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    The Lord and His.

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    Would you enjoy taking pictures at a real slave sale?

    I do not know what you call real. I know of slave sales in germany, they are real for an evening only and the slaves choose to be sold. A real real slave sale i would report to the police. I love BDSM, I am a true sadist and i enjoy many forms of degradation, giving pain, doing bondage, punishments and all sorts of stuff, but... I would never play with anyone who didn’t choose to play with my by himself. The rest belongs to fantasy and role play. The reason why i do photography that might draw another picture is only because i believe that even the darkest desires need a room to play to NOT become real.


    Serious question regarding the undersea bondage.. I saw no way for her to breathe. that kind of setup takes roughly ten minutes i'd say... so, why let her die?

    We trained that situation 3 weeks in place... There have been three security divers in all three directions out of view who took turns in supporting her with air, so i always only had a few seconds to take the shots. So she had to hold breath only for a short time, but for several times of course until the best shot was found. It truly was a demanding shootinng and my models and the divers did a great job, but she is alive and we are still friends. I love to reuse my models :-)

    Model wanted (Germany)

    Solange ich hier noch Werben kann. Du möchtest coole Bondage Fotos von dir haben? Bist weiblich und eher zierlich? Lebst in oder besuchst Deutschland?

    Schau dir meinen Blog an, wenn dir gefällt was du siehst, melde dich mit einem Foto. Wenn mir gefällt was ich sehe handeln wir was aus.

    Sir X

    PS: Die meisten Modelle, die mir gefallen wissen gar nicht das sie gut aussehen. Melde dich einfach wenn du gefallen an solchen Bildern von dir hättest, auch dann und sogar ganz bestimmt dann, wenn du vielleicht denkst du wärest kein Model Typ.

    ALLE Bilder auf meinem Blog sind wirklich von mir fotographiert worden!