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    Sissies Can be Useful

    Mistress requires that I, Tina Tinyclitty, keep her house neat and tidy and tells me what my uniform for the day will be.


    Maybe I could rent out Tina Tinyclitty to clean other houses.  Wonder what people think of that idea?


    Gee Tina Tinyclitty your post got hidden for awhile but now has passed appeal.  Bet you are real happy about that - LOL!  Anyone think there is a market for sissies to clean houses?


    Is Tina Tinyclitty right, would anyone ever want a sissy like her cleaning for them?

    The Senator from South Carolina


    Featuring U. S. Senator Lindsey Graham

    It was my first day as an assistant in Sen. Lindsey Graham’s office as I sat in a chair waiting for Sen. Graham to meet me. I had gotten the job on a recommendation from as friend and I ready take on everything he put in front of me. Finally after a few minutes the door opened and out came Sen. Graham all dressed up with a grey suit on. His loafers tapped across the carpeted floor as he gave me a once over and bingo. I do believe the good senator here might have a thing for little ol’ me. I had heard rumors that he was gay, but I had no real proof so I tried to put any thought of having sex with him out of my mind.

    Sen. Graham greeted me with a smile, shook my hand, said thanks for coming and to follow him in to his office.

    Once inside, he closed the door and asked me to take a seat, he sat down behind his desk in a nice leather chair. I studied Sen. Graham when he sat down. He was your typical older white male in his late 50s or early 60s. He’s a nice-looking man with an arresting face, pointed of chin, square of jaw. His eyes were pale blue without a touch of brown, starred with bristly lashes and slightly tilted at the ends. Not too bad, he had a cute quality to him. It was right then I decided that I might just have some fun with him. I always had a thing for older guys.

    Over the next few weeks, I got to know more about him and I would throw out a few hints that I wanted to have sex with him. Like playing with my big dick for a moment, as we would stand there talking, not enough to get it hard, but enough that it would swell up a bit. Sen. Graham never said anything about my exhibition.

    It got to the point where I thought that he was really so career oriented that he didn’t have time find a wife and have kids. But all that change when he called me into his office one day. I had been inside his office for various reasons many times and nothing had happened. So I didn’t think anything of it.

    Sen. Graham sat at his desk and hand my some papers as I approached his desk.

    Is this the correct paper work Peter?” Sen. Graham asked.

    That’s correct.” I said.

    Good. I wanted to make sure I had it right.” He said.

    But as he talked, he wasn’t looking up at me, but at my crotch. I was standing so close to him that my crotch was only about six inches from his face.

    Suddenly aware that Sen. Graham had never behaved in that manner, I straightened up and actually moved a bit closer to him. He didn’t pull back and just just kept staring at my crotch. My cock was now beginning to react to the attention he was giving it. So I stood there with my crotch in front of his face as my dick swelled bigger and bigger until I had tent in the crotch of my pants. He just kept his eyes fixed on my crotch without saying a word. I licked my lips desperately just as Sen. Graham leaned forward and began mouthing my cock through my slacks as his hand caressing his own growing tool.

    Eventually, he undid my pants before pulling my shorts down inch by inch until my 8 inch cock popped out. Cupping my butt cheeks, I felt his wet tongue slide over my cock as it poked against his throat. I was moaning with some urgency, yet he continued to linger. Finally he slid his tongue up the underside of my shaft and wrapped it around the head, sucking it vigorously.

    Fuck! Sen. Graham sure could suck! He swallowed more and more of my cock, deeper into his hungry mouth. Clearly mine wasn’t his first. I was finding it hard to hold back as his hand grabbed my nuts, he squeezed them tight while his head bobbed up and down my prick. I quickly grabbed his head and began fucking his face furiously. I was going wild. And no mater how hard I shoved my cock down his throat, the old cock sucker took it and pushed his face against my crotch for more. He must have realized I was getting close, because I felt his middle finger brush against my hole.

    That was it for me as I felt myself tense up and one final thrust, my crotch was pressed against his face, my cock spewing deep down his throat. Not surprising by this point, he was swallowing it!  

