never be able to unlock your Sons chastity belt ever again!” She shouted at 100 MPH. “You’ve got to help me Mrs. Rhodes. You’ve got to help your Son. You’ve got to!”

    Her Sons Girlfriend was genuinely upset. So Mrs. Rhodes promised she would help Taylor find the key while attempting to calm her down.

    Mrs. Rhodes was hesitant at first, but Taylor insisted she had lost the only key and desperately needed Mrs. Rhodes’ help. So She grabbed a tight dress, wrote down the address of the club her Sons Bullies were at, and off she went!

    Mrs. Rhodes was hesitant to do it at first, but she no longer felt that apprehension. Now, there was only excitement as she stood there surrounded by her Sons Bullies feeling their eyes all over her. The more she felt their eyes on her, the wetter she got. And her panties were soaked right now!


    Technically, this was a major fantasy of hers - to dance and strip for a crowd. To get a bunch of men off while they looted at and treated her as an object. So, perhaps it wouldn't be so bad dancing for her Sons Bullies while searching for her Sons chastity key that his Girlfriend lost after all!

    So, Mrs. Rhodes began to move her hips.

    Slowly at first. Nervously in the beginning. But as Mrs. Rhodes listened to their cheers, she began to grow more confident. She began to sway her hips back and forth seductively and touch herself as the men hooted and hollered and called her degrading names. Names that even her Husband would have felt awkward using in the bedroom around her!

    Soon she was dancing for her Sons Bullies, sliding up and down the pole as she shook her ass, occasionally smacking it at their request while she attempted to scan the room for the small shiny key Taylor had insisted was here.

    But the key was nowhere to be found
    So Mrs. Rhodes continued to dance for her Sons Bullies.

    Mrs. Rhodes continued to dance for her Sons Bullies as Taylor - 10 miles away - continued to delay heading to the bedroom with her Boyfriend with everything she could possibly think of. Popcorn and a movie,  a couple fake phone calls from her friends, a lap dance and a little bit of foreplay, and more...

    Hours had gone by without spotting the key.
    nd Mrs. Rhodes was beginning to doubt it was ever here!

    Things had gotten completely out of hand since the dancing began. Her Sons Bullies continued to demand seeing more of her as Mrs. Rhodes danced on the pole and stripped a little. 

    Unable to spot the key to her Sons chastity belt, Mrs. Rhodes had danced for hours. Finding herself grinding in their laps without panties on - her wet pussy fully exposed. Her bare tits being groped and fondled by another man.


    And Mrs. Rhodes was growing desperate.

    Things were about to go far beyond her initial limits. And if she couldn’t find that damn chastity key soon, she would have to make a choice. Dive into the territory of cheating on her Husband and hope she found the key before penetration, or leave now without the key knowing her virgin Son may never have an erection or cum again! And she’d be responsible!

    She was feeling hopeless. Unable to make a decision on her own until she spotted something small and shiny beneath one of their shoes. 

    The Key!

    "The key" She almost screamed out loud when she finally spotted it.

    She had finally found the key! So with a renewed sense of purpose, Mrs. Rhodes dropped to her knees and begged her Sons Bullies to unzip their pants and come to her. She was going to suck their big black cocks!


    Mrs. Rhodes sucked her Sons’ Bullies cocks, gagging like a whore as she inched closer to the key on the floor. Even now she wondered what her Son and his Girlfriend were up to, imagining them in bed right about now as Taylor attempted to buy herself more time. 

    Unknowingly torturing Mrs. Rhodes’ Son and his locked up cock during  their dragged out foreplay in an attempt to stall until Mrs. Rhodes returned with the key. Unknowingly driving Mrs. Rhodes’ Son insane with lust as his chances of losing his virginity slipped away the longer Mrs. Rhodes took to grab that key!

    But Mrs. Rhodes just couldn’t reach it. The key was just too far away and her Sons Bullies were growing more and more impatient with her lack of cock sucking whenever she attempted to grab it!

