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    Despite the fancy survey, changes to the UI and TOS reveal we’re getting the service in the future whether we want it or not. Obviously, Post+ is a terrible idea that is trying to bank revenue on user content. Unlike patreon or onlyfans, tumblr’s primary focus is on FAN content. The legality of this is NOT in the users favor and as the new tumblr TOS states, said users will be entirely liable for whatever legal matters arise.


    Besides filling out the survey, it’s time to show tumblr we mean business and show our displeasure by hitting them where it hurts.

    Ad revenue.

    We’re proposing a 24 hour log off as phase one of this protest.


    AUGUST 6th, 2021        12 am Eastern Time (US)          5 am Greenwich Mean Time          6 am Central European Time          8 am Moscow Standard Time          1 pm Australian Western Time          2 pm Japan Standard Time          3:30 pm Australian Central Time          4 pm Australian Eastern Time AUGUST 5th, 2021          11 pm Mountain Time (US)            9 pm Pacific Time (US)


    So no posting, no queues, no likes, and no reblogs!


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    Maybe, maybe not. It’s an attempt at doing SOMETHING.


    unusual(ish) asks <3

    • who’s your celebrity crush?
    • are you single or taken?
    • rant. just do it
    • do you think its ok to separate the artist from the art?
    • how many accounts do you have?
    • how many pairs of shoes do you have?
    • opinion on… (specify to the person you’re asking to)
    • how many accounts do you follow?
    • favorite brand of clothing?
    • name a dog
    • what unusual talent do you have?
    • what’s the most interesting schools gossip you’ve ever heard?
    • ever prank called a store?
    • what’s your coffee order?
    • what’s a question do you constantly get asked?
    • if you had to get a tattoo right now, what would you get and where?
    • google the top song from the year you were born
    • rant about your favorite musician 
    • what’s your favorite teacher you’ve ever had?
    • describe your blog in 3-5 words
    • what’s a conspiracy you believe in?
    • if you could see any concert tonight what would you choose?
    • if you could break one of your bad habits which would you choose?
    • can you dance? sing?
    • what’s something you can’t stop buying?
    • crowds or small groups?
    • how long before a trip do you pack?
    • what celebrity would you rate a PERFECT 10?
    • what quote or inspirational setting do you think is bs?
    • if you had to dye your hair an unnatural color right now, what would you choose?
    • you can change one thing about your life right now. what are you changing?
    • how old do you get mistaken for?
    • what do you think about a lot
    • do you like your hogwarts house or do you wish you were a different one?
    • what does home mean to you?
    • what do you think you’d be arrested for?
    • have you ever been called down to the principals office?
    • post a picture of the outfit you would choose if you could have any outfit you wanted
    • describe your aesthetic
    • answer with one of your ‘school memes’ (inside jokes you have with your class/grade) with no explanation 

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    Ooohhhh! Let's do it!

    Oasis Springs Human Medical and Veterinary Hospital - 7:44pm

    *As everyone awaits word on Ben’s condition, Maria is sitting by his side.*

    *The doctor approaches... with good news.*

    Doctor: Jensen Party?
    Merrick: That’s us. Is my dad going to be okay?
    or: He’ll be just fine. Turns out he just suffered from mild heat exhaustion. He has a low hemoglobin count, and if he’s somewhere hot for too long, he’ll faint. His condition is stable if you three want to go in.
    *Sighs of relief sound across
    the hall*

    Alinia: Thanks, doc.

    *One by one, Sue, Merrick, and Alinia shuffle into Ben’s hospital room.*

    Maria: What’d the doctor say?
    ck: Dad just passed out from heat exhaustion, thanks to low hemoglobin. 
    ria: *Phew* Just another fainting spell. Watcher, Oasis Springs has been so hot lately. It’s no surprise that your father ended up passing out.
    linia: We’ll be sure to turn up the air conditioning.

    *Ben wakes up, confused and cold.*
    Benjamin: Ohh, watcher. It’s freezing in here.
    na: Ohh, thank watcher! You’re awake.

    Benjamin: Maria, what happened?
    Maria: You passed out from heat exhaustion, brought on by your low hemoglobin count. As long as we keep the house cool, you’ll be all right.

    Benjamin: Well, that’s good to hear... I think...
    ia: Do you remember what you were feeling before you passed out?
    in: All I remember was feeling... overheated... and dizzy. My stomach was kind of queasy, too.

