Doll Training

This is my fun little NSFW blog about how good little dolls should be trained and how they should act.  As my name suggests, everything here is probably sarcasm.                  Or is it? 50 SWM in VA. Looking for good cumbunnies or girls willing to be trained that way.

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    Why I am, and am not, a dom of dumb bimbos

    If you’ve followed my other rambles, you know that I like intelligent, self sufficient partners. I like girls who submit and worship my words and who can worship me with words.

    So, for me, the concept of a vapid, idiotic bimbo is boring. If you come at me with txtspeak aiming to make yourself sound dumber, I’m not into it at all. Why put so much effort into making your communication worse? It’s not for me.


    There’s a particular flavor of it I do like, and for me it comes from the distinction between stupid and dumb. Stupid girls have nothing interesting to say, they don’t understand complicated things. But dumb girls could be very smart and just not be able to process. I especially thank @aoififi for talking about this and helping me to crystallize it.

    Smart girls, like anyone else, have an amazing brain with limited processing power. Limited bandwidth. And so good girls let that bandwidth be utterly consumed by the things that really matter: Pleasing. Obeying. Behaving respectfully. Sexual use. Showing off their submission or their bodies.

    Girls who are dumb not because they lack brainpower, but because their considerable brainpower is focused only on the things that I think they should focus on. Creative, intelligent, articulate, but in service to filthy thoughts and sexual arousal. Desperate and devoted and aching and craving, and focused on meeting those needs, and the needs of the one who holds her leash.

    Nothing left to focus on anything else, especially things a dumb desperate doll shouldn’t need to worry about.


    I got aroused just by reading this. Perfection.


    Yes, I love a girl who devotes herself to the relationship this way.


    When they say "please" in that needy, whining tone and you just stare down at them with the most wicked grin asking "please what" just to drag it out of them


    I both love and hate this… mainly because when it gets to the point that I am actually breaking down from my stubbornness to say please, my ability to string together words in a coherent manner is often significantly reduced


    And this makes it even more fun.

    For Me.


    Women should strive to embrace their delicate nature.

    We aren’t meant for the intricacy of business, the callousness of politics, or the temper of civilization.

    We are meant to be soft, dumb, and visually appealing. We are meant to be owned by men and bred by men.

    Be obedient. Be docile. Be delicate.


    Nothing to add, this is totally what I think <3


    I worked so hard in school to get my degree and after I finally had it, I just felt confused and empty, didn’t know where to go or what to do next. I realize now that being a “modern woman” is not me and that I want to assume my natural role as a woman in a traditional relationship and be a good wife & mother. 🤍


    Such a good girl


    Does a TPE mean the sub gives up their right to a safe word?

    Some people seem to think so. Personally, I call bullshit on that. If there is one right that every submissive, regardless of what flavor of D/s they practice, should never give up, it is the right to their safeword, and the right to have that safeword respected. Never.


    I know this is a belief that’s cropping up more and more in certain circles… but it needs to have the kibosh put on it right away.

    Without the right of denial, there is no consent. You cannot have consent and not have some method of denial. No safe word (or something accomplishing the same effect), no consent.

    I don’t care how much you trust someone, I don’t care if you think “that’s how master/slave is done”, I don’t care if you think you’re such an amazing dominant that your submissive doesn’t need them.. safewords are non-optional.


    A safeword is like a helmet; you can ride your high speed bdsm bike without it once, twice or even a few times, no worries. Until the day you fall without that helmet…

    Never race without a helmet; never bdsm without a safeword. Keep safe and have fun.


    If there's no 'right' to a safe word, it's abuse, not use. The first C in CNC is gone.