//List of things i've learned about kumihos while watching a bunch of legended movies while i'm sick...that i will add to Luna.

    Heightened Senses: A kumiho has extremely acute olfactory senses. They are excellent trackers, they can detect multiple scents [including the smell of emotions like fear, love and so on, and even the scent of life force.] Superhuman vision: they are said to be abble to see long distances perfectly well even in the dark. Superhuman hearing: they are capable to hear even the fantest noise at miles away. Superhuman touch: Kumihos can track moviments and respiration using the vibrations of the air around them.

    Claws: A Kumiho possesses the ability to extend and retract claws on the ends of their fingers.

    Superhuman Stamina: kumihos never get physically tired.

    Weak throat: Being the only actual know weakspot in a kumiho, a injury on the throat, will take more time to heal on them than it would in a human being.

    Talk about your muse’s combat style.

    Shukuchi battou ryu - Blade Style.


    -> Style rooted in assassination techniques, in which the enemy is attacked with a hidden blade at blind speeds that confuse and disorientate. The style stands out in the brief meele approaches but also allows ranged attacks.

    This style has powerful attacks, but the real potential lies in lethal, many times deadly, counterattacks using the adversary’s greatest strengths against them instead of focusing on exploring their weaknesses.

    Luna also adapted her own personal moves to this style, making it virtually impossible to be replicate by any normal human. A serie of twirls, acrobacies and her signature move, a omni-directional attack using her tails to wield weapons arms and legs, impossible to block without the use of defensive magic.

    Wing-chun - unarmed style.


    A form of self-defensive martial art, created as a means for smaller fighters to defend themselves against the advances of larger, stronger foes.

    Wing-Chun practitioners adopt a tall thin stance, with their elbows tucked close to their bodies and their arms and hands placed strategically to protect their vital areas. This stance allows the fighter to guard against opponents advances, and then quickly counter with fast, devastating blows to their opponents vital spots using their own strength and momentum against them. Movement is kept to a minimum, with the fighter pivoting on their feet to keep themselves facing their opponent head-on.

    Luna adapted the style to include tail whip movements and the use of her strong, powerful claws to perform deadly perforating and slashing strikes.



    -> Basic knowledge of Soubenjutsu - the art of fighting with chains and whips.

    -> Basic knowledge of glaives and spears.

    -> Basic knowledge in axes and war-hammers.

    -> Basic knowledge in archery.

    [All stolen from deceased foes memories].

    High degree of Fox-fire manipulation.

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    Get to know my character.

    01. What does your character’s name mean? Did you pick it for the symbolism, or did you just like the way it sounded?

    //If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you know that nothing about Luna is just for aesthetics or because it sounds cool.

    Every single thing holds a deep meaning either cultural or lorewise, from the length of her  hair to the color palette [search for Obangsaek and you will see what i’m talking about] I have chose for her, everything has some significance.

    Of course her names are not different. Yes, i said names in the plural, because luna possess two distinct names.

    The first one is Seo Shin-ae [it’s pronounced as Xio Xi-nné] which is the name her mother gave to her, literally means ‘Little Cherry Blossom’ [You will see in the new piece of lore that I’m working for her what special meaning it have].

    The second one, Luna-Jadefox, was chosen based on the meaning, [Luna means Moon] and also because that name matches with her personality. This name was picked  for Luna herself after completing her trial to join the blood moon order.[Jadefox is not but her family surname].

    { @fox-eyed-twins  Asked the questions from 1 to 9 but since it would be a long post i gonna publish them one by one as soon as I finish answering them}