Anonymous asked :Do you write smut? if you do could you do sex w/ dom! Female reader x Evie headcanons?? If you’re not comfortable with smut then female reader x Evie dating headcanons will also do! Thanks and that last Evie fic was super cute!! asked :


  • She really loves it when you finger her, more so than oral. She loves feeling you inside her
  • Evie moans when you finger her, but just lets out gasps when you give her oral
  • However she does like to ride your face
  • If you want sum fuck™️, dry hump her. Grind against her ass and bite her neck, she melts
  • Tease her nipples too, it’ll drag swears out of her, she’s sensitive there
  • When you use a strap-on to pleasure her, she likes to ride you so she can put her chest in your face
  • If you fuck her face down, she’ll need something soft under her head. She does not like her face just being pushed into the mattress
  • If you ask her to suck the strap while you’re wearing it, she’ll let you facefuck her
  • She’s not a fan of anal
  • She has a praise kink
  • She’ll ask you sweetly for naughty things like a good girl
  • She’ll let you bind her hands, but nothing else
  • The only time she’ll let you ruin her makeup is during sexy times
  • She prefers slow and sensual sex
  • If you call her princess in bed, it’ll make her so hot and bothered and obedient