King Ben

He would try to help you as much as possible. Following your lead, handing you ingredients and doing whatever you ask of him. He would kiss your hand, lovingly look into your eyes and stole kisses when the cookie would bake in the oven. 

Harry Hook

He would lurk over your shoulder, making you feel his present behind your back. He would always distract you with his charming, wicked smirk and sparkling blue eyes. Leave open-mouth kisses along your neck, making you shiver and forget all about baking.


She would take over the recipe, measuring out the ingredients exactly and not letting you help even a little bit. You would smile at her lovingly while she tells you interesting facts about how the cookies bake. 

Carlos De Vil

He would be more excited than you about baking. He would try to taste the dough and you would laugh while pushing him away. In revenge, he would eat a handful of chocolate chips, smearing chocolate all over his face. You would shook your head fondly and kiss it away until nothing was left.


He would try to pretend that he doesn’t care about baking but you know better. You know he’s happy to spend time with you alone. He would be sitting on the counter, just watching you prepare everything. You would smile at him knowingly and he would puff before grabbing you t-shirt and pulling you into a kiss.


She would pretend that she doesn’t know what she’s doing just to get you to come closer and help her. She would smirk at you with her green eyes and throw flour at you. You would narrow your eyes with a smile on your face and the two of you would brake out in a food fight. At the end, there wouldn’t be enough ingredients to bake those cookies.