One of my favorite humiliating exposures from Chris


    Click the link in the post’s title so see his full humiliation!


    Just a few more pics to help our friend Chris with his exposure


    Oh fuck 😳


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    He asked for it, and he re-blogged it. Here’s an archive of his Tumblr:

    I sit here in my own giant soggy diaper, desperate for my own exposure and degradation. Chris is my hero, and helping him to be exposed and ashamed like this is pretty much as close as I get to good sex. That’s pretty pathetic, and I love it!


    Damn that’s a long post!


    Sissy Hypno Collected Works

    Here is a list of Sissy Hypno Videos from the wiki over at r/sissyhypno on Reddit (I did not make this list). If you have time, I would seriously recommend checking out this sub-reddit. 


  • Offical Site
  • Fight and Surrender
  • I Feel Love
  • Inception
  • Limitless
  • Limitless II
  • Limitless III
  • Limitless IV
  • Love For Cock
  • Omen
  • Pump the Cum
  • Sissy Lollypops
  • Transition
  • CuckoldGuyNJ

  • Sissy Black Cock Submission Trainer
  • Sissy Black Cock Submission Trainer PART TWO
  • Sissy Black Cock Submission Trainer PART THREE
  • Sissy Black Cock Submission Trainer PART FOUR
  • Black Cock Submission Trainer
  • Black Cock Submission Trainer 2
  • Dana

  • New Life - Hypnosis for Good Girls
  • Red
  • Ultimate Cock Worship
  • DeepSlutPuppy

  • Official Site
  • 01 - Submissive Sissy Cock Slut
  • 02 - Cum Slut Trainer
  • 03 - BBC Trainer
  • 04 - Britney Rape Trainer
  • 05 - Hard Cocks High Heels
  • 06 - Britney Cum Trainer 2013
  • 07 - Vanilla
  • 08 - Your Sick Little Fetish (Multi Audio)
  • Dingos75

  • A Sissy’s Dream
  • A Sissy’s Dream 2
  • DressMeUpToPlay

  • Go Out Into The World
  • Shut Up & Watch
  • It’s You
  • Do Your Job
  • Feminize For Men
  • Sissy Boi Gif Training No 1
  • Sissy Boi Gif Training No 2
  • Sissy Boi Gif Training No 3
  • Emperor Hypnos

  • Official Site
  • Sissymaker
  • Sissymaker II
  • Sissymaker III
  • Sissy Mindbreaker
  • Sissy Mindbreaker II
  • Sissy Mindbreaker III
  • Sissy Cocksucking Submission
  • Sissy Cocksucking Submission II
  • Evasissyslut

  • Sissy Pany Pervert
  • Master’s Ladyboy Slave
  • Sissy Slut Slave
  • Sissy Gangbang Slut
  • Submissive Sissyboy

  • Official Site
  • No 1 - Oral
  • No 2 - Sasha Rose
  • No 3 - Eva Lin
  • Goonluver

  • No 1
  • No 2
  • No 3
  • No 4
  • No 5
  • No 6
  • No 7
  • HoldItSissy

  • No 1 - Sissies Wanna Go Get Some
  • No 2 - Black Cock Sluts
  • No 3 - Darkest Desires
  • No 4 - Sissy Desires
  • No 5 - Monster Cocks
  • No 6 - Made To Suck Cock
  • No 7 - Control
  • LaceSlave

  • You Want To Suck His Cock
  • Craving Cock
  • You ARE the Girl
  • You Want To Wear Panties
  • Thank You Mistress
  • lolttraps

  • Power and Control
  • Mindless Bimbo
  • Submissive Desire
  • Cum Trainer
  • Sissy Fuck Doll
  • Sissy Swallow
  • Lulu Blond

  • 01 - BBC Trainer (download)
  • Miss Cassie

  • Britney Cum Trainer #1
  • Britney Cum Trainer #2
  • Britney Cum Trainer #3
  • Kylie Trainer
  • Numberonefan

  • Dreamscape I
  • Dreamscape II
  • Dreamscape III
  • Dreamscape IV
  • Dreamscape V
  • Dreamscape VI
  • Dreamscape VII
  • Dreamscape VIII
  • Dreamscape IX
  • Sissy Lips
  • Peternader

  • Sissy Heartbreaker
  • fag blender HYPN0remix
  • Princess Fierce

  • Gay Hypnosis
  • You’ll Do Anything
  • Pzeon

  • Crave Cock
  • Cock & cum
  • Rachel Rexx

  • Traptastic Fantasies - Can’t Control Myself
  • RemoveMyKnees

  • Sissy Kiss
  • Black Is Beautiful
  • Sex Has Made You Stupid
  • Scom

  • Sissy Cum Trainer Vol 01
  • Sissy Cum Trainer Vol 02
  • Sissy Cum Trainer Vol 03
  • Sissy Cum Trainer Vol 04
  • Sissy Cum Trainer Vol 05
  • Sexy Gabby

  • Miss Stake’s Sissy Trainer - It’s Time
  • Shantotto

  • Chica Bomb
  • Dark Rythm
  • Justify My Love
  • Who’s Your Daddy
  • Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy
  • Satisfaction
  • The Difference
  • Sissy Couture

  • Fuck U Betta
  • Lights and Sound
  • Mind Blower
  • Think Pink
  • Black Cock Worship
  • Sissy Addiction
  • Black Cock Assault
  • SissyCocksucker Trainer
  • Sissy Faggot Productions

  • Miley Cyrus BBC Trainer
  • Bimbo
  • Sissy Sandra

  • No 1 - Sissy Stiffy Consolation
  • No 2 - Bitch
  • No 3 - Humiliated
  • No 4 - Entrapment
  • No 5 - Eat it
  • No 6 - Faggot
  • No 7 - Champion of Cocknia
  • Soloman

