Not Submissive
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2020-10-30 11:43:10

    Serena Mitchell has been struggling for hours to free herself. Not only are the ropes chaffing her wrists and legs, but the gag is biting into the edges of her mouth. She knows that if she can’t get loose, or at least spit out her gag, she’ll join some wealthy Arab’s harem. From the expression on her face, Serena’s about ready to give up.


    Nicole Peters, a slutty coed, has been unpleasant towards her betters and pays the price.  You seldom see a damsel hogtied in a chair and I’ve never seen one where her legs are looped over the chair’s back.  That can’t be a comfortable position to hold for very long, though I imagine that’s her captor’s thought process as well.  All she needs is a crotch rope biting into her pussy to complete her torment.


    Karina Santos


    The grocery delivery guy couldn’t help but admire Karina Santos’ lovely figure, so he returned later after changing his clothes and donning a ski mask.  Now, bound and helpless, Karina can only hope that the intruder takes the skillet off the stove before the food burns.

    And is it just my imagination or did the intruder already give the sexy brunette a couple of swats on her ass for being uncooperative?