    Finally Mrs. Rhodes had an idea. Finally Mrs. Rhodes attempted to improvise. Um...I think I dropped something. Mind if I grab it real quick?” She asked as she looked up at her Sons Bullies with cum and spit dripping off her face and chin.

    You mean this?” one of them responded with a smirk, dangling the keys in the air between his fingers. “Is this what you’ve been looking for?” He asked.

    Yeah, can I get that back?” Mrs Rhodes asked between moans as several of hers Sons Bullies continued fingering her.

    This key?” One of her Sons Bullies said with a laugh. “No. I don't think so...” He responded as Mrs. Rhodes tried holding back an orgasm while pleading for  them to let her have the keys.

    “Why not?” Mrs. Rhodes asked.

    Because,” He responded. “We know you've been looking for it. Why do you think I hid it under my shoe this entire time while we had you stripping and dancing like a whore for us?” Her Sons Bully said.

    We know that wimpy loser you call your Son needs it.” He continued, “We know that slutty girlfriend of his locked him in a chastity belt and lost that key when we got her drunk and convinced her to suck our cocks. She let it all slip as we were cumming all over her while she drunkenly touched herself!” Her Sons Bully said with a large grin.

    Mrs. Rhodes knelt there in shock as she learned the truth about her Sons cheating girlfriend. She hadn’t come here JUST for a drink or two before spending time with Mrs. Rhodes’ Son after all! Her Sons Girlfriend had locked her Son in chastity, cheated on him, lost the key with his Bullies, then tricked Mrs. Rhodes into being the one to get it back!

    And now? Her Sons Bullies were refusing to give the key back unless Mrs. Rhodes fucked them all. They wanted her to cheat on her Husband with them. They wanted to gangbang her like a cheap dirty whore and she had no other choice but to let it happen unless she wanted to abandon her Son and doom him to a life of chastity as a virgin...And being the good Mother she was, she could NEVER let that happen to her loving Son!

    Okay boys, I’ll let you fuck me” Mrs. Rhodes finally answered, after the long awkward silence between them all. “Use any hole you like, fuck me any way you wish. Just promise me you won’t cum inside my pussy and you’ll give me back those keys when you’re all finished.” Mrs. Rhodes said as the Bullies swarmed around her with their cocks out.

    And that’s how it began...


    The Moment Mrs. Rhodes agreed to let her Sons Bullies fuck her in exchange for the chastity key her Sons Girlfriend left, everything changed.

    From the moment their cocks slipped inside Mrs. Rhodes, her Sons Bullies constantly barraged her with talk about her Son being a loser, a wimp, and a man who deserved being locked in chastity and left a virgin forever.

    And as Mrs. Rhodes got fucked by them all, she was becoming receptive to it!

    Maybe her Son deserved this after all. I mean, what kind of man would allow himself to be locked in one of those chastity belts anyway? What kind of virgin would agree to a month without erections instead of a night inside a woman's pussy? What kind of loser would let this happen to himself? A real man would have NEVER agreed to any of this Mrs. Rhodes kept thinking as her Sons Bully pounded her holes effortlessly.

    Her Sons Bullies continued fucking Mrs. Rhodes, using her pussy one by one as the other swapped out between her ass and her mouth, double penetrating her loose stretched out holes whenever possible until Mrs. Rhodes had completely lost track of time and forgotten how long she had been here.

    “Get on your knees bitch” One of her Sons Bullies commanded. “Get on your knees and beg for our sperm on your face.” He commanded as Mrs. Rhodes eagerly obeyed until one by one, her Sons Bullies began to cum on her and splatter her face with their thick loads of cum.

    Load after load of cum Mrs. Rhodes took on her body from her Sons Bullies as she touched her wet pussy and begged for more.


    By now, she had completely forgotten why she had come here in the first place. Her Sons Girlfriend Taylor had given up waiting to fuck her Boyfriend and was now, sitting on his face getting he holes licked as she watched his little cock twitch in the tiny prison keeping him from becoming erect.