  • Sissy Trainer Vol 01
  • Sissy Trainer Vol 02
  • Sissy Trainer Vol 03
  • Sissy Trainer Vol 04
  • Sissy Trainer Vol 05
  • Sissy Trainer Vol 06
  • Sissy Trainer Vol 07
  • Sissy Trainer Vol 08
  • Sissy Trainer Vol 09
  • Sissy Trainer Vol 10
  • Sissy Trainer Vol 11
  • Sissy Trainer Vol 12
  • Sissy Trainer Vol 13
  • subboicuck

  • Sissy Cuckold Transformation
  • Unknown Artist(s)

    If you know who created any of these videos please help us out and letsissyslut4goddess know <3

  • Mirror Cock
  • cocksuckinghypnogif
  • cocksuckinghypnogifvol2
  • You Are A Girl
  • baby-rebecca

    Very cool !

    This is for everyone sending me asks for skid marks


    Hey all! It literally took 13 months because I suck, but I finished my two-part fart and scat fetish story, Witches of Aevingrove! This one is about two witches who were college buddies that end up reconnecting and having a sleepover together.

    Also it’s really high on the fart and scat content. Like farts but not scat? Don’t worry! The parts of the story that are have scat are marked with a //, so you can skip them if you want!

    This story features a lot of artwork of two of my favorite OCs, Nellie and Velvet! Here’s all the artwork that I did for this story as well as a little sketch I haven’t posted anywhere else.

    Read it by clicking the picture of Nellie above! As always, comments, feedback, and constructive criticism are REALLY appreciated!



    Highly recommend this story (both chapters and especially the most recent second chapter) as well as the entire Witches of Aevingrove series for anyone with a fart, scat, and well-written-story fetish!


    (Takes place almost  immediately after the teaser)

    I was successful in my attempts to find a guinea pig to test the laxative dart. 

    Pure concentrated laxative which is also Fast acting

     Poor Tracer is the first of many of my targets who will feel the slight pinch of the dart.( Among other things) I didn’t notice Mercy at the time, I had to choose my target quickly. But I will get to her, and the others in the future.

                                                                                                           I had a lot of fun making this one.

    The Phantom’s Formula will be a new series I will do, where I put myself (or others) in my animations using the C.L.D Constricted. Laxative. Dart . (Not all of the animations I do will be part of the series, only some)

    I hope you all enjoy

    PS: If there are any issues with the video please let me know :)


    This is a birthday present for a friend of mine.

    He asked if I could use Zelda again. So this time, I added the make up and the other hair style she has, and other things. Just so the model is different from the last video.

    And the challenge was to get this done before the birthday. I am happy with the way it came out. But out of no where this started to go south. Her neck kept twisting in places and it got weird. So before the entire project went to crap I rendered it out. So you will notice some obvious mistakes here and there, but is still enjoyed making it.

    The story is as follows:

    Zelda has not been able to go to the bathroom for 3 weeks now, she hasn’t been able to take a dump or pee. As you can imagine she is extremely worried. She has tried laxatives and other remedies, but nothing was working. She has finally had enough.

    A friend had told Zelda a rumor. A rumor about someone who goes around, and gives women the shits, then vanishes without a trace of that person ever existing. They call this person The Phantom”. Zelda thought it was complete BS, but now she really wants him to be real, and Zelda is determined to find him. But instead of finding The Phantom. She finds Aliya, who can tell she has something she needs to drop off.

    Aliya is wearing her glasses, and her normal secretary clothing. (A very pleasant white dress shirt with a black collar and her favorite black mini dress)

    Aliya heard that Zelda was looking for her boss The Phantom. Although,Aliya didn’t tell Zelda this information, she even Introduced herself with a fake name. So the two talked for a bit. They were actually getting along very well. Zelda even thought she had found a new friend.

    Then Aliya offered a pill version of the C.L.D formula. Aliya didn’t tell Zelda it was a C.L.D pill, She just said it was some kind of Chinese remedy of sorts(Don’t take pills from strangers kids) In her desperation, Zelda without hesitation takes the pill, thinking it was one of those “It will work in 3 hours kind of pills” 

    Zelda then looks at Aliya, and Aliya has a “Yea, you’re screwed” look on her face. Then with a smile, she says only five words

    “Yea you better start running”

    Suddenly Zelda feels an unbelievable pain, right below her stomach. As if someone had just punched her intestines with brass knuckles. Everything that was inside of her, all 3 weeks worth, was about to come out.

    Zelda on her knees with intense abdominal pain, with a look of someone who was just betrayed, looks up at Aliya and says

    “Wait! Your the-”

    But she is cut off by an intense and very loud rumbling sound coming from her stomach area. The pain is damn near unbearable.

    She didn’t have time to scold Aliya or anything, that was the last thing on her mind now. She could feel the waste in her body slowly moving downward. Her insides twisting and turning. She needed a bathroom FAST, she looked around, and noticed a public bathroom, not even a half a block away. She then bolted in that same direction.

    Aliya then pulls out her phone. Going to her contacts list which is full of names, but there is one contact listed as Unknown.

    She touched her phone hitting the Unknown contact, then puts it to her ear. When the person on the other side picks up, Aliya says in a fairly joyful yet somehow evil voice she says.

    “Shes on her way, Get ready”

    It was the birthday boys idea to include The Phantom somehow

    I hope you like the story I may have gone a bit overboard with it :)

    Enjoy the animation.

    Oh and happy birthday!

    If any issues arise let me know


    Sweet…orgasmic relief.

    That Aliya *needs* a dose of her own medicine.