After a hearty lunch, Palutena, the Green haired goddess realises she needs to go #2. But perhaps she could also play a naughty trick on Pit in the meantime. With a flick of magic, a simple toilet becomes a portal to a town hundreds of miles away. The portal expands, and from Pit’s point of view, the buttocks dangling above him are hundreds of feet in diameter…

    I felt compelled to make an audio, inspired by Lazei’s wonderful artwork.


    So far, there is only a poop version. For some reason, giant audio requires gigantic effort to work on. But I love this one. :)


    Originally Brewed: 10th March 2018

    Trimmed the silence at the end, and now there’s a no-vocals version.


    Another raw audio.

    So I had a couple of days where my stomach was all over the place to a point of having almost constant gas for just under 3 days, so there’s a lot of gas clips I have now from then, but this one was a little different from the others. So this is my longest recorded continuous fart to date. My actual longest is slightly longer than this but it was never recorded, but hey, at least I got this one.