    And finally, Mrs. Rhodes ended the night when she squirted all over the place!


    30 minutes later...

    I came here for my Sons key, the key to the chastity belt my Sons Girlfriend locked him in.” Mrs. Rhodes explained. “But you boys can hang onto it.”

    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking ever since you Boys told me what a loser my Son was and I doubt my Son deserves to be unlocked tonight anyways.” Mrs. Rhodes explained, “Anyone who allows themselves to be Bullied AND have his virgin cock locked in chastity before having sex for the first time deserves to remain locked up.” She continued as her Sons Bullies sat around her, watching their cum drip from her chin down between her cleavage, and trickle between her legs. 

    My Son and I have never been very close anyways.” Mrs. Rhodes said. “So as far as I'm concerned, you boys can throw away the key and leave him a chaste sexless virgin forever! “

    “And I'm sure his Girlfriend wont mind now that she’s already seen how much bigger your big black cocks are!” Mrs. Rhodes told her Sons Bullies with a wink as she grabbed her clothes and left without a word - leaving the key to her Sons freedom and chastity belt in the hands of the men who hated him the most...

    To be Continued?

    My Girlfriend’s Mother was a strict domineering bitch who totally hated me for an unknown reason. Whenever she was around me, she was always glaring at me, talking bad about me, and more while constantly telling my Girlfriend I wasn’t good enough for her.

    I always thought she was simply trying to intimidate me. That it was all talk and nothing more. But I had no idea my Girlfriend’s Mother had been talking her into cuckolding me for months.

    Everyone in school was shocked when the three nerdiest guys in school landed the three most popular girls in school as their Girlfriends. After all, the girls were WAY out of their league and the entire school was whispering behind their backs about how lucky the three nerds were that they got to fuck the hottest girls in school.

    Little did everyone know, after 6 months…the three of them were still virgins. 100% Pussy free virgins after all this time! No sex. No pussy. Nothing!

    The three popular girls kept them locked in chastity and only set them free once a month to allow them to sit on the couch together fucking fleshlights with their tiny virgin cocks while they watched their Girlfriends get pounded by the big black cocks of their Bullies!

    Best Orgasm Ever - Part 3 of 3

    I was laying on my back after being given the best orgasm ever!

    My crush had edged me for what felt like hours until giving me permission to cum - leading to an orgasm so intense my cum shot all the way up to the ceiling!

    Now I lay here with a clearer head then ever, too embarrassed to speak after I had promised to be my crushes virgin cuckold sex slave tonight and agreed to watch her fuck me Bully!

    However, my worst fears of my fantasy come true were over. My crush mentioned she had only been teasing me and telling me what she thought I wanted to hear. 

    My cock has remained hard as a rock despite the best orgasm ever and my crush continued stroking me.

    “Was that just a fantasy for you, or would you really like me to fuck him in front of you sometime?” My crush asked as her stroking my sensitive cock caused me to grunt and shake a little. “Because I’ll happily make your fantasy come true if that’s what you really want as long as you’re my Boyfriend!”

    Mother’s Day was the day my Mother realized, I would remain a virgin forever. Pussy free from the day I was born until the day I die, denied access to even my own Girlfriends pussy as she was actively trying to be bred by my Bully!

    My Mother couldn’t have been any prouder!

    After the plane crash, I was trapped on a deserted islandan exotic tropical paradise with the most beautiful girl in the world! It could have been the most exiting time of my life had it not been for the fact that she had been my Bullies Girlfriend and wanted nothing to do with me.

    Instead of having sex while waiting to be rescued as I hoped and had always dreamed of, she spend the majority of her time bathing naked in the pound while talking almost nonstop about my Bully, how big his dick was, and how much she missed having sex with him!

    She didn’t care about me. She didn’t care if I saw her naked. She didn’t care what I did while we were alone on that damn island! All she cared about was that I keep my hands off my virgin cock and never masturbate until we got rescued! (If we ever got rescued...)

    My biggest fantasy had quickly become my worst nightmare!