Nothing was visible to me at all, but my Wife insisted he was there! Since October began, my Wife claimed a spirit was visiting her every night while we slept. Although I couldn’t see it, she continued to insist that the ghost of my biggest Bully had come back from the dead every night to visit her while I slept! She claimed he had begun fucking her and leaving ectoplasmic goo all over her body which unsurprisingly resembled cum...

    As the days went by, my Wife had become less intimate with me, eventually blowing me off every night with excuses not to have sex so she could lay in bed touching herself in anticipation of the ghosts arrival.

    I wasn’t sure if my Wife had quit loving me and was simply running out of excusing to spit out as reasons not to fuck me, if she was cheating on me and made it all up hoping I was stupid enough to believe her, or if the ghost of my Bully really was haunting us every night and making me a cuckold throughout the month of October! But there were many nights like this to go before Halloween night, which my Wife claimed would be an unforgettable one!

    My Wife and I were virgins, saving ourselves for the honeymoon when our plans got ruined after I found out the sleazy man who loaned me money had gotten the cash from a Bully of mine who would only accept sex with me newlywed Wife as soon as possible as payment for the money he had given me for the honeymoon!

    I had to watch my wife lose her virginity to my Bully before I was allowed to even consummate our marriage or spent some time with my loving wife and my Bully ended up cumming all over my Wife’s pussy despite her making him promise to cum somewhere else, anywhere else!

    By the time my Bully was all finished, my newlywed wife was too sore and tired to bother letting me fuck her, instead she made me lick her clean then rolled over and went to bed without once uttering the words, "i love you"


    A Cure For Erectile Dysfunction - Part 2 of 4

    She stopped fucking him immediately and stroked his cock as she called his Bully over to the house, then she spent hours fucking his Bully while his cock remained harder than ever! It seems that being cuckolded by his Bully was the cure for his erectile dysfunction after all!

    She got married to the greatest guy in the world today.

    And after saving herself for marriage and completely denying herself an orgasm for the past couple of weeks to amp up her arousal, she was REALLY looking forward to finally losing her virginity and having sex with her newlywed Husband!

    Until her two best friends - who had always been a bad influence on her - decided to convince her that she needed practice before their honeymoon and somehow talked her into giving up her virginity and having sex with her Husband's Bully first instead...

    First they convinced her to lower herself onto his cock in the beginning, then they talked her into riding his cock and fucking her Husband’s Bully until he came deep inside her tight unprotected fertile pussy. They continued to  persuade her to get dirtier and dirtier until they had fully corrupted her.

    By the end up the night, she had given up her virginity to her Husband’s Bully. She had let him fuck her in the ass and sucked his cock clean. She given him a rim job and tongue-fucked his asshole and she had been called cruel and degrading names she had never even heard of before! 

    By the end of the night, she had taken so many loads of cum in her pussy that there was no way she didn’t end up pregnant but somehow, her perverted best friends had managed to convince her it was for the best. And she lay there hoping her Husband’s Bully had impregnated her as she suddenly realized she had forgotten all about her Husband after ditching him for hours!