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    So You Don’t Want to Suck Cock. What if it Made Her Wet?

    You don’t want to suck dick. You don’t want to get someone else hard with your mouth. The very idea of it is repulsive. You’re not gay and you don’t want your wife to think you are.

    What if it made her wet, though? What if watching you suck cock made your wife’s pussy soaking wet with lust? What if she wanted it? What if she wanted you to be a cocksucker for her? Would you do it then?


    “Suck his cock for me, baby,” she says. “Take him in your mouth. Do it for me. Get him hard for me.” She’s practically begging you.

    You can feel her desire. You can feel the need. She wants to see your lips around her lover’s cock. She wants to see her husband sucking dick for her.


    She kisses your neck and whispers into your ear, “Suck him for me, honey. Suck my lover’s cock. Be a good boy and give him a blowjob.”

    Her breath is warm on your neck. She nibbles gently on your ear lobe. Your body tingles with desire. She takes his cock in her hand. She rubs it against your lips.

    Your brain tells you not to open your lips. Don’t let that big cock in your mouth. Once you give in, you can never go back. Once you’ve sucked his cock she’s going to expect it all the time.

    Your cock is telling you to do it. Your cock wants you to give him a blowjob. You feel that powerful rush of desire. You want to submit to your wife’s need to have you blow her lover.


    You give in to her desires. You take his cock into your mouth. She moans. You hear her masturbating. She loves that you’re sucking cock for her.

    “Good boy. Be a good little cocksucking hubby for me. Be my cock loving cuckold husband. That’s so fucking hot, baby.”

    You hear him groan. The man you’re blowing loves your mouth on his cock. He loves that you’re serving him and your wife. He loves that you’re giving head to someone that’s about to fuck the woman you married. He loves that you’ve accepted being a cuckold in every way possible.


    You end up sucking cock every time he comes over. Your wife gets so wet watching. She loves seeing his big dick disappear into your mouth. She loves seeing you submit to him. She loves seeing how willing you are to please her.

    “That’s it, honey. Be a good little cocksucker for him. Get him nice and hard for my pussy,” she says. She loves talking dirty to you while you’re blowing her lover. She loves watching him use your mouth while she masturbates. She loves that you’re such a good cuckold.

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    Such powerful words


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