    He pulled away, quickly stood up and undid his pants, releasing his fully erect cock. I had to be a good 6 inches. I kept my eyes glued to it I as dropped to my knees and lapped at his hairy nuts. I started to lick my way up onto his shaft as it throbbed, I held it firm at the base and began sucking it. I reached out and began playing with his nips through his shirt as my mouth worked on his cock. The mixed scent of his sweat and my saliva was making me hard again. This urged me to suck him faster as I played with his nuts and swallowed his cock.

    I’m gonna cum!” He whispered as I slid his cock out of my mouth and began jerking it furiously.

    Groaning loudly, Sen. Graham began to shoot, his cock exploding in my hand with the cum landed all over. When he finally stopped shooting, I licked his cock clean as he was breathing like a maniac.

    That was so good, Peter, thank you.”

    I’m not done yet.” I said as he looked at me, puzzled before noticing the return of my erection.

    Let’s do it on top of the desk.” I said.

    He smiled, clearing off the desk before climbing on top. I was never hornier than I was at that time, seeing this senator from South Carolina in his dress shirt and tie sitting a top his desk bare-assed with nothing else on but socks. I leaned forward to kiss him and as soon as our lips met, his arms went around me. His tongue hungrily searched for mine, his hands were roaming over my body as he moaned from deep inside. This was better than I ever could have imagined. His soft, yet solid body was everything I could have wanted.

    Do it, Peter. Fuck me. Fuck me now. Please, Peter. I need to be fucked.” Sen. Graham begged.

    I quickly searched my mind for what I had that we could use as lube before he hopped of his desk, opened his desk drawer and pulled a tube of lubrication out as he announced, Always prepared.”

    After I lubed my cock, he laid on his back, and lifted his legs. I then started lubing his hole, putting first one finger, then two in him as he moaned and shuddered.

    The time had arrived. I was trembling as I aimed my hard-on at his puckered ass hole and slowly pushed in. He gasped as the head of my dick entered his hot passion-tunnel without any resistance. It was then and there I knew that Sen. Graham had been doing more than just sucking cocks. And talking about hot! His asshole was hotter than any I had ever put my cock in. I almost passed out from pleasures as I stuffed my dick into his ass.

    That’s it. Fuck me. Fuck me.” Sen. Graham moaned.  

    I just smiled into those lust-filled eyes as I slowly started fucking him. Finally, after some time I was balls deep into ass. After a few minutes of fucking him nice and slow, I instantly hit the right spot, he was suddenly moaning in delight as his cock came back to life. I was more excited than I had ever been as I eagerly thrust into him. It was heaven. I had wanted this for so long and now it was reality.

    Yes… fuck me. Fuck me harder.” He moaned.  

    This was all the invitation I needed as it was time to give him the fucking of his life. I pulled him in close and started to pick up the pace. Hearing him gasp, I braced myself against him and really got into it. It was was fascinating to feel his body tremble with each thrust as I had him grunting in pure pleasure. By now I was consumed with lust, became an animal as I fucked faster and faster into Sen. Graham’s wonderful ass.

    After a few minutes of this, I could tell I was getting closer as my balls were tight in my hairless sac and my body was trembling. Suddenly my cock exploded inside him. I could feel each stream of cum shoot deep inside him. Burst after burst of semen coated his insides, causing him to cum again as well and shoot a copious load all over my abdomen. We lay there breathing hard and totally spent, but satisfied. I climbed off of him and he smiled at me. Needless to say, we became lovers and he and I managed to find time to fuck like rabbits.


    Backing up your Tumblr blog to WordPress

    In this tutorial we’ll teach you how to make a copy of your Tumblr blog onto WordPress.com to act as a backup.

    The first two steps don’t need to be followed if you already use WordPress.com.

    1.Sign up for a WordPress.com account

    You need a WordPress.com blog, simply follow the steps to select your username and confirm your account via email.

    2. Open WordPress Admin

  • Click on My Site
  • Select the WP Admin you wish to import into
  • 3. Visit the import tools page

    In the sidebar menu select ‘tools’ and then ‘import’.

