Bedwetting Kathryn is put back into NAPPIES like a baby ! ”You need nappies and plastic pants Kathryn !”

Kathryn desperately didn’t want to get put back into NAPPIES. “NAPPIES are for babies ! Please, don’t nappy me like a baby !” 

Mummy had already put Kathryn across her knee for a SPANKING, holding her down and SLIPPERING Kathryn till she was sobbing, & was now getting ready for Kathryn’s nappy punishment.

But Kathryn, you wet the bed again last night, just like a toddler ! And NAPPIES are what bedwetting toddlers wear, OK Kathryn !” replied Mummy, as naughty Kathryn saw her hold up a NAPPY !

The sight of Mummy holding up a NAPPY embarrassed Kathryn.  “I’m sorry I wet the bed again ! But I don’t want to wear NAPPIES ! It’ll be humiliating to be put back into NAPPIES ! “ cried Kathryn, who was absolutely horrified at being in her 40′s but in a NAPPY !

But Mummy was adamant - Kathryn needed to wear NAPPIES, as she explained as she got a nappy-change mat out for Kathryn.  

But bedwetters need NAPPIES, Kathryn ! And you’re a bedwetter. So, you’ll obviously have to wear NAPPIES again, baby Kathryn !”

Kathryn opened her mouth, about to say something further, when her Mummy issued a firm warning to her.

“Now, no more arguing, unless you want to get another slippering ! Right, now go and lay down on YOUR nappy-change mat Kathryn. It’s time for Mummy to put bedwetter Kathryn back into a NAPPY !”

Kathryn definitely did not want to get another slippering, so she reluctantly laid down on the plastic, babyish, nappy-change mat. Even before she was put into her nappy, Kathryn felt like a baby !

“Now, Baby Kathryn, legs up in the air, whilst Mummy nappies you !! A nice thick NAPPY for a naughty little bedwetter, Baby Kathryn ! Keep your legs held up till I’ve finished putting you in your nappy !“

Still unable to believe she was being put into NAPPIES in her 40′s, Kathryn lay there humiliated as Mummy put Kathryn in her NAPPY.

Once Kathryn was pinned into her NAPPY, Mummy then took a pair of plastic pants & showed them to Kathryn.

Mummy thinks Baby Kathryn needs Plastic Pants over her NAPPY ! A pair of very crinkly Plastic Pants !!  Just like babies wear, Kathryn !”

Taking hold of Kathryn’s ankles, Mummy smiled as she slowly began to slide the plastic pants up Kathryn’s legs, & over Kathryn’s nappy, so that Kathryn’s nappy was fully covered by the plastic pants.

“There we go Baby Kathryn - you’re back in NAPPIES again, child ! Nappies and Plastic Pants, even in your 40′s Kathryn !”

Despite it only being 6.30pm, Mummy told Kathryn that in addition to her now being spanked & made to wear nappies like a baby, she’d also be put to bed by Mummy or a babysitter by 6.45pm every night, and that Mummy would be checking Kathryn’s nappies each morning to see if she’d wet herself in her nappy like a baby.

“And if you wet your nappy in bed at night Kathryn, then Mummy’s decided that Baby Kathryn will also wear NAPPIES during the day, and get a bare bottom spanking before you’re nappied for bed !”

Those words echoed round Kathryn’s mind as she lay in bed, and before long Kathryn wet her nappy, despite her desperate attempts not to wet herself again like a baby.

It may have been the first time Kathryn had wet herself in a nappy and plastic pants since she was a baby, but it wasn’t the last, as Kathryn wet her nappies every night from then on, & had to wear NAPPIES during the day as well as for bed.

Kathryn wasn’t now just an occasional bedwetter in her 40′s. NAPPIES and SPANKINGS were now a part of her daily life.

She was now a regular nappy-wetter, almost permanently in nappies, and getting several nappy-changes a day, like a baby. Baby Kathryn.