Relax, I'm the school nurse.

    It seems my Son - the guy who's always Bullying you - knocked you out a few hours ago and left you laying face down in the dirt. So a few of your classmates carried you into my office and asked me to take care of you.

    You must be in a lot of pain after the things my Son did to you out in the parking lot. I heard her kicked you in the nuts a few dozen times as well as stomping your face into the gravel. Among other things. I'm so sorry about that! My Son always was a bit of a jerk.

    Anyway...I took the liberty of locking your little cock in chastity while you were out cold, but we'll talk about that later.

    Get some rest!

    Look at him crying in the corner like that. What a little wimp!

    I’m such a cheating whore and my Son hates it…but who fucking cares? You cock is huge and I love the way it stretches my tight wet mature pussy. I love being your whore behind my husbands back and against my Sons wishes!

    Well, what are you waiting for? Pound my cunt good and hard. Just like that! Show my Son what makes you the alpha male and use that big cock of yours to to make my Son finally understand what happens to boys who get their cock sizes from their sissy small cocked Fathers…Make me moan your name so loud that my Wimpy Son never forgets the sound of my voice as his biggest Bully fucks me. You’ve got my permission to taunt him about it every day as school for the rest of his life!

    Go ahead and break a few bottles too while your at it, my Sons paying!

    My Mother didn’t seem to car that I was in the corner of the room crying...she simply continued to ignore me as she got pounded by my Bully in the bar talking as if she was some cheap whore for him. In the end, my Mother took a huge creampie risking getting pregnant, and I took a big hit in my wallet as I was forced to pay for all the damage they created and made to clean up the mess they made...

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw her, the ghost of my great great Grandma now standing there in the graveyard right before my eyes. Yet, nobody else around me seemed to notice her at all!

    However, the worst was yet to come when the horrifying apparition of my great great grandma spoke in a ghostly voice and taunted, “I’m going to fuck your Bully tonight, and you’ll be haunted by my moans for the rest of your life!”

    She suddenly vanished and reappeared in seductively white gown which, from what I knew about my Bully, was exactly the style of clothing my Bully liked in a woman. The ghost of my Great Great Grandma spoke once more and added, “From now on, you shall be haunted each and every Halloween by visions of my sexual exploits with your Bully because that’s exactly what a wimp like you deserves!”

    I couldn’t believe the sweet old lady my family occasionally spoke about was now speaking to me in such a way. Maybe she wasn’t as sweet as my family claimed she was. Or maybe, something the after-life had twisted her into the seductive dominant ghostly women she now was. Either way, I was afraid!

    As the seductive apparition of my great great Grandma slowly let her beautiful white gown fall to the ground and begin floating in the direction of my Bully, I found my fear slowly melting away and being replaced by arousal. Despite my best efforts…I found my cock becoming erect and I could do nothing to stop it!

    What the fuck happened to my Great Great Grandma? And would I really be forced to watch the ghost of my great great Grandma get intimate with the man I hated and be haunted by the moans of  my  great great Grandma and be forced to relive the visions of her fucking my Bully on Halloween from now on? 


    Take on the Sissy lingerie challenge!

    Send me the 7 outfits that your bully would make you wear!


    A Week In Bras And Panties:  Sissy lingerie challenge

    She Fucked My Bully’s Week In Bras And Panties!!!


    I fucking hate panties! I’ll be willing to admit I’ve tried wearing a bra & panties before to see what it’s like but wouldn’t do it again. Well, not unless I had just given my Bully permission to choose what I wore for a week to get him off my back. And of course, we all know it’d be nothing but bras & panties for a week!

    Although I’d never willingly ask or give my Bully permission to do this to me, if I did - what you see below would likely be my own personal results:

    Monday - Flowery Bra & Panties

    Things would start off a bit normal. My Bully would choose to put me in white and pink flowery panties that clung to my ass like a super small tight miniskirt, with a matching bra of course.

    Nothing out of the ordinary here. I could wear this under my normal clothes and hide it from everybody I might be worried might see as long as I kept them on for 24 hours. Of course, I’d have to start using the stalls to pee to avoid being see in panties whenever I had to go to the bathroom!

    Tuesday - Flowery Bra & Panties

    Again my Bully would have me buy and wear some somewhat flowery panties. Although Tuesdays would be a bit sexier. Sheer white panties with pink lace and flowers on them, silkier smooth, and tighter to outline my bulge and bottom.

    Nothing out of the ordinary here again. I could wear this under my normal clothes and hide it from everybody I might be worried might see as long as I kept them on for 24 hours. Of course, I’d have to continue using the stalls to pee to avoid being see in panties whenever I had to go to the bathroom! But today my Bully would want my panties down around my ankles for anybody looking to see! And I leave until at least one person does.

    Wednesday - Sparkly Bra & Panties

    Pink panties and bright sparkles! Every girly girls dream come true!

    Wednesday would see my Bully putting me in sparkly bright pink panties, bright and shiny with an equally bright and shiny bra that would practically glow in the sunlight!