    4. Select import from Tumblr

    5. Allow Tumblr access


    Click the ‘Connect to Tumblr to begin’ button. You may need to log into Tumblr if you haven’t already. Be sure to allow access to WordPress.com

    6. Start the import!

    Once authenticated you can select your Tumblr blog from the list of your blogs and click on ‘Import this blog’.

    And you’re done, WordPress.com takes care of the rest and will create a copy of your posts onto your WordPress.com blog.


    Here’s how to backup your Tumblr to a free WordPress account. This takes a little while but its worth doing.


    I have decided to move my blog to wordpress…if you would like to follow me…please click on this link  tkm61com.home.blog .. looking forward to see you guys there…take care

    The Senator from Montana


    Featuring Sen.Jon Tester (D-MT)

    My name is Jack Lucas and I’m a executive assistant to the senior U. S. Senator from Montana, Jon Tester. I’m one of a legion of assistants who can be found by senators’ sides as they move throughout the day — from the office to the subway, through the crowds of reporters who await the trains in the Capitol basement and to the Senate floor, and back again. Sen. Tester and I are sometimes required to spend nearly every waking hour of a workday together with me as his 26-year-old body man/driver/assistant there to ensure the senator’s time is spent efficiently. Because of that, I’ve been having fantasies about my boss.

    Sen. Tester has all it takes to make me crazy about a man: he is 62, a big, heavyset man with a crew cut. Before the senate, he use to be a music teacher returning to his family’s farm and custom butcher shop. Just a big, ole farm boy. I am his executive assistant and when he is in very good mood or when I’ve done some good job, he calls me son. I think he knows I am gay, but we never really discuss our private lives. I guess we have nothing much in common as I’m a city kid from Chicago and he’s a father of two with a wife who spends most of her time back at the family’s farm in north-central Montana. And from some of the remarks he dropped, I believe he hasn’t had sex with her in years.

    Anyway, this particular day, his secretary had the flu and there is little room for error when a senator is scheduled every 15 minutes. I had to also ensure Sen. Tester has the right papers in front of him to prep for the multitude of meetings on myriad issues. After a long day, we were still stuck at the office late trying to get caught up on paper work. I was sitting at a table in front of his desk filling out form and responding to emails for at least two hours or so. After getting to a stopping point, Sen. tester suddenly stands up in front of me and stretch followed by surprisingly grabbing and scratching his balls. There he stands in front of me, A US senator from Montana, grabbing a sizable package and scratching his balls.

    After a long day behind a desk, one needs some release.” He said as he smiles at me.

    I just mumbling and stuttering something inconsequential as I was taken totally by surprise. What now, is he going to ask me to suck his cock? I thought.

    I could really use a good blow job about now. Best medicine I know of, right son?”

    Shit, he does reads minds I thought as I mutter a “Ugh, er, I guess so…“

    But by then he was already sitting back at his desk, briskly going through files, details, last minute changes and all I can do is get down to my part of the job. Why would he mention that to me? Just a moment of camaraderie I suppose. After a while, I started to think that maybe I heard him wrong. But from the corner of my eye, I catch him looking at me every now and then.

    After another hour of this, our task was completed, Sen. Tester leans back on his big leather chair, closes his eyes and draws a big breath with his hands clasped on the back of his head.

    Haven’t done something like this since I was in college.” I said suddenly as I put the stack of papers on his desk.

    There are too many things I haven’t done since I was in college…” He said with a chuckle.

    Like what?” I asked.

    Well, like this, hanging around with the guys, let myself go a little, talk dirty, talk about good fucks.”  Then he looks directly at me and asked “Tell me about your last good fuck.”

    Awh, Sen. Tester, as if you didn’t know I’m gay. What do you care about that…“

    Maybe I’d like it.” The big ex rancher said as he leans back in his chair, showing his big belly and thrusting the hugely swollen pouch towards me.

    I had a flight or fuck moment in front of me as I look down on he with a big smile on his face. “What the fuck” I thought as I straddle his lap, sitting on his hard cock. He wraps his beefy arms around me, drawing me closer and thrusts his tongue in my mouth. He spread his legs farther as I began to push him back in the easy chair. I started moving my hips, rubbing my cock against his belly and rubbing my ass on his hard-on through our clothes.  