    *Susanna steps out of the room to call Ekant and update him on Ben’s condition*

    Merrick: We’re just glad you’re okay, Dad. Y’all scared the shit out of us.
    njamin: I’m sorry, son. 

    Susanna: Hello, Ekant?
    Ekant (over the phone): Michelle! Any word on Benjamin?
    Susanna: He’s gonna be all right.

    Ekant (over the phone): What happened?
    Susanna: He only passed out from heat exhaustion. He just woke up.
    Ekant (over the phone): *sighs* That’s a relief.
    na: I know. Now, all we gotta do is to keep the air conditioner on. *laughs*


    Calling all Royal Simblrs

    This invitation extends to: @simsroyallegacy, @officalroyalsofpierreland, @thecharlestonroyalfamily, @kingdomofvellia, @reigningsims, @thesimsroyalfam, @wa-royal-tea, @the-real-royals-of-cornwall, @royalsims-of-culloden, @royalsofeloda, @thesimmonarchy, @ourwillowcreekroyals, @simoviacourt, @thealbionroyals, @thevalencianroyals, @theroyalcoldwells​,  and anyone else I may have missed.

    Message me for more details if you feel you have missed something, and I hope to have royal family members from the royal simblr community there!!


    JUST A REMINDER! One more day to RSVP for the Bebisdusch! Please DM me if you want to send your sims to this event.

    1314 Santa Del Mar St. Oasis Springs, New Nagara - 6:14pm

    TW: Passing out, Rushing someone to the hospital

    *Susanna and Ekant are hanging out with Ben, Maria, and family*

    Benjamin: So how long do you suppose you’ll be staying in Oasis Springs, Ekant?
    nt: I’m under Sgt. Madson-Aquino’s command for another year. If I’m lucky, I could get promoted and move to the Del Angeles neighborhood, to continue under Col. Emerson.

    Maria: Ohh, watch out for the conspiracy theorists there!
    Ekant: Ohh, Sgt.’s told me of those people. I heard alien enthusiasts stormed Area 102 a couple years back.

    Susanna: Oh yeah, where they shouted “Clap ‘dem alien cheeks!” Watcher, a lot of celebrities posted on Simstagram and Snapsim, saying “Going to Area 102!” or “Gonna get myself an alien!”

    Ekant: *laughs* If anything, this sounds like an episode of The X-Files.

    Maria: It wasn’t a “storming” so to speak, but more of a large party.
    errick: Aww Yeah! Even the guards partied with them.
    Ekant: No shit!

    *Benjamin begins to feel unwell, as everyone else erupts in laughter.*

    Susanna: *in a tunnel echo* Merrick and Linnie went there, and texted us as it was happening. They even got a guard drunk off their asses.
    *laughter erupts once more*
    Alinia: *in a tunnel echo* I bet he was fired the next morning by his commanding officer. Don’t let your security detail party with a bunch of alien enthusiasts.
    ia: *in a tunnel echo* Right? Michelle lost it when she got a video of Merrick put a tube of beer in another stormer’s mouth.

    *Benjamin stands up, and starts walking before stopping. He is unable to cope with his weakening body*

    Susanna: Ben, are you all right?
    Benjamin: Ohhhh Watcher... I ain’t feeling too good.
    ia: If you need, we’ll continue to hang out while you go lay down.

    *Before Ben can say another word, he collapses to the gro

    Maria: Ben!!
    Merrick: Dad!! Linnie, call for an ambulance!
    Alinia: Okay! *dials her phone* Hello, we need an ambulance to 1314 Santa Del Mar Street. My father-in-law just passed out...

    Maria: Ben, hang on! An ambulance is coming! Just stay with us!

    Susanna: No! Ben!
    Ekant: Calm down, Michelle. He’ll be okay.

    Moments later - Oasis Springs Human Medical and Veterinary Hospital

    Doctor Janet Bailey: *Through a walkie-talkie* Patient’s name is Benjamin Merrick Jensen. Age 45, Date of birth February 10, 1976. Daughter-in-law called, reporting that he collapsed at home.

    Maria: You’ll be okay, Dear! You hear me? You’re gonna be okay. I’ll be with you.