    Wearing a thin white t-shirt above, my Bully would help make it painfully obvious that I had a bra and panties on if anyone happened to be looking whenever the sun was shining down on me. 

    Lots of tackle football to be played today so my Bully would have plenty of opportunities to hurt me and slam me into the ground and “accidentally” lift up my shirt or something so the others could see my bra!

    No more using the bathroom stalls. I’ve got to pull my pants down, pull my panties aside, and pee like any other guy while hoping nobody is looking closely enough to notice my bright sparky pink panties!

    Thursday - Slutty Bra & Thong

    Be honest, you knew a thong was coming eventually right? A slutty black lace thong with a tiny string to go between my cheeks is exactly what my Bully wants for me, along with a matching bra!

    Thursday would be one of my busiest days in and out of school. I have gym class, I’ve got a field trip, and I’ve got several job interviews!

    So it’s only right that my Bully puts me in a slutty black thong on one of the only days all week where I’ll have more opportunities to bend over or accidentally be seen then any other!

    But this wouldn’t just be ANY old slutty black bra & thong! No, this would be exactly the same bra and thong that the biggest slut in school wears on days she’s going to get fucked! A ritual that everybody knows! When they see the thong...they knows she’s looking for some cock to enjoy!

    I’d be wearing an old pair of shorts, a pair that would easily alow my thong to ride up and be seen as often as possible if I’m not 100% focused on preventing it all day long...especially with my short t-shirt making things a whole lot easier for that to accidentally happen!

    With all the activities going on and as much bending over as I’d have to do today, somebody is going to notice the panties. Of course, even if they don’t notice all day long...changing in the school locker rooms before and after gym class is going to be a huge challenge!

    Friday - Hello Kitty Bra & Panties

    What’s worse then a slutty black thong? Possibly hello kitty panties!

    Friday would see me wearing an expensive hello kitty bra (around $200) and a cute hello kitty g-string pulled up nice and high so I’ve practically got a wedgie all day long as well as allowing that thong to ride up high enough to be seen 24 hours long!

    I could choose any other clothes to wear with it as long as my shirt was pink as well! So not only am I wearing a pink t-shirt and a  hello kitty thong and panties...but also hello kitty socks too!

    What’s worse? After school my Bully would add in a cute belly button ring for me to wear while making me roll up my pink t-shirt just nough to expose my belly button for the rest of the day.

    Although I doubt that even the man who bullies me would think to make me do this, I could kinda see myself being forced to drop whatever I was doing every hour, on the dot...and turn on a cute girly song from a selected playlist my Bully gave me and turn the volume nice and loud to dance until the song was over.

    Saturday - Bridal Lingerie


    Now that I’m out of school for the day, things are going to get interesting!

    On Saturday my Bully would have me in bridal Lingerie, including a Veiled Bride Thong, White rose Embellished Veil, White Lace Band Garter Belt, bridal choker necklace, and sheer white lace bridal wedding bell thigh high stockings - a set complete with a  sexy white bridal robe and nightgown too!

    As if wearing all this for my Bully wasn’t enough....later in the night my Bully would drag me down to one of the local strip clubs, make me take the stage in heels , and give a small audience a slutty bride’s pole dance and striptease for a couple of cheap bucks, money I’d use to pay for my Bullies trip to the VIP room with whichever girl around I was most interested in!

    Sunday - Maid Lingerie

    Surprisingly, my Birthday is actually coming up soon so for my final day in panties for my Bully...I’d be in a full maid lingerie! A sexy pair of panties in the maids colors with white pearls and black bows on it, a sexy maids skirt barely covering anything at all, a maids bars matching the panties, a pair of stockings in a similar style,  a pair of maids heels that are super high and hard to walk in, and of course the tiny maids duster to clean with!

    Since my Birthday is coming up in about a week, my Bully would invite a bunch of his friends over to watch the football games while I’m strutting through the house as their maid, cleaning everything from the bedrooms and bathrooms, to bending over and cleaning by the TV as everyone taunts me.

    I’d bake a nice cake and write a sweet message for my Bully on it and a whole lot more too! So that when my time is done, my Bullies house will be spotless and ready for him to throw a huge party for everyone but myself on my own Birthday...

    Monday (Day 8  & Week 2)

    Just because a week wasn’t Bully wouldn’t let things go so easily! If I wanted to get out of this mess my Bully would have me join the cheer squad,  taking the place of the head cheerleader for an entire week as I got dressed in the schools uniform and shook my pom poms in front of huge crowds for the games and shook my ass....A LOT!!!

    Some Birthday week this will become, right?

    Extra Notes:

    Chances are, if my Bully’s got me wearing panties and more for 2 full weeks...he’s going to be having a lot of fun while I do! While I’m sitting there in panties, paranoid people Bully would likely be out flirting with tons of girls, partying, and getting laid left and right - perhaps by girls like my Mother, Sister, crush, and more!

    And there you have it folks...what my week of panty wearing would be like if my Bully was put in charge of my underwear for this Sissy Lingerie Challenge! Hopefully this never happens to me because I doubt things would end then and there by the end if I allowed my Bully to take things this far in hopes of him never Bullying me again!