    Will you suck my cock?” He asked when we emerge for breath.

    For an answer, I went down on him, kneeling in front of his chair. I reached for the zipper and carefully unzipped the senator’s pants. Then, I ever so gently pulled his hard cock out of his pants. I paused again to settle my nerves as I stared down at Sen. Tester’s beautiful cock. It was big also, but ended almost in a point. Gosh, it’s even thicker and hairier than I imagined it to be: a marvel that I lick and slurp and swallow as much as I can. I stretch my mouth to the limit to accommodate the pink apple cock head, then I proceed slowly down the fat shaft which he gradually thrusts a bit deeper down my throat. Is he fucking my mouth or am I sucking his cock, we are in perfect harmony, his pleasure my pleasure, my pleasure his pleasure.

    Do you like your senator, son? Love your senator’s cock? Ahh yeah suck, that so good.”

    He is really moaning and panting now, talking dirty and increasing the rhythm.

    Make me cum, Jack. I want you to see what a big load I shoot.” Sen. Tester told me.

    You better believe I started working over his big cock like crazy. I wanted his cum as my mouth took control. I managed to take most of his thick cock down my throat in a moment of pure passion. My hot throat must have been too much for the senator as suddenly he was squirting cum! And man did he shoot one big load. I thought the old man’s cock would never run dry. I swallowed mouthful after mouthful of cum and still he pumped out more.

    Yes boy, eat daddy’s cum, eat it all, oohh … feels … sooo goood …” He said as cum started running out my mouth and down my chin.

    I haven’t shot my load in over a month.” Sen. Tester explained when his dick finally ran dry.

    Then when he jerked his dick out of my mouth, I jumped up, pulled out my hard dick and started to jacking it as fast as I could as he sit back and watched me. Sen. Tester just sat there looking up at me with his big cock still hanging limp from his fly as I looked down at him and jacked my big cock. It didn’t take long for me to cum as I shot off on carpet with the old man watching. Some of it even landed on his pants legs and boots.

    If you keep this between us, we might be able to do this again son.“ He said as he got up and finally put up his cock.

    I’ve been known to keep a secret or two.“

    [The End]

    Paul Sorvino


    Date of Birth: April 13, 1939, Brooklyn, New York City, NY
    Physique: Chubby Build
    Height: 6’ 3" (1.91 m)

    Known For: Goodfellas, Romeo + Juliet, Repo! The Genetic Opera, The Cooler

    The Brooklyn born actor has acted on stage, on television and in film, making his film debut with the comedy Where’s Poppa?” in 1970. He went on to a prolific career in television but is probably best known for his roles as Paulie Cicero in the film “Goodfellas” (1990) and as Henry Kissinger in “Nixon” (1995). But to be honest, those two aren’t the first films that comes to mind when I think of Paulie.


    The earliest shirtless scenes of thinner but still husky Sorvino that I could find was in the film A Touch of Class” (1973).


    In the controversial at the time TV movie It Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Guy” (1974) his character was sexually assaulted at gunpoint by a beautiful woman. The 1970s. Weren’t they something. And Paul was hot in it.


    He followed those up tame bed scene in Very Close Quarters” (1986). If I remember right. This is all there is in this scene and in the entire movie. Looking at this pic now though, just makes me want to find this movie and watch it again anyway.


    Even though I noticed him in Law & Order” and other things, the slightly heavier Sorvino hooked me in “Romeo + Juliet” (1996) with his quick sauna scene.


    Till this day I’m still discovering more things he appeared shirtless in various films and TV shows such as 1999 film “Harlem Aria.”


    Here he is in the season 2 episode 9 of That’s Life” TV Series called ’Oh, Baby!’. There’s also a movie called “Parallel Lives” (1994) where he supposedly bares part of his ass but I haven’t found a copy of it yet. YET is the key word there.


    Hell… even when he’s not on camera, Sorvino gives you some good things to look at. Old Paulie packing a serious pair of nuts that I would love to have dragged all over my face. There’s other filthy things I would do with this man. But I won’t go into any more detail. He has a gun and I don’t want him to come find me and use it. Or do I?


    And of course, there’s his ass which he seems to know we love.