    ETHEREAL SPACE - TIMELESS; The return of Calliana

    WARNING: Slight Nudity

    *Susanna has just woken up in a in a white ethereal space, deep underwater. Swimming for air, she floats out of the water to find a mysterious door*


    *As Susanna opens the door, a bright white light washes over her and she finds herself in some ruins in by an ocean*


    Susanna: Whoa... what is this place?
    Calliana: Isn’t it wonderful, Sue?
    na: Wait, who said that?


    *Susanna peers behind her to find that her late godmother has just appeared*


    Susanna: *gasps* Aunt Calla?


    Calliana: It’s wonderful to see you, Sue. 
    nna: I’m so glad to see you, again. There’s so much I wanna tell you!


    Calliana: So, what have you been up to since we last saw each other?
    Susanna: Well, I... might be... in a relationship with someone.
    Calliana: *giggles* “Might be”?
    sanna: Oh, all right, I am in a relationship with someone. His name is Ekant Chandra.


    Susanna: But, I’m not sure though. He only knows me as “Michelle Abernathy” and not as Susanna. 
    Calliana: I see. This Ekant... he doesn’t happen to be under the command of one Alexis Madson?
    Susanna: How did you know?
    Calliana: I’ve been watching you. To ensure you stay safe and you’re not in any danger.
    Susanna: But, what about Uncle Arden, and Nicky, and Charlie, and Ana? They’ll need your protection as well. 
    Calliana: Arden talks to me every night. He knows that I am in the Watcher’s good hands... and so are all of you.
    Susanna: Have you spoken to Mama and Papa?
    Calliana: I have. It is their prayer to the watcher that you are safe and sound wherever you are. 
    Susanna: Wow... that’s amazing.


    Calliana: I’m just happy you haven’t been harmed, Susanna. 
    sanna: *sighs* And yet, we’re no closer to finding out who did this to you. Who made me run away from my family.


    Calliana: That shouldn’t be on your mind right now. When the time comes for you to tell the truth, I will guide you and anyone close to you to do so. For now, please, continue to love Ekant. I can tell he’ll be the best person for you in the long run.


    Susanna: Do you really think so?
    Calliana: I’m sure of it.

    Voice of King Vince
    nt: Calliana, it’s time to come back
    *Calliana nods to Susanna in app
    sanna: Hi, Gramps!
    Voice of King Vi
    ncent: Hello, Susanna! I’m glad to see you’re alive and well.


    Susanna: Well, I think we know what that means. Time for me to wake up, I suppose.
    Calliana: I wish we had more time to speak to each other. But for now, dreams shall suffice. I love you, Susanna.
    *Calliana pulls Susanna in to a tight embrace.*
    Susanna: I love you too, Aunt Calla. See you soon.

    *Calliana fades away, and Susanna wakes up on her bed.*

    Credit for Calliana goes to @simsroyallegacy

    Music Tag Game!!

    Rules: We’re snooping your playlist! put your entire music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and then choose 10 people

    Shoutout to @warwickroyals for the tag

    • 99 Luftballons - NENA
    • Ghost of a Rose - Blackmore's Night
    • All is Found - Evan Rachel Wood
    • The Last Castle - M.A. Ludwig
    • Paint It, Black - The Rolling Stones
    • Hallelujah - John Cale
    • My Mother Told Me - Natidredd and JonnyStewartBass
    • Who Can it Be Now? - Men At Work
    • With Arms Wide Open - Creed
    • Life in a Northern Town - The Dream Academy

    I tag @simsroyallegacy @officalroyalsofpierreland @thecharlestonroyalfamily and anyone else who wants to participate!


    useful/fun character development questions for couples

    there are a lot of “otp questions” lists out there but I just wanted to make a list that was specifically helpful for writers, especially for working out the technical stuff of conveying Romantic Love. so, here ya go, stuff to answer for each character

