please pay close attention to the following lines before wasting your precious time. I'm here to enjoy the view of beautiful and inspiring photos. I am here to expand the circle of my friends involved in the BDSM world. I am here so that I can talk openly and without fear about my desires and fantasies. I'm here to take part in a tantalizing and exciting chat. I'm not here to be a financial slave. I'm not even here to insult anyone. I'm not here to find virtual paid services. I'm not here to support prostitution. I am open to any discussion with anyone who has common sense, BDSM and my submissiveness we bring joy and fun. However, it is not the only goal of my life to be owned by someone. First of all, I am a Man, and only then am I playful and submissive. Please understand that the applicant wastes your precious time on any time spent in my company.

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2022-08-10 21:37:21