She had left the Ad up online for months before someone first contacted her with interest. Finding the perfect Girlfriend for her shy Son was proving to be harder than she had expected in the beginning but after dozens of girls to choose from, she finally found the one.

    The perfect girl for her Son.

    Somebody who would love and cherish him with all her heart.

    Somebody who would hate and torment and humiliate him with all her heart.

    Somebody who she could count on to keep her virgin Son chaste forever and completely in line. Somebody who could turn her sweet and loving Son into an even bigger submissive wimp than he already was! Somebody who may never let him cum ever again!

    Perhaps she did it because the thought of her Son being such a wimp aroused her. Perhaps she had done it because she was turned on by such a strong man like her Sons Bully and was afraid she might let her emotions get in the way and embarrass her Son by fucking his Bully. 

    Or perhaps she was just horny as fuck today and needed to cum. Either way, she let her Son down by making him wait all alone for hours before she finally showed up to pick him up!

    Mrs. Smith was more than a little surprised when she heard the sound of moaning coming from one of the bedrooms upstairs when she got home from work a little early. 

    It was just herself and her Son living in the house since her Husband was away on business and she was pretty certain that her Son hadn’t sealed the deal with her Girlfriend yet despite the two of them dating for over 6 months. In fact, Mrs. Smith was certain her Son was still a virgin!

    So when the moaning grew a little more intense, she tossed her purse onto the couch and tiptoed upstairs to find out what was going on.....

    As Mrs. Smith approached her Sons Bedroom, she immediately saw her Sons Girlfriend riding a big cock on her Sons bed - A cock much too big to have been her Sons! Much much much bigger than her Sons cock for sure!

    Mrs. Smith smith had already begun rubbing her pussy as she peaked around the corner to watch but she still couldn’t believe her eyes. How could that little SLUT cheat on Mrs. Smiths Son like that?

    Upon closer look, Mrs. Smith noticed her Son sitting in the corner of the room, watching and stroking with his nosed buried in his Girlfriends dirty panties as another man fucked his Girlfriend right before his eyes!

    Mrs. Smith couldn’t believe it - Her Son was a cuckold!

    As the revelation swirled in Mrs. Smiths head, she only grew wetter. It was so fucking hot watching  her virgin Son get off on watching another man bang his Girlfriend - A bigger man. A stronger man. A better man!

    As her impending orgasm finally approached, Mrs. Smith took one final look into her Sons bedroom only to realize - That man her Son was watching his Girlfriend with, was none other than his biggest and cruelest Bully!

    Mrs. Smith couldn’t help herself. As she grew closer and closer to an orgasm...She slowly began to wonder who else her Son fantasized about seeing his Bully fuck if he was willing to watch his Bully fuck his Girlfriend...In fact, Mrs. Smith soon found herself wondering what it might feel like to get fucked by that HUGE cock in front of her Son too.

    But as Mrs. Smith considered her next move, her orgasm finally hit causing her to moan out loud in pleasure as she squirted all over her fingers!

    By the time Mrs. Smith opened eyes eyes again, she saw the three of them looking over at her and realized her next move had just been decided for her!