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This blog is NSFW and is 18+ Currently South Carolina Kinkster and Dom, my tastes range from gaping to bdsm to boobs. Enjoy and feel free to ask me questions! - Currently looking for friends and partners

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    4 months ago today a stretch whore was born!❤️

    The first time I ever got fisted it was like a sexual awakening. Like my eyes had suddenly been opened to what real sexual bliss really was. When my partner first mentioned to me that he was into fisting my initial reaction was to run! Was fisting actually a thing? I had only heard of it in extreme porn and wasn’t sure that it was even possible. My curiosity got the better of me and I gave in and asked him to try put his fist in me. To my shock it went in fairly effortlessly. Having had two kids I suppose definitely helped tho I had often been been told I was tight. I lay back watching him as he lubed up his hand and wrist. The look of sheer desire was plastered across his face and it got me so wet just seeing how much he revelled in what he was about to do. He slowly eased his hand into my throbbing wet cunt and gently motioned back and forth. The feeling of intense fullness and ultimate satiation left me in a state of total euphoria. I had the most intense orgasm I had ever had. My body lay heavy and quivering. My head dizzy and my sheets wet. He parted my legs and eased his hard cock into my open wet hole. I could hardly feel his cock after being stretched open with his fists but it didn’t matter it was a different sensation, but one I enjoyed. His body melted into mine and he blew so hard. A big hot load filled me. He said the feeling of a loose Pussy was like fucking warm

    Silk….. and it was. He asked me to start stretching, he wanted my pussy looser. And I wanted to please him. I got off on seeing how pleased he was when he would feel me getting looser. I was terrified that if we ended that no one would ever want me with a Pussy like this. But my need to please him

    Overpowered those feelings. Then it became an addiction. I needed to stretch. It got to the point I was doing it 4 times a day. Locking myself in the bathroom away from my kids and filling my pussy. Cancelling plans with friends to stretch. Even calling in sick to work. I was so addicted. I could no longer cum from touching my clit. I had to be filled.

    My sex life was fire! An intense and wild romance. But after only a couple of months our relationship ended. I told myself I would throw away all my big dildos and let my pussy shrink back. I had to or no one would want to fuck me. But I couldn’t do it. So here I am now! A girl with a permanently loose gaping whores cunt. And I love it ❤️

    Anonymous asked :Hi there. How often do you need to stretch to keep your stretching ability. Let's say you went 3 months without any play, would you still be able to take the same size toys, or would you have to start out a little smaller. asked :

    Yep! It would stay the same for sure, I’ve experimented with breaks and my ability. What I can take now, I am able to take forever pretty much. Anally is more of a warm up as I start smaller and go bigger so I don’t get hurt but with my pussy you can shove anything in there at any time, no warm up needed.


    Sometimes, daddy life is stranger than fiction.

    Within less than 10 months, @professorslilgirl progressed from shy, feminist, nerdy, hyper-intelligent 4.0 student and anal virgin with deviant fantasies involving her professor to a completely and utterly subservient, cock-worshipping, consenting serial fistfuck-rape craving victim and fucked up anal whore who lives to serve beyond physical comfort.

    Sometimes, daddy life is definitely amazing.


    Master started by applying constant stimulation as described in my previous post ( /shelivesspeaks.tumblr/post/179581219410/nipple-training-all-your-questions-answered )  . Was it necessary? Doubtful, but it certainly made me receptive to just about anything nipple related!

    The answer is suction and time. He had me pumping for lactation every 2-3 hours so it was only natural to work in nipple pumping. How did He do that? He brought home nipple cylinders. Initially they would bring me to tears after only a few minutes. For those of you that don’t know what nipple cylinders are, they are devious little things that are placed on the nipple and as the dial is turned your flesh is pulled into a cylinder. This produces a pain that can only be described as searing lightening bolts that radiate from the nipple tip through the breast and into the shoulder. Although effective, i can’t say that i would recommend them for anyone that objects to discomfort. 

    As my tolerance for the cylinders grew so did the length of time and frequency of wear. Before long i was wearing them anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours multiple times a day. Mixed with breast pumping every 2-3 hours and keeping them constantly exposed made for incredibly sore tits and an incredibly drippy masochist! i was diligent even though i doubted that they would stay enlarged should i stop pumping them . Then my appendix decided that it needed to exist the premises and i found myself in surgery with no want or ability to pump. Fast forward 2 weeks without any stimuli and low and behold they were still bigger than where i started! my faith in the process was restored.

    Next came the Snake Bites. When He showed them to me they looked like benign enough and frankly i thought them to be a step backwards. i was terribly wrong on both counts. Snake Bites are thick rubber suction cylinders designed to suck snake bite venom from the wound. But anything found in the camping supplies can’t be that effective, right? Again, wrong. These little demons have some serious sucking power! The first time He put them on me it sucked the breath from my chest and i felt my skin burn as it was sucked into those little yellow torture devices. Since i was trained fairly well a this point there was no getting away with keeping them on for only a few minutes. 20 minutes in i begged Him to take them off. Since the cylinders were proving to be so effective He decided that my scheduled training would be done with them and the Snake Bites would be used for impromptu tasks and to worn whenever the whim struck him. One afternoon after being quite pleased with myself, a little too pleased, He had me wear them for 3 hours! i was a drippy mess with torpedo for nipples by the time He allowed their removal! 

    Now, over a year later they are still enlarged and ridiculously sensitive to the slightest touch. Master continues to have me pump although not nearly as frequently, which saddens me because that pain that once made me cry became an exquisite release for me. Thankfully He assigns the Snake Bites fairly regulary and i still whimper every time they go on.  Much like anything Master does, the process took time, patience and consistency. i can’t say that the process was easy but knowing that this body is one step closer to being His ideal makes it all worth it!