Bed Sharing Scenarios

    • the bed is big enough for two people without touching, but unfortunately there is only one blanket
    • we’re roommates and you drunkenly passed out in my bed; move over I’m coming in
    • we have to sleep on the forest ground, so everything can be the bed, but we still sleep close, because we feel too exposed
    • you woke me up screaming from a nightmare, and I’m tired, so let’s cuddle so the nightmares don’t come anymore
    • we rented a place together with our friend group for vacation, but there are only double beds in every room and everyone else already found a sleeping partner
    • our cover is that we're a couple and it only makes sense to sleep in the same bed
    • we always used to have sleepovers as children, why would it be weird now?
    • without enough money, I can only pay for one person to sleep in the hotel, so you need to sneak in and we share
    • we sat on my bed and talked for hours and eventually we just fall asleep
    • there is only one good pillow and we both don’t the neck pain, so I guess we have to press our heads close together
    • we’re camping and my tent ripped, can I please share yours?
    • there was a big party at some people’s house and we wake up in the same bed together, what happened?
    • we fell asleep on the couch, watching a movie and wake up entangled with each other
    • we're snowed in and there is not a lot of space and heat
    • sharing a bed used to be quite normal for us, when did that change?

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    Good morning🌞

    Well, this week in the news has been a doosey in the US. Generally, I refrain from commentary with regards to politics, but it's hard to ignore the facts.

    So I decided that today's message shall be this. If you want this level of crazy to continue, then ignore the truth. If you want change and a return of a decorum of stability with proper governance, then register and get ready to vote on every level, my dear fellows. From city, to county, to state, and lastly the presidentcy.

    It's going to be a rough 13-month journey. Lots of mudslinging, rhetoric, heresay, and ineudo. The records are there for the world to see.

    Get involved... and vote.

    Lastly... I leave with this... a little reminder of what leadership is...


    Peace be with you. 💛

    My words and spilled thoughts.