    • What, specifically, was the catalyst for their physical attraction (if applicable) to the other character? In other words, what in particular had them like “Oh, they’re…hot…”
    • Does this change over time? What things do they find “hot” about their partner after they’ve been together for some time, and have had more time to, well, notice and appreciate?
    • By contrast, what was the moment that first made their ~heart~ Soft for the other person? Not necessarily a conscious realization of “I love this person,” but a moment that had them like “Oh…I adore them…”
    • Does this change over time? What will always reliably make them melt with how much they adore the other character?
    • How do they consciously realize that they like the other character? Does it take them a while?
    • How do they react to the realization that they like the other character? Is it an “oh my god I’m never going to think about this again” thing, or are they pretty comfortable with it?
    • Do they (or would they) pursue the other character’s affection, and if so, how? Do they tell the other character how they feel? Try to earn their admiration? Woo them with romantic gestures? Flirt with them, skillfully or otherwise?
    • What do they think about romantic love? Do they have baggage surrounding it? Do they idealize it? Is it an object of longing and wanting, or were they really not thinking about it until they started falling for the other character? What are their expectations like?
    • What do they think about commitment? Is a long-term partnership the goal? Are they thinking about building a life with their partner, or are they focused on the present?
    • What scares them about entering a relationship?
    • What fears, past traumas, etc. would be hardest for them to talk about with their partner?
    • How much independence do they prefer in a relationship—do they want to share their lives as much as possible with their partner, or do they prefer to mostly do their own thing and let their partner do their own thing?
    • What is their go-to for making a partner feel loved?
    • What makes them feel loved? Would they build up the courage to ask for it?
    • What, for them, constitutes a level of intimacy that they would only rarely share with someone? This can be physical, emotional, etc.
    • If they had the ability to just spend free time with their partner, what would they do? Would they go out or stay inside?
    • Under what circumstances would they want to be left alone by their partner?
    • They’re going through something incredibly difficult—perhaps they’re very sick, have lost a loved one, or have gone through a traumatic event. Do they ask for or accept support and care from their partner, or try to isolate themselves?
    • Are they okay with public displays of affection? Do they like them?
    • When would they say “I love you?” Do they say it first? Do they say it often, or is it reserved for special moments?
    • If sex is something that would be part of a relationship for them, do both or either of them have prior experiences? If not, how do they feel about it?
    • What does sex mean for them? Socially, religiously, what attitudes are they bringing with them? Is “virginity” something they care about? Do they want sexual experiences to occur within a certain “level” of relationship, or does that not really matter so much to them?
    • How comfortable are they talking about, and openly communicating during, sex?
    • What would their partner do that would really turn them on, perhaps unintentionally?
    • They accidentally hurt or upset their partner. What happened? How do they respond? What do they do to make their partner feel better?
    • They have an argument with their partner—what is it about? Do things stay respectful, or is there some shouting and accusing going on?
    • They have to apologize to their partner. Is this difficult for them? How do they approach it?
    • How do they feel about the prospect of parenthood? Do they plan on it? How would they react if they suddenly found out they were going to be a parent?
    • What compromises are they making in their relationship?
    • What completely petty topic (music taste, favorite food) do they find themselves completely at odds with their partner about?
    • What little thing do they find incredibly (though harmlessly) annoying about their partner?
    • How do their friends react to finding out they’re a couple? Do they have lots of mutual friends? Did their friends know, perhaps before they themselves did?
    • Under what circumstances would they feel jealous?
    • Under what circumstances would they feel protective?
    • Would they get a pet? What kind? Who brings up the idea, and who takes a little longer to convince?

    Ooohh, this looks complex and fun! Ask away!!!

    Billingsley House, Newcrest City - 10:41 am

    Featuring Arden from @simsroyallegacy


    *Kaya is watching her son and niece play on the monkey bars.*

    Kaya: Be careful you don’t bump into each other and fall!
    rt: Yes, Mama!
    ya: Elsie, don’t get too close, or you might get kicked on accident!
    peth: Okay, Mommy!

    *A maid comes into the backyard for Kaya*

    Maid: Your Imperial Highness, His Majesty King Arden is here to see you.
    Kaya: Thank you. Send him over here.
    Maid: Right away, ma’am.

    *A jovial Arden comes in, happy to see Kaya.*
    Kaya: Uncle Arden, hello!

    Arden: How are you, Kaya?
    Kaya: As well as the children, I suppose. Come, have a seat.

    Kaya: So, I understand Ana is going to making a state visit to Greecesim, next summer?
    Arden: She is. I am extremely proud of how mature she is, and taking her royal duties seriously.
    Kaya: That’s wonderful! Ana’s always been such an outgoing young lady.
    rden: Absolutely.
    Kaya: Ohh, come on, be proud! Your children have grown up wonderfully, thanks to you and Aunt Calla... Charlie’s got a wonderful wife, and Nicky’s getting the help he needs after everything with Isadora and Minerva.
    Arden: *chuckles* All right, all right! You do have a point, Kaya. I should be proud of my children.

