Mom wanted to fuck my Bully, and she wanted to fuck him directly in front of me like she had always fantasized about! But she didn't want it to devastate me. And she didn't want me to know that she was fucking him.

    So she came up with this plan to bring me along during her weekly patrol around some abandoned buildings so she could pull off a fake carjacking where my Bully showed up in a mask, dragged her out of her cop car, and fucked her in front of me before stealing the car and speeding off!

    My Bully played the part perfectly.
    I stupidly never suspected a thing!

    The were best friends for years until a silly fight turned ugly and tore their friendship apart a couple of weeks ago. 

    Since then the two of them had been fighting constantly and doing horrible things behind each others back our of spite as things got more and more ugly and spiraled beyond repair - leading up to the situation the girls found themselves in tonight where the girls somehow ended up in bed together, naked and angry as hell while trying to piss one another off by fucking the others bully.

    Neither girl wanted to admit it, but both of them were rapidly beginning to enjoy themselves and would soon be fighting off the urge to have an orgasm while staring deeply into each others eyes!

    Their Bully claimed he had a huge cock and the girls simply laughed in his face. Bullies never have a big cock they claimed, that why they’re always angry and Bullying people  - to make up for what they lack between their legs!

    But their Bully was determined to prove the girls wrong and talked them into stripping naked to help give him a boner before they pulled his pants down to reveal the size of his cock!

    Once the girls saw how big their Bullies cock was, they were mesmerized. They couldn’t help themselves. They HAD to suck it. Besides, they were already naked and on their knees for their Bully anyways!

    One thing lead to another, and before they knew it - all three girls were fucking their Bully and begging for it harder the rougher he got and the more he called them names and degraded them!

    Several hours and more then a dozen combined orgasms later, the girls were begging their Bully to cum all over their faces!