Dating Boo Part 2 / Part 1 here

Requested: No, but I thought of so many more

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Dating Booboo Stewart would include:

  • Road trips
  • Arguing with the sat nav on the directions it’s telling you
  • Him insisting he hasn’t got you both lost
  • He gets you both lost
  • Manages to get unlost
  • Going camping together
  • Spending the night just looking at the stars
  • He’s such a hopeless romantic but doesn’t realise it, he just wants to treat you
  • Him giving you really soft kisses at any given time of the day
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Watching movies cuddled together
  • So many cuddles
  • He’s a hug machine
  • Boo helping you when you’re stressed out by running you a bath, leaving a towel on the warm radiator and having your onesie out
  • He puts his onesie on too and both have a games night
  • Both really competitive
  • You end up throwing monopoly money at each other
  • You both roll around in it, like rich people do
  • Making him laugh that beautiful laugh of his
  • You’re his muse and he always love creating things that reminds him of you
  • He always takes pictures of you when you’re not looking
  • It’s hard for you to chose which is your favourite because of how talented he his
  • You always take pictures of him too
  • Painting with him
  • Painting on him
  • His eyes lighting up every time he sees you, talks about you or even just thinks of you
  • Everyone, including his family, say how perfect you are for each other
  • Skateboarding with him
  • Going horse riding with him and going on so many trail rides together
  • He always makes you laugh, no matter how upset you are. He can always put a smile back on your face
  • Lots of sex because he loves you and loves being passionate and intimate with you
  • When it comes to proposing, he does it in the most insanely creative way possible