    Arden: So, what’s new with you? I suppose your trip to Pierreland with Mel on Sunday is not the only highlight of your life?
    ya: Well... I suppose I should let the cat out of the bag. I’ve been seeing someone for a couple of months, now. 
    Arden: What’s his name, and where does he live?
    Kaya: *laughing* Ohhh watcher! Overprotective, much? He’s the Crown Prince of Kenauria.
    n: Michael... the Crown Prince of Kenauria?

    Kaya: Yes. We met while I visited the country with the kids. He called himself “Mikey” at first so nobody would suspect who he was. But, when he took the three of us to Lexington Palace to meet Queen Amalia, immediately, I caught on to who he was. 
    Arden: And, it didn’t deter you?
    Kaya: Well, why would it, Uncle Arden? I’ve had partners who were deterred by the fact that I was a daughter of the Emperor of Newcrest.
    Arden: Fair enough. Anyone is better than that scumbag ex of yours, what was his name? Efren?

    Kaya: In his defense, he did give me two wonderful children.
    *Robert and Jayne run to Kaya and Arden, while Elspeth is pretending to be an airplane*
    Robert: Great-Uncle Ardie, can you come watch us on the monkey bars?
    Jayne: Please, Great-Uncle Ardie?
    *Kaya laughs*
    Arden: All right... I suppose I could watch some future acrobats.
    *Robert and Jayne cheer*

    Later on; Miss Kensley’s Rehabilitation Center, Windenburg, Lunaria - 12:45pm

    TW: Violence, Addictions of sexual activities and pornography being mentioned. Reader discretion advised.

    *Shirley has called all her patients into the group room for their weekly counseling session.*

    Shirley: Now, let’s start with introductions and stories, now. Anyone wanna go first?

    Shirley:...anyone? Seems everyone in this room is shy, today.

    *A blonde-haired patient, named Branson Bumpass, raises his hand.*
    Branson: I’ll... go first.
    ey: All right! Go ahead, Branson. We’re all ears.

    Branson: Hi guys, I’m... Branson Bumpass...
    ts: *unenthusiastically* Hi, Branson.
    on: ...And, I’m a sex/porn addict.
    rley: And what got you addicted to sex and porn, Branson?
    nson: I watched my first porn video when I was 16, and since then... I’ve had this urge to masturbate to anybody on TV or posters showing skin.
    hirley: And what was your point of intervention?
    Branson: When my pregnant girlfriend caught me... ehh... jerking off to someone on TV. This woman had black hair and glasses, and was wearing some blue formal dress and a tiara...*whispers* OhhhHHHhhhHHH watcher... she had those curves.
    *Everyone falls silent, confused. Then, Whitney decides to sp
    eak up*

    Whitney: Okay! Just a minute, Branson. Are you referring to my younger sister?
    Branson: Your sister’s a princess?
    ey: I’m a princess too, Moron!
    rley: Now, let’s cool it with the name-calling, Whitney, before you get anymore heated.

    Branson: No, she’s right, I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry.
    Joseph: You’re disgusting, bro! That’s my sister-in-law!
    Whitney: Do you hear this, Joe? Branson Bumpass, here, fantasizes about raping Sue!

    Branson: All right! You want me to be a pervert, Princess? I’ll be the most incel-ish pervert you’ve ever seen!

    Whitney: Listen here, you son of a bitch! My sisters and I have gone extreme lengths to protect our little sister. Even though she’s been gone for five years, I’ll continue to defend my little sis’ honor!
    ranson: I’ll tie you and your sisters up while I roughly fuck your baby sister, Princess Big Sister!

    Branson: And... she’ll love it.

    Whitney: Come here, you simp!
    Martina: Whitney, no!
    Joseph: It’s not worth it, Babe! Stop!
    ey: Now, now, you two. Let’s not get heated here. Branson, let’s stop talking about this! Whitney, please calm down!

    Branson: *sexually grunting* Ohhh, Princess Susanna!! I’ll give it to you so good.
    ey: THAT’S IT!!

    *Whitney proceeds to wrestle Branson to the ground, pulling his hair, punching him in the face, and trying to choke him.*
    Whitney: You’re gonna take everything you’ve said about my sister back, you piece of dog shit!
    *In spite of Martina’s pleas to stop fighting, Whitney continues to pummel Branson before Joseph and Shirley inte

    Shirley: That’s far enough, both of you! Whitney, come with me into the rec room!

