Types of Diaper Changes

    Not all diaper changes are the same! There’s usually some tell-tale signs of what kind of change you’re about to get from your caregiver, so let’s take a moment to review the various changes so you can be better prepared next time your on your back getting ready for your caregiver deal with your accident!

    The Usual:

    This is your standard change. It probably starts with your caregiver catching a whif of the stinky in the seat of your pants, or noticing a little too much sag in your crotch for comfort. They check you, and let you know what’s about to happen next! You’re getting a diaper change! But that’s okay, you just lay back on the ground and let them change you on the towel they put down on the floor. There’s everything you could ask for: baby powder, a sing-songy voice, and some tender-love-and-care for your messy bottom.

    The Quickie:

    It’s 4:00 pm and the movie that you’re going to starts at 4:30, and your diaper isn’t going to make it through that double feature. You need a change and you need it quickly. There’s no time for being cute about it because your caregiver has already picked you up and before you know it you’re half naked on the changing table, but only for a few moments for a quick wipe and maybe a dash of powder before your back in a dry diaper. Simple, and you’re back on your feet in no time to get on with your day, because just because you’re little doesn’t mean your day isn’t big.

    The Toxic Waste Dump

    It’s bad. It’s really REALLY bad, like a major emergency call in daddy/mommy, the maid and maybe the bomb squad bad because you just leaked, or had a blowout, or both. You can’t do anything but whimper because you know it’s bad, but your caregiver has already brought out the towel to deal with the mess. You think maybe you’ll just need to be wiped down, but they’ve already taken you to the tub for an emergency bath. They scrub you down lovingly, but you can tell they’re a bit peturbed at how messy you turned out to be. After being dried off, you lay naked on the changing table as your caregiver meticulously reapplies your padding, making it extra tight powdering you up real good to prevent a follow up attack.

    The Trojan Change:

    Let’s admit it, you’ve been a bit of a brat today. You’ve been fidgety, sassy, pouty, squirmy, mischievous and an overall nuisance all day, and it seems like you might get away with it. But when you think you’re home free on the changing table, your caregiver starts giving you a stern talking to about your behavior. Before they remove your pants they put your wrists in the restraints and the strap across your tummy, nothing super unusual but as they take off your diaper they say “I think we need to take some time to make sure you learn a lesson.” Gasp, they’ve tricked you! Suddenly, you can’t move and the swats start hurting your bottom as they chastise you for being such a bratty baby today. You anxiously await their soft hands rubbing powder on your sore bottom, but you’re in for a world of pain now. Maybe next time you’ll think twice before getting mouthy when your caregiver has clear access to your behind.

    The Checkup:

    You wake up in your crib feeling dreadful. Your nose is sniffly, your throat is scratchy and your body is achy, you know you have the sickies. As mommy/daddy wakes you up, they see right away that you don’t just need a clean diaper, you need a thorough examination. After wiping down your diaper area with a warm baby wipe, They lay you down and undress you completely, feeling every part of your body to see what’s wrong. They poke and prod away until they decide they should take your temperature. You open your mouth ready for the thermometer, but they pull out a jar of Vaseline. Uh oh, this ones going in your bum. It’s embarrassing and you squirm as they lubricate your bottom for the thermometer, but they hush you through your protests as they gently insert the glass rod in your tight little hole. Holding your legs in the air with one hand and keeping their other hand on your chest, they calm you down through the invasive check, only to find out that you have a fever! No use getting you ready for the day because you’re gonna be back in bed after breakfast, so they put an extra thick diaper on you and put a dap of baby vaporub on your chest before putting your pajamas back on, and escorting you back to the crib for a long day of rest.

    The Sneaky Stinky

    It’s been a couple days since you pooped and you know it, but for some reason it just isn’t coming out. You’re caregiver knows it just as well seeing that you’ve had plenty of wet diapers but no stinkies for a while. They have just the trick though, as after a couple days of waiting they decide it’s time to get you to make a pushie whether you want to or not. They lay you down on the changing table, but they turn you on your tummy. You try to squirm away but they’ve already strapped down your chest, and they make sure to get your arms and legs into the cuffs quickly. Then, they pull down your pants and push your diaper down to your thighs. Don’t try and struggle, you are in prime spanking position as they prepare a concoction of constupation catalysts. Maybe they’re nice and they give you a couple of suppositories, which work slowly to draw out the stinkies, or maybe they take an enema and slide the tip up your bottom, squeezing a warm but uncomfortable fluid into your tummy that will work quickly but be super yucky. Either way, once they pull your diaper back up and over your butt, leaving you restrained on your stomach at the mercy of your bowels, you know poopies are coming, it’s just a matter of when, and how smelly.

    The Wet Wonder

    You’ve been so good today! You did all your chores, ate well and played so nicely today! So why is mommy/daddy strapping you down to the changing table? It isn’t a punishment, it’s a reward! They’re going to let you have an orgasm in your diapies! Maybe they bring out the magic wand and hold it against your soggy diaper as you grind against it, or maybe they take some Vaseline and help you cum by giving you a hand job inside your diaper. The only rules are that you don’t get to touch, and that you must make your stickies in your diaper. Baby’s don’t get to touch themselves, but that doesn’t apply to caregivers as they bring you to climax. By the time their done, you’re a quivering mess as they wipe you down and get you back into a clean diaper. It’s a good thing they’re here to help you make and clean up your messes!

    What’s your favorite way to get your diaper changed?