    Shirley: What on watcher’s earth has gotten over you, Whitney?! What would your kids think if they saw you getting violent on someone?
    ey: I’m sorry Aunt Shirley, but Branson deserved it for threatening to rape my sister, YOUR niece.
    rley: Well, I understand that, but...

    Whitney: Then, maybe you should chew Branson out for saying that shit, instead of railing at me for defending Sue’s honor!

    *Shirley realizes that Whitney’s love for family is the key to help her complete her rehabilitation course.*

    Shirley: Whitney, I think we’ve just reached a breakthrough.
    ey: Come again?

    Shirley: You said you and your sisters would go great lengths to protect your younger sister. Perhaps I can come up with some mental exercises and incentives to help you out.

    Whitney: You really think, that’ll help me out, Aunt Shirley?

    Shirley: Whitney, my dear niece, the love for your family is what made you lose your temper at Branson. Even though I do not condone violence in my facility, in your case, I’ll consider it justified. I’ll start working out an individualized plan tomorrow morning.
    tney: Thank you, Aunt Shirley.

    Shirley: You and Joseph will be back with your children in no time!

    Martina: I don’t understand why Branson had to push the issue. He’s trying to get help on what he got addicted to.
    seph: I wouldn’t worry too much about it, Marti. He has his good and bad days. Today... was just one of those days. 

    *Branson is covering his eyes. He’s seriously regretful that he stooped lower than he normally acts.*
    on: Fucking addiction.


    This is my take on the situation. Yes, Lina should have told him what she knows. But at the same time, I don’t think she should either. Because for me, she’s not the one who did it. Yes, she the granddaughter of the perpetrator, but IT’S NOT HER FAULT.

    I’m more mad at Alfie, because he DIDN’t give her a chance to defend/explain herself. I understand why he’s upset and he has the right to do so, but that doesn’t mean Lina’s at fault here. He really needs to fix his temper for sure.

    I will say this. Alfie will definitely regret his actions, when he finally KNOWS THE WHOLE TRUTH.

    Now I want to find Gideon, and smack his brain 😤

    Agreed! It's not Lina's fault at all!

    As for Alfie, he does need to fix his temper for sure. He's easily blinded by his anger and he's going to regret this for sure 💯

    Let's just hope when he does find out about it, it's not too late

    @thesimsroyalfam someone is looking for Gideon, present him to the whole world so we can jump on him together 😂😂😂


    Let's beat the fuck out of Gideon!!! 😈👊👊



    HIH Princess Kaya was photographed this morning with none other than HRH Crown Prince Michael of Kenauria, at Magnolia Blossom Park. She had brought her children, Prince Robert, 6, and Princess Elspeth, 4, and niece Princess Jayne, 7, to play while she chatted it up with the handsome Crown Prince.

    (Above: Crown Prince Michael looks dreamily at Princess Kaya as she plays with her children)

    According to sources from both Lexington Palace and Billingsley Manor, the Princess and the Crown Prince met a couple of months ago when she visited Willow Creek. Kaya was originally unaware of Michael’s identity until he brought her to Lexington Palace. She put two and two together and figured out that “Mikey”, the name he gave to introduce himself with, was actually heir to the throne of Kenauria. 

    (Above: A fatherly Crown Prince - Michael plays with Princess Jayne by the pond)

    Princess Kaya had reportedly been traveling back and forth with the kids to Kenauria to spend time with Michael. The children get along quite well with Michael, and Robert especially, reportedly thinks of Michael as a father-figure. 

    (Above: One photographer got a little too close for Their Highnesses comfort, as they were sharing what they thought a private moment, kissing)

    The Crown Prince became a little stern with a photographer for getting too close to him and the Newcresti Princess. Although the moment was almost ruined, it was too sweet not to catch.

    (Above: A nice photo with everyone in front of Magnolia Blossom’s famous pirate ship.)

    All in all, it seems Princess Kaya may be off the market very soon. Good for you, Your Imperial Highness!


    Calling all Royal Simblrs

    This invitation extends to: @simsroyallegacy, @officalroyalsofpierreland, @thecharlestonroyalfamily, @kingdomofvellia, @reigningsims, @thesimsroyalfam, @wa-royal-tea, @the-real-royals-of-cornwall, @royalsims-of-culloden, @royalsofeloda, @thesimmonarchy, @ourwillowcreekroyals, @simoviacourt, @thealbionroyals, @thevalencianroyals, @theroyalcoldwells​,  and anyone else I may have missed.

    Message me for more details if you feel you have missed something, and I hope to have royal family members from the royal simblr community there!!


    Just a reminder, please RSVP for Melaura’s Bebisdusch celebration by July 22nd! Just DM me with what sims you’d like to send to Newcrest!!

    Imperial Guest Home, Newcrest City - 2:48pm

    *Angela is calling an old friend from her days as a Princess of Newcrest, travelling back and forth to Lunaria*


    ???: Well, well... if it isn’t Angela Montenegro Heiter.

    Angela: Good to hear from you too. However, you didn’t have to emphasize my name like that.

    ???: How does it feel being a “Princess Has-Been?”

    Angela: Not as bad being the “Unwanted Wife.” Have you watched the news lately?

    ???: Yes, that absurd candlelight vigil in Newcrest City. I’m surprised that party-princess and her lazy husband couldn’t attend.

    Angela: You understand that they are in rehab, right now? The Emperor and Empress decided it best for them to undergo such treatment, for the sake of their grandchildren.

    ???: And in Windenburg, as well. 

    Angela: *chuckles* Yes. Maybe something may arise, that may put the patients there in danger.

    ???: And they could possibly meet their maker. Maybe Princess Whitney could join her little sister and our supreme Watcher.


    Angela: You aren’t considering Princess Susanna to be dead, are you?

    ???: Think about it, Ange... she could have... drowned... after vanishing that night. Windenburg Palace is on the isle, and the waters there are 2,400 feet deep. I’m certain she couldn’t have survived the night. If she did, she was smart to never return... to Newcrest or Lunaria.


    Angela: What, exactly, are you implying here? There’s a very high chance she’s alive.

    ???: If that’s the case, then all I will say is that she may be wanted in both countries... y’know... for killing the Crown Princess of Lunaria. 

    Angela: I don’t believe this! I could report this call to Princess Melaura! 

    ???: I’d watch my words, Angela, if I were you. I could have you charged with treason in Newcrest. 


    Angela: *sighs* What do you want me to do? 

    ???: We’ll discuss further plans another day. As for now, I want you to keep your mouth shut regarding that pesky princess.


    Angela: Whatever you say. If your intention is to hurt Princess Susanna, though...

    ???: Oh no, no, no. I would never think about hurting a Princess of Newcrest. But if you speak of this conversation, I will not only hurt her, but I will frame you for abducting her. Is that clear, dear Ange?

    Angela: *sighs once more* Very well.

    ???: I knew I could trust my old friend. I will speak to you later, darling.

    *The caller on the other end hangs up.*


    Angela: *groans* Sometimes, I wonder two things: How I got into this friendship, and how you were put into the position you have.

    Five Years Ago; 1314 Santa Del Mar St. Oasis Springs, New Nagara - 9:13 am

    *Ben and Maria are watching the news when a headline pops up regarding Crown Princess Calliana of Lunaria, and they immediately connect the dots, realizing that she was the godmother Susanna was talking about... however, they’re in for a shock when they hear the following report*

    Reporter: It is with great sadness that King Richter Hospital announces that Crown Princess Calliana has died at the age of 49, succumbing to injuries she sustained when she was attacked by an assailant brandishing a large knife...

    Maria: *gasps* Oh dear watcher! 

    Benjamin: Holy shit! Poor woman. I wonder if Sue even knows.

    Maria: We have to break it to her, but gently. It’s very clear that the Crown Princess played a major part in her life. 
    nna [from upstairs]: No... no, no, no, no, no! Not Aunt Calla! NOOOOOOOOO! OH WATCHER!!! DAMN IT!! DAMN IT!! THIS ISN’T FUCKING HAPPENING!!!

    *Ben and Maria rush upstairs to find an emotionally ransacked Susanna crying loudly and wildly*

    Susanna: What kind of fucking demon would take the life of someone so sweet and giving?! What the fuck did she do to deserve this horrifying fate?! Why, watcher?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WATCHER FUCKING DAMMIT!

    Image of sweet Calla belongs to @